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This image shows a large, vibrant yellow and red glass sculpture resembling a burst of sea anemones in front of a modern, curved glasshouse under a clear blue sky. Text on the image reads 'Chihuly Garden and Glass,' indicating the setting. The sculpture offers a striking contrast to the neatly manicured greenery partially visible around it. Image of Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit showcasing a vibrant, yellow and red glass sculpture in front of a large, arched glasshouse. A clear blue sky serves as the backdrop for this stunning display of glass art. The exhibit's name is displayed at the bottom.

Tucked away in the buzzing heart of Seattle lies a magical spot that feels like a colorful secret: Chihuly Museum. It’s a place where the whimsy and brilliance of Dale Chihuly’s glass art come to life, inviting you to explore a world drenched in vibrant colors and imaginative shapes. Picture walking through an exhibition hall where every turn introduces you to another breathtaking sculpture, each one bursting with stories and dreams captured in glass.

But the adventure doesn’t stop indoors. Step into the Glasshouse, and you’ll find yourself under a canopy of glass flowers, a stunning sculpture stretching overhead, painting the room with splashes of sunlight and shadow. It’s like standing inside a rainbow!

There’s also the garden, a green space where Chihuly’s playful pieces seem to grow right out of the ground, mingling with the flowers and trees. This enchanting blend of art and nature is a gentle reminder to pause and soak in the beauty around us, making even the familiar seem magical.

Whether Chihuly’s work has been on your radar for years or you’re just stumbling upon the magic of glass art, a visit here is like stepping into a storybook filled with color, light, and a hint of Seattle’s creative spirit. With your Chihuly Garden and Glass discount tickets, you will experience a museum that shows you the wonder of art and nature, cheerfully nudging you to look at the world through a kaleidoscope lens!

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Essentials to Know Before Your Visit

A group of silhouetted people stands at an observation deck during sunset, with one person forming a heart shape with their hands. Warm hues fill the sky behind the skyline. The words 'Chihuly Garden and Glass' appear in the foreground. This image features a silhouette of people gathered inside a room with panoramic windows, against the backdrop of a sunset. The sun is centered and partially obscured by a figure, creating a focal point. The room's ceiling curves overhead, and the bottom of the image has text that reads 'CHIHULY Garden and Glass'.

Here are some essentials to ensure your trip is as smooth and enjoyable as possible:

Buy Chihuly Garden and Glass Tickets:

Secure your Chihuly Garden and Glass discount tickets before you arrive by purchasing them from our website.

Optimal Visiting Times:

To avoid crowds, aim for early morning or late afternoon visits. The changing light can dramatically alter the appearance of the Glasshouse, offering a unique spectacle each time.

Dress Code:

Prioritize comfort and wear shoes suitable for walking. Since temperatures in the Glasshouse can vary, dressing in layers is wise.

Photo Policy:

Feel free to take photos, but please refrain from using flash inside the exhibit areas to preserve the experience for all visitors.

Chihuly Exhibits: A Burst of Color

Vibrant glass sculptures by Chihuly hang from the ceiling in a glasshouse. The artwork features an array of fiery red, orange, and yellow colors reminiscent of flowers and sea creatures, contrasting with the blue sky visible through the transparent roof. The Chihuly Garden and Glass logo is on the bottom left. Image of Chihuly Garden and Glass showcasing a vibrant display of glass-blown flowers in red, orange, and yellow hues suspended from the ceiling of a glasshouse with a clear view of the sky.


Dive into the heart of Dale Chihuly’s vibrant glass art world across eight galleries and three Drawing Walls. Discover how Chihuly pushes the boundaries of glass, merging creativity with innovation in each series. It’s a colorful journey through his significant works, where every piece tells a unique story. Maximize your employee perks by securing discounted Chihuly Garden and Glass tickets on our website!


Step under the 40-foot tall glass and steel canopy of the Glasshouse, the jewel of Chihuly Garden and Glass. Bathed in natural light, this space is home to one of Chihuly’s most breathtaking suspended sculptures, spanning 100 feet and glowing in warm hues of reds, oranges, and yellows. Watch as the sculpture’s perception shifts with the daylight and into the magical night. Unlock your work perks and enjoy the discounts on your Chihuly Garden and Glass tickets!


Scroll through a garden designed in collaboration with a landscape artist, a first of its kind for Chihuly. This space harmoniously blends the natural world with Chihuly’s fantastical glass sculptures. The meticulously selected plants and flowers offer a living backdrop that changes with the season, ensuring every visit offers a new experience.


Get an insider look at Chihuly’s creative genius in the Theater. Through short videos, uncover the behind-the-scenes magic of his process, from glassblowing in the hot shop to the intricate dance of installing his monumental exhibitions.

Chihuly Museum is not just a visit; it’s an experience that blends art, innovation, and nature. It’s the perfect destination for those looking to enjoy their employee perks and discounts while having a memorable and inspiring day out.

Whether you are looking for some team building, personal enrichment, or a creative escape, this venue promises unforgettable moments and unique insights into the world of glass art.

Upgrade Your Chihuly Outing with Space Needle Panoramas

Image shows a scenic view of a famous tower with its observation deck highlighted against a dusky sky, overlooking a cityscape and waterway with boats. The tower's lights are on, offering a warm glow. Text indicates an association with Chihuly Garden and Glass. Image showing an aerial view of the iconic Space Needle in Seattle during dusk. The landmark features its observation deck with visitors visible, set against a backdrop of the cityscape and waterfront. The sky has hues of soft oranges and blues. Text at the bottom reads 'Chihuly Garden and Glass', referring to the nearby exhibition.

Enhance your visit to the Chihuly Museum exhibit by pairing it with breathtaking views from the Space Needle. This combination not only enriches your cultural journey but also adds a majestic backdrop of Seattle’s skyline to your day. Experience the vibrant artistry of Chihuly with the added wonder of panoramic city vistas, creating an unforgettable adventure that soars above the ordinary.

Smart Tips for a Fulfilling Chihuly Visit

Image of Chihuly Garden and Glass displays with vibrant glass sculptures intertwined among lush greenery. Tall blue and orange spiraled forms rise above a variety of plants under sunlight. Image features vibrant, whimsical glass sculptures by artist Dale Chihuly at the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit. The sculptures, resembling organic shapes and twisting forms, stand out among lush green plants under bright daylight. The text indicates the location and title of the display.
Event Calendar

Check the calendar for any special events or demonstrations happening during your visit to add an extra layer of excitement to your experience.

Nearby Attractions:

Make the most of your day by visiting nearby landmarks like the Space Needle. You can purchase general admission tickets on our website, along with tickets to Chihuly Garden and Glass.

Hydration is Key:

Remember to stay hydrated as you take in the sights and sounds of this immersive experience.

Engage with Staff:

The knowledgeable staff can provide fascinating insights into Dale Chihuly’s creations. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to enhance your understanding of the art.

Frequently Asked Questions for Chihuly Garden and Glass

  1. Where is the Chihuly Museum located?

    The Chihuly Glass is located at 305 Harrison Street, Seattle, WA 98109.

  2. What are the Chihuly Glass’ operating hours?

    Chihuly Glass welcomes visitors year-round, but keep in mind hours may vary for private events. Operating times are updated about a month in advance on their website.

    Entry is granted 45 minutes prior to the closing time announced.

  3. Where can I park, and how much is parking?

    The City of Seattle runs these parking garages, providing great rates for visitors. For the most accessible access to the Exhibition, the Fifth Avenue N. Garage is your go-to spot.

    Fifth Ave N Garage: Located at Fifth Avenue N & Republican Street.

    Mercer Garage: Located at Third Avenue N & Roy Street.

    As for Valet Parking, it’s currently unavailable, including the Space Needle’s valet service.

  4. Do I need a reservation to visit?

    No reservations are needed! Just pick a date for your visit when you buy your discounted Chihuly Garden and Glass tickets. It’s as easy as that!

  5. What age guidelines apply to visitors?

    Chihuly Museum is open to guests of all ages. It is advised that visitors under the age of 14 are under adult supervision for their safety and enjoyment.

  6. Is photography allowed within the exhibition?

    Guests are welcome to use handheld devices to capture their visit for personal use. The use of flash, tripods, monopods, or video cameras is respectfully discouraged in the galleries.

  7. Are there complimentary admissions for children?

    Yes, children aged 4 and under enjoy free admission, inviting families to share the experience.

  8. Is it allowed to use baby strollers in the exhibition?

    Umbrella strollers are suitable for gallery spaces. Larger strollers might hinder mobility and are best left at home.

  9. Can I bring my pet?

    Only service dogs are allowed within the exhibition premises. Other pets should stay at home to maintain the venue’s tranquility.

  10. What are the guidelines for cell phone use within the exhibition?

    To maintain a peaceful environment, it is requested that cell phone conversations and speakerphone features are not used in the galleries. Cell phone use is preferable in the Gardens, with consideration for others.

  11. Is there seating available in the exhibition?

    Benches are available in various galleries and the Theater, offering rest and space to enjoy the short educational videos.

  12. What dining options are present at the exhibit?

    The Bar at Chihuly Glass provides craft cocktails and a variety of bites in a distinctive setting, enhancing the visitor experience.

  13. How much time does a typical visit take?

    The self-paced nature of the visit allows guests to absorb the art in their own time, with most spending 1 to 2 hours exploring the Galleries, Garden, and Glasshouse.

  14. How soon will I receive my discounted Chihuly Garden and Glass tickets?

    Instantly! Note that our Chihuly Garden and Glass discount tickets are e-tickets. They will be sent to you via email along with your receipt.

  15. Do I need to print my Chihuly Garden and Glass discount tickets?

    Not at all. Show your discounted Chihuly Garden and Glass tickets from your mobile device for faster and easier entry at the Chihuly Museum.

Last updated March 27, 2024.

Chihuly Garden and Glass Tickets

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