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Pacific Blue Air


Pacific Blue Air offers instructional flights along the scenic California coastline our state-of-the-art, open-cockpit REVO Evolution aircraft. ... Unlike helicopter rides, there are no doors to obstruct views and passengers actually get to control and steer the aircraft once in flight. And while our aircraft may look like something best suited for thrill seekers, it's actually remarkably safe. Should trouble ever arise with the legendary Rotax engine, our agile wing could simply glide the craft down to safety. In addition, our REVO is equipped with a ballistic deployed parachute.

If you’re a true adventurer who wants to experience the coolest, most amazingly liberating and mind-blowing thing you can do in Los Angeles, jump right in and make your reservation now to fly their completely safe, open cockpit aircraft.

Company Address/Location: Hawthorne Airport, 12101 Crenshaw

Refunds are not permitted.

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