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Spot Pet

Save up to 20% on pet insurance

About this Offer

When adventure calls, make sure your pet has answers. Spot knows that your pets are part of your family and makes their overall health and wellbeing a top priority. This can help you say 'yes' to the best care for your pet and save you thousands on covered vet bills.

Spot Pet Insurance plans offer extensive coverage so you can worry less about what's around the corner. With a special up to 20% discount*, it's easy to get the pet insurance you need. Spot plans help you protect your pet for covered conditions in case of accidents, illnesses, emergencies, behavioral issues, cancer, surgery, and more!

Even better, coverage is customizable to fit your budget starting with your annual limit, deductible, and reimbursement rate. Get up to 90% back on eligible vet bills!
  • Build your own customizable plans
  • Receive up to 90% back on eligible vet bills
  • Optional Accident-Only and Wellness Plans
  • VetAccess 24/7 pet telehealth helpline at no additional cost
  • No Networks - Visit any licensed vet, emergency clinic or specialist in the US or Canada

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