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  • You Don't Need To Break The Bank To Improve Employee Morale

    Posted on 08. Dec, 2009 by jrapoport

    With increased work hours and constant layoff rumors employees are in dire need of someholiday cheer this season. Who better to ask on how to make them happy without breakingthe company's budget than employees themselves?

    Article URL:http://biz570.com/hr/you-don-t-need-to-break-the-bank-to-improve-employee-morale-1.470643

  • Concierge Benefits Cater To Time-Starved Employees. By McLean Robbins, Small Business Human Resources Magazine

    Posted on 11. Aug, 2009 by jrapoport

    Other services, such as Jonathan Rapoport's California-based Great Work Perks, asks upscale outside vendors tooffer discounts to employees on a weekly basis. Each Monday, employees who are signed up for the service get anewsletter with featured discounts. Again, it's at no cost to the employer or the employee - featured vendorsbenefit from increased patronage... Click PDF below for full article see p. 11 & 12

    Related PDF:Small Business HR News.pdf

  • Great Work Perks Helps Boost Morale - By Robin Salisian, HR Crossing Magazine

    Posted on 11. Aug, 2009 by jrapoport

    Boost morale. How? Toss around the words "free" and "discounted" at work and watch employees grin. Offer themfree food, discounted spa visits, and 35 percent off Dodger tickets and watch them really grin... Click on PDFbelow to read the entire story

    Related PDF:HR Star Article.pdf


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