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Chef V

Get 50% OFF Chef V's Plan

About this Offer

Farm fresh, certified organic, plant-based foods, and raw blended juice – Handmade then delivered to your door by Private Chef & Nutritional Therapist, Veronica.
Where we can, we use our own Chef V drivers for our plant-based food and raw juice delivery service across the U.S.
With our organic juice cleanse and 21-day detox for weight loss, you can free yourself from addictive food behaviors and release toxins that are sabotaging your weight loss goals—in just 3 weeks!
  • Safely and effortlessly lose up to 40 pounds—and learn how to keep it off!
  • Adopt healthy eating habits for the rest of your life!
  • Everything you need to succeed! Recipes, resources and email support from Veronica herself
  • Enjoy delicious meals and snacks while transforming your body & health!

Visit and Easily Customized your 21-Day Detox

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