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Drift Into the Heart of San Antonio with Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises Discount Tickets!

A vibrant river cruise, with smiling passengers on a tour boat adorned with blue floral patterns, floats down a serene waterway. Lined with stone walkways and a bridge, the scene suggests a leisurely exploration under a clear sky. A group of passengers enjoys a bright day on a turquoise blue, open-air riverboat. They are floating on calm waters, passing under an arching stone bridge with lush greenery nearby. The boat is adorned with a sunburst pattern along the railing, and the words 'GO RIO' signal a leisurely tour experience. Bird silhouettes can be seen flying above the water.

Jumping on a Go Rio River Cruise offers an ideal way to uncover the essence of the city. Aboard one of the vibrant boats, guests can deeply connect with San Antonio’s storied past and vibrant culture. Gliding through the waters provides a unique perspective on the city, ensuring you create unforgettable memories. Buy your Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises discount tickets through GreatWorkPerks for the greatest savings!

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Boarding Docks Location:

  • Historia:

    706 River Walk (Under Market St. Bridge & Alamo St.) – across from Hilton Palacio del Rio

  • Rivercenter:

    849 E River Walk (Commerce & Bowie St.) - River level

  • Aztec Theater:

    731 River Walk (River Level Aztec Theater – Crockett & St. Mary’s St.)

Essential Things to Know for a Smooth River Cruise Experience

Before setting sail on a Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises, there are several key points in mind to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience:

Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises Tickets

Check the availability of tickets in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons. Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises tickets are available at GreatWorkPerks with big discounts!

Boarding Locations

Familiarize yourself with the cruise boarding locations. The San Antonio River Walk has multiple access points, so knowing where to board your specific cruise can save time and prevent confusion.

Cruise Options

Go Rio offers different types of cruises, such as narrated tours that explore the history and culture of San Antonio, as well as dinner cruises or private events. Decide what kind of experience you’re looking for and check the schedule and availability.

Weather Considerations

The weather can significantly impact your cruise experience. Since the cruises are outdoors, check the weather forecast and dress appropriately. Consider bringing sunscreen, sunglasses, or a light jacket, depending on the season.

Arrival Time

Arrive at the boarding location early. This allows time to navigate the River Walk, find the correct boarding area, and address any last-minute questions without rushing.


If you or someone in your group has mobility issues, research the accessibility of the boarding areas. Most locations are accessible, but confirming this in advance can ensure a smooth experience.

Food and Beverage

Some cruises may offer food and beverages, but policies vary. Check in advance if you can bring your snack or if there are options to purchase food and drinks onboard or at nearby River Walk establishments.


Keep in mind that not all riverboats have restroom facilities. It’s a good idea to use the facilities at the River Walk before boarding.


Don’t forget your camera or smartphone. The River Walk offers stunning views and memorable sights, perfect for capturing photos.

Safety Measures

Pay attention to any safety instructions provided by the crew. Staying seated and keeping hands and arms inside the boat can help prevent accidents.

Explore San Antonio with Go Rio Cruises: A Journey Along the River Walk!

A group of people enjoys a boat tour on a calm river with lush greenery on its banks and modern buildings in the background. The boat has a pink hull with the words  GO RIO  visible on the side. Trees and a clear sky add to the pleasant atmosphere. Image of a vibrant, scenic waterway with people enjoying a guided boat tour. The boat is pink and blue with GO RIO printed on the side, cruising along green lush banks under the clear blue sky. Modern buildings overlook the calm river, adding to the urban oasis vibe.

Embark on a vibrant voyage with river cruises, where all Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises tickets are your gateway to the soul of San Antonio. Each cruise weaves a story that captivates the charms.

Narrated Historical Tours

The Narrated Historical Tours are not just cruises; they’re time machines. Glide along the waters as the rich tapestry of San Antonio unfolds, narrated by guides who bring the past to life. Don’t miss out on Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises discount tickets for a journey through time at an exceptional value.

Evening Cruises

As daylight fades, the Evening Cruises invite you to the world where the River Walk glimmers under the stars. This is when romance sails, and the city’s light dances on the water – a tranquil escape that offers an incredible night view. Secure your Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises tickets for an unforgettable night!

Dining Experiences

Dining on a cruise turns any meal into an adventure. Float past scenic vistas while savoring tasty dishes. These Dining Experiences blend the best of San Antonio’s culinary scene with breathtaking views. Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises tickets are your pass to a dining journey like no other.

Special Event Cruises

Special Event Cruises turn holidays and festivals into floating fiestas. With Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises tickets, you’re not just attending an event; you’re floating through the heart of the celebration!

Private Charters

For a more personalized experience, consider booking a private charter. This option is ideal for celebrations, such as birthdays, decorations, catering, and music to suit your event.

Photography and Sightseeing

The River Walk is a canvas, and Photography and Sightseeing Cruises are your lens. Capture the essence of San Antonio’s architecture and landscapes from the unique perspective of the river with your Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises tickets!

Interacting with Guides

Interacting with guides on your cruise means discovering the stories that textbooks don’t tell. These local experts share hidden gems and tales of the city. Secure your Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises discount tickets through GreatWorkPerks to unlock these tales.

Relaxing on the River

Sometimes, the simple act of Relaxing on the River is all you need. Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises discount tickets provide a pass to tranquility, ensuring a moment of calm is always within reach!

By engaging in these activities, visitors can fully experience the charm and beauty of San Antonio through the unique perspective of River Cruises.

Top Tips for a Great Rio San Antonio River Cruise Experience

A group of smiling passengers enjoys a guided boat tour along a peaceful river, surrounded by lush greenery and quaint architecture. A stone bridge arches over the water in the background, adding to the serene setting. The boat features ornamental railings and the words GO RIO on the side. A group of passengers enjoys a tour on a blue, flat-bottomed boat with festive designs on Go Rio cruise along a peaceful urban waterway flanked by lush greenery and stone architecture. A stone bridge arches over the canal in the background, enhancing the serene ambiance.

Heading out to the Rio San Antonio River Cruises? You’re in for a treat! This journey is a fantastic way to soak in the beauty and buzz of San Antonio. Let’s make sure you have the best time ever with some handy tips:

Plan Ahead!

Peek at the schedule and get your Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises tickets before they’re gone, especially if you’re planning to go during the busy season or holidays. It’s the best way to skip the long lines and guarantee your spot on your preferred cruise.

Select the Ideal Cruise

From scenic tours to dinner on the water and special events, there’s a cruise for everyone. Choose the one that sounds fun to you and go for it! Don’t forget to buy your Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises discount tickets through GreatWorkPerks!

Dress Comfortably

Opt for comfy clothes and shoes that are just right for the weather. Texas can get pretty warm, especially in summer, so light, airy outfits are the way to go. And don’t forget your sunscreen and a cool hat!

Be an Early Bird

Aim to arrive 15-30 minutes before your cruise kicks off. This gives you plenty of time to park, pop into the restroom, and relax before your adventure starts.

Parking Pro-Tips

Downtown parking can be a bit of a puzzle. Do a little homework to find the best spots near the River Walk. There are lots of paid parking spots and garages around.

Stay Hydrated

Please bring along a water bottle, especially when it’s hot out. Keeping hydrated is key as you explore and take in the sights.

Capture the Magic

Make sure your camera or phone is charged and ready. The River Walk is super photogenic, and you’ll definitely want to snap a bunch of pics.

Tune in to Your Guide

The tour guides are full of extraordinary stories and facts about San Antonio’s history and the River Walk. Listening in will make your cruise even more special.

Be Respectful of Your Fellow Cruisers

The boats can get a bit cozy, especially when it’s busy. Let’s all be kind and considerate, ensuring everyone can enjoy the view and the ride.

Discover More

The River Walk itself is a gem, packed with great shops, tasty eats, and historic spots. Explore a bit more before or after your cruise. And of course, buy your Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises discount tickets in advance!

Look for Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises discount tickets!

Keep an eye out for Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises discount tickets or special offers from GreatWorkPerks. It will help you save a lot!

Accessibility Matters

If you or someone you’re with needs a bit of extra help getting around, check out the accessibility options for the boats and boarding areas ahead of time.

Weather Wise

Texas weather likes to keep us on our toes. Check the forecast before you go and be ready for anything, from sun to rain.

Safety Always Comes First

Pay attention to the crew’s safety tips and stay seated while the boat’s moving.

Stick with these suggestions, and you’re set for an unforgettable experience on the River Cruises with your Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises discount tickets. Get ready to see San Antonio from a whole new perspective!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is Rio San Antonio River Cruises located?

    Different docking locations are available. Visit the Go Rio website to find the most convenient docking location for you.

  2. What are the river cruises’ operating hours?

    Narrated Cruises are open daily and operate from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

  3. Do I need to reserve in advance for tours?

    No, public narrated cruises do not require reservations. Buy your Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises tickets online via GreatWorkPerks and enjoy significant savings.

  4. Where can I find parking when going on a river cruise?

    You can find parking garages, parking lots, and metered parking in downtown San Antonio.

  5. What is the Downtown Reach?

    It’s the lively core of the River Walk, featuring attractions like the Majestic Theatre.

  6. What if there’s bad weather?

    Cruises may stop for safety in severe weather. Call 210-227-4746 for service updates.

  7. Who to contact for service interruptions?

    Call 210-227-4746 for any service issues or questions.

  8. Do I need a Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises ticket for the Holiday River Parade?

    Viewing space is limited, but you can try watching from a bridge. Early arrival is recommended.

  9. What is the River Walk’s address?

    It doesn’t have one, but 111 West Crockett Street is a central point for reference.

  10. Are pets allowed on the boats?

    Only service animals are permitted.

  11. Are the boats accessible?

    Yes, all boats are ADA-compliant, ensuring accessibility for everyone.

  12. How eco-friendly are the boats?

    The fleet uses electric, eco-friendly engines.

  13. When will I receive my Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises ticket?

    Immediately! Your Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises discount tickets and a receipt will be emailed to you from GreatWorkPerks right away.

  14. Do I have to print my Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises discount tickets?

    Not at all! For a smoother experience, show your Go Rio San Antonio River Cruises discount tickets on your smartphone.

Last updated March 04, 2024.

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