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Oktoberfest 2023 - Fairplex discount tickets Oktoberfest 2023 - Fairplex discount tickets


Put on the classic German outfits such as a lederhosen or dirndl and make way to the much-anticipated Oktoberfest 2023 at Fairplex in Los Angeles County. This event is not just any festivity; it's a deep dive into German culture in the heart of LA. With a curated selection of German beers ready to tantalize taste buds and perfectly baked pretzels set to complement each sip, the culinary journey alone is worth the visit.

Oktoberfest 2023 - Fairplex discount tickets Oktoberfest 2023 - Fairplex discount tickets

Celebrating a decade of its existence, the festival brings forth the essence of Bavarian culture. Every element has been thoughtfully crafted, from the melodic strains of traditional Bavarian music that echo through the venue to the authentic German dishes that promise delight. And, of course, no celebration is complete without participants breaking into the iconic Chicken Dance, which is sure to infuse joy and laughter.

Fairplex, renowned for hosting premier events, positions itself as LA's ultimate hub. Engaging games that challenge and entertain, alluring prizes waiting to be won, captivating performances by tribute bands, and a dynamic DJ ensuring the atmosphere stays electric — there's something for everyone!

For anyone looking for a genuine German experience, this event at Fairplex is the answer. Reserve those discount Oktoberfest 2023 tickets and prepare for an evening that intertwines rich tradition with contemporary fun, ensuring lifetime memories!

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Tips and Tricks for Oktoberfest 2023

Traditional Attire

While not mandatory, many attendees wear traditional Bavarian outfits. For men, that's lederhosen; for women, it's dirndls. Dressing up adds to the festive spirit (but it's up to you!).

Be Early

Popular venues fill up quickly. Arrive early, especially on weekends, to secure a spot.

Respect the Rules

Each venue might have its own rules. Familiarize yourself with them to ensure a smooth experience.

Drink Responsibly

Oktoberfest 2023 - Fairplex discount tickets Oktoberfest 2023 - Fairplex discount tickets

The event is associated with beer, but moderation is key. Know your limits and remember to stay hydrated with water.

Local Cuisine

Don't miss out on traditional Bavarian foods like pretzels, bratwurst, and knockwurst.

Cash is King

While some vendors accept cards, having cash on hand is also an option for quicker transactions.

Public Transportation

Given the expected crowd and alcohol consumption, using public transport or designated drivers is recommended.


If traveling from afar, book accommodations in advance due to high demand during the festival.

Cultural Etiquette

While it's a fun festival, respect the local culture and traditions.

Stay Informed

Check the official website or local news for any updates, changes, or special events happening on the days of your visit.

With these tips, attendees are better equipped for a memorable experience!

What to Expect and See at Fairplex for Oktoberfest 2023

Authentic German Foods

Oktoberfest 2023 - Fairplex discount tickets Oktoberfest 2023 - Fairplex discount tickets

Delight in traditional Bavarian treats like bratwursts, sauerkraut, schnitzels, and of course, pretzels.

Variety of Beers

Oktoberfest 2023 - Fairplex discount tickets Oktoberfest 2023 - Fairplex discount tickets

Expect many beer options, from traditional German brews to local craft specialties.

Traditional Bavarian Attire

Many attendees will be dressed in lederhosen and dirndls, adding to the authentic feel of the festival.

Live Music & Entertainment

Oktoberfest 2023 - Fairplex discount tickets Oktoberfest 2023 - Fairplex discount tickets

Tribute bands and DJs might also be part of the lineup, offering a mix of genres, from traditional Oompah bands to modern renditions of German classics.


Apart from the iconic Chicken Dance, there might be other traditional dances. Get to see the rest when you're there!

Games & Activities

Experience various classic games that are sure to make you engage!

Craft & Souvenir Stalls

Vendors might sell themed souvenirs, handcrafted goods, and event memorabilia.

Safety Measures

Depending on the health guidelines at the time, there might be specific safety protocols related to crowd control, sanitation, and possible health checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to make a separate reservation before coming?

    There is no need to make a separate reservation. Head straight to the gate with your Oktoberfest 2023 tickets from FunEx.

  2. Where can I find Oktoberfest at Fairplex?

    The event takes place at 1101 W McKinley Ave. Pomona, CA 91768.

  3. When is Oktoberfest open at Fairplex?

    Celebrations are set for Fridays and Saturdays, 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM, from October 6 to 21, 2023.

  4. Is there an option for free parking?

    While complimentary parking is not provided, general parking is accessible at Gate 17 with standard rates.

  5. Where is the designated area for Uber, Lyft, and taxi drop-offs or pick-ups?

    Ride service zones are located at Gate 1 on McKinley Avenue.

  6. Can Oktoberfest 2023 discount tickets be refunded?

    All Oktoberfest 2023 discount tickets are final and cannot be refunded or returned.

  7. Is the event suitable for children?

    This event at Fairplex is designed for mature guests aged 21 and above.

  8. Do attendees need identification for entry?

    Absolutely. A valid US or government-issued driver’s license or ID with a birth date and photo is necessary. IDs like school IDs or birth certificates will not be accepted.

  9. What are the accepted modes of payment at Fairplex?

    Alcohol, parking, and admission fees accept card payments. However, some food vendors might accept cash.

  10. Are there items guests should not bring?

    Bringing outside cups, containers, or beer steins is discouraged to ensure a hassle-free entry.

  11. When will I receive my Oktoberfest 2023 tickets from FunEx?

    Oktoberfest 2023 discount tickets from FunEx are delivered instantly via email, along with the receipt.

  12. Is printing Oktoberfest 2023 tickets necessary?

    Digital is the way to go. Simply show your Oktoberfest 2023 tickets from FunEx at the gates through your mobile device for seamless entry.

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