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What is Miami Zoo?

A woman and child smile while feeding two giraffes against a blue sky.

Miami Zoo, or what is also called The Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Garden, is the largest zoo in Florida, occupying almost 750 acres. They are also the fifth largest and only sub-tropical zoo in the United States. Miami Zoo is home to all sorts of animals from all over the world, including species from Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Americas. Get to know 3,000 animals of over 500 species when you visit with your Miami Zoo tickets. You’ll also see a diverse showcase of trees, palms, and other plants.

Miami Zoo is accredited by the AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums), meaning that they pass the criteria in animal health and welfare, zoo staffing, fundraising, and global conservation efforts. Get your Miami Zoo tickets from GreatWorkPerks to visit this unique wildlife attraction at a discounted price!

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What are the exhibits at Miami Metro Zoo?

There are over 3,000 animals that live at Miami Zoo. The unique climate of Florida allows them to house all sorts of animals from all over the world. Get your Miami Zoo discount tickets to visit these one-of-a-kind exhibits.

Exhibit with snake floor graphic; children learning at conservation display. Children at a zoo exhibit on conservation, with informational displays.
  • Conservation Action Center

    When visiting with your Miami Zoo discount tickets, drop by the Conservation Action Center. This brand-new indoor exhibit shows guests what they can do to help save our animal friends. This exhibit is the perfect learning experience if you visit with little ones. Get your Miami zoo tickets and immerse yourself in this unique educational tour where you’ll learn more about how conservation connects us all.

  • Florida: Mission Everglades

    Get your Miami zoo tickets to journey through this eccentric exhibit. Miami Metro Zoo encourages guests to experience the habitat of iconic Florida animals like the Florida Panther, American alligator, Bald eagle, Black bear, American crocodile, American alligator, and more! This exhibit also features a new children’s playground called Cypress Landing Playground.

  • Wings of Asia Aviary

    Experience the most exotic and beautiful walk you’ll ever take! Wings of Asia Aviary features 400 free-flying Asian birds. Soothing waterfalls and tree-covered paths elevate this colorful experience. Guests can also dig for fossils at the Dino Dig while learning about the connection between ancient dinosaurs and today’s birds. This exhibit is accessible with your discount Miami zoo tickets from GreatWorkPerks.

  • Amazon and Beyond

    Visit this 27-acre exhibit that features the gorgeous sounds and colors of Central and South America! You’ll be blown away by the 100 exotic species, including giant river otters, jaguars, anacondas, and other captivating tropic animals. This is the perfect exhibit to visit with your family. Get your Miami Zoo discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks today!

What are the Activities at Miami Zoo?

Aside from the 500 different animal species, you’ll see, Miami Metro Zoo is also filled with fun activities, encounters, and more that will elevate your zoo-going experience. Get your Miami Zoo discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks to enjoy these exciting recreations:

  • Animal Feedings

    A collage of zoo encounters: people with a kiwi, a lorikeet, and an emu at Zoo Miami. Three-part collage: couple with hedgehog, lorikeet on branch, bird at fence. "Zoo Miami" logo present.

    Experience a unique bonding experience with some of your favorite animals! At Miami Metro Zoo, you could feed Giraffes and Camels. You could also visit the free-flight aviary houses and feed parrots as they perch on your arm! Learn more about these gentle creatures while you feed them. These experiences will surely be one for the books!

  • Lostman’s River Ride

    People on a tram tour at a zoo with giraffe patterns. A zoo tram with passengers on a sunny day; a fountain sprays water on the left.

    Another thing that makes Miami Metro Zoo so unique is the exciting rides. Lostman’s River Ride allows passengers to float on a slow-moving boat. But don’t fret! Thrilling surprises are waiting around every bend. Park rates apply per person. A portion of Lostman’s River Ride proceeds goes to Miami Zoo's Wildlife Conservation Fund.

  • Safari Tram Tours

    Ride along on this educational tram tour ride at Miami Metro Zoo! This Safari Ride is a narrated tour of Asia and Africa where you’ll learn more about the fascinating animals that live at the Miami Metro Zoo. Experience a tour that’s entertaining and informative. (And even get your feet a break from all the walking!) Park rates apply per person.

  • Pedal Boats

    Ready for a relaxing boat ride? Visit Miami Metro Zoo’s Pedal Boats! Ride on a swan or duck pedal boat as you enjoy the lake and the beautiful Florida weather. Guests must be at least 21 years old to rent and operate water equipment. Children are allowed as long as an adult supervises them. The rental fee is $25 per 4-seat pedal boat.

  • Wildlife Carousel

    Get your Miami Zoo discount tickets and enjoy this classic carnival ride with a twist. Get to ride on a hand-carved cheetah, rhinoceros, or baby gorilla! Kids will have a blast on this colorful ride. Park rates apply per person. A portion of the proceeds goes to Miami Zoo's Wildlife Conservation Fund.

Where Can I Eat at Miami Zoo?

Are you worried about where to eat on the day of your Miami Metro Zoo adventure? Worry no more! They offer multiple dining options where you can fuel up for a day of exploration. Get your Miami Zoo tickets from GreatWorkPerks to spend less on tickets and more on delicious food!

Food concession stands at a venue with smiling patrons dining. Three individuals smiling at a table with pizza, with a food counter in the background.
  • Nourish 305

    Dine at Miami Metro Zoo’s first indoor restaurant! Enjoy fresh salads, wraps, and flatbread sandwiches while enjoying the view of the Florida: Mission Everglades exhibit.

  • Ellie’s Cafe

    Fuel up at Ellie’s Café! They offer snacks and treats like churros and ice cream. They also offer delicious beverages. You could stop by for a coffee break or even order some craft beer!

  • Carousel Cafe

    Carousel Café is the perfect place to grab some grub. They serve burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, and more. They even have kid’s options, perfect for your picky eater!

  • Miami Ice

    Need to cool off? Miami Ice serves more than 20 different flavors of ICEE that you can choose from. You could also mix and match to create a taste of your own!

  • Oasis Grill

    Satisfy your hunger at Miami Metro Zoo’s Oasis Grill. They serve hand-tossed pizzas, burgers, and more!

Where Can I Shop at Miami Metro Zoo?

Miami Metro Zoo has a gift shop that offers a wide selection of exciting and educational items that you can take home to remember your day of wildlife adventure. Get your toys, plush animals, jewelry, and other gifts from their gift shop.

Where is Miami Zoo located?

Miami Zoo's address is 12400 SW 152nd St, Miami, FL 33177, United States.

What time is Miami Zoo open?

Miami Metro Zoo is open from 10 AM to 5 PM.

How long does it take to walk through Miami Metro Zoo?

The average visit may take 4 hours, depending on the activities you choose to participate in.

Close-up of a tiger's face with open mouth and blurred green background. A tiger with striking stripes looks ahead, mouth slightly open, set against a soft green background.

Tips for Your Zoo Miami Visit

Advance purchase of Zoo Miami tickets.

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Arrive Early at the Zoo

Experience the best like no other by arriving at the venue early. We recommend guests be there as early as possible to enjoy all the Zoo offers. Keep in mind that the Zoo is huge, so you might want to make the best of your day!

Two people smile as they gently pet a kiwi bird. A smiling couple interacts with a kiwi bird indoors.

Things You Need to Know Before Going

Know the Zoo Rules!

The Zoo is an excellent destination for leisure, education, and discovery. Here are some of the guidelines put in place to make sure everyone has a good time and stays safe.

  • Respect the animals, or you will be asked to leave the Zoo.
  • Do not cross any barriers.
  • Plant and leaf plucking is strictly prohibited. Please stay on the sidewalk.
  • Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. These specified areas are readily placed and well-marked around the Zoo.

Your Safety Guide

Below are the ways how Zoo Miami keeps you and your family safe on your visit:

  • They imposed a daily capacity limit to avoid overcrowding the place.
  • For your use and safety, hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the zoo.
  • High standards of cleanliness and safety measures are maintained, especially on high-touch surfaces.
  • Rentals, such as wheelchairs, motorized scooters, Safari tricycles, and strollers, are sanitized after every use.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zoo Miami

  1. Are reservations required?

    No, reservations are not required when visiting Miami Metro Zoo.

  2. When will I receive my discount tickets?

    When purchasing through GreatWorkPerks, you'll receive your Miami Zoo discount tickets instantly after purchase. They will be emailed to you along with your receipt.

  3. Do I need to print out my discount Miami Zoo ticket?

    The beauty of buying your ticket through GreatWorkPerks is that you don't need to print it out! Just show your e-ticket on your phone, and you'll be good to go.

  4. Is there free parking?

    Yes, there is free parking available at Miami Metro Zoo.

  5. What is your refund policy?

    All Miami Zoo tickets are refundable. You can see the info at checkout.

  6. Should I buy my child a separate Zoo Miami ticket?

    All guests aged three and above should have Zoo Miami discount tickets to enter the attraction. Only children ages two and younger enter for free.

  7. Can I bring food or drinks inside?

    No, bringing food and drinks inside Miami Metro Zoo is not allowed. However, if you decide to bring food, you may store it in the administration building lobby and pick it up when you are ready to eat. There are also picnic tables outside the zoo entrance.

  8. Can we feed the animals at Miami Zoo?

    Yes, there are various animal feedings where you can feed camels, giraffes, rhinos, and parrots for an additional cost. You may purchase the food prepared for them by their keepers at the Zoo.

  9. How can I contact the attraction if I have further questions?

    You may contact them through their Phone Number, 305-251-0400, or Fax Number, 305-378-6381.

  10. What kind of animals will I see inside the Zoo?

    There are approximately 2,500 animals from over 400 species, some of which are at risk of extinction. Amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles may be found in Zoo Miami.

  11. How long do most people spend at the Zoo?

    What you see will vary if you stroll, ride a rented safari bike, or ride the tram. The typical visit lasts between four to five hours.

  12. Is the Zoo attraction handicapped accessible?

    Yes. All attractions and services, including transportation, are accessible to those with disabilities.

  13. Can I bring my pet to the Zoo?

    Only service animals are permitted inside the Zoo.

  14. Can I take pictures of the animals?

    Yes. There is no need for permissions if you are merely capturing photos for private, non-commercial use. However, if you are shooting for promotional/commercial use, contact the Director of Marketing of Zoo Miami's Foundation to discuss the permits you need, insurance, liability waivers, cost, etc.

  15. Are there available strollers, wheelchairs, and motorized wheelchairs for rent inside the Zoo?

    Yes. Rental rates may vary. Due to high demand, especially on weekends and holidays, we advise booking strollers, wheelchairs, and motorized wheelchairs before your visit.

Last updated May 20, 2023.

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