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Locations include: Texas, California, Florida, Arizona, Georgia and New York

LOOK provides guests with an exceptional top-notch movie experience. With cutting-edge laser projection technology, the large screens showcase films in the most stunning and vibrant way possible. Integrated with state-of-the-art sound systems, every audio detail is brought to life, immersing viewers in a truly captivating cinematic journey. To ensure the utmost comfort, the luxury seating options are designed to provide ultimate relaxation and enjoyment throughout the movie.

This image displays two separate scenes within a dine-in cinema setting, presented as a split-screen. On the left side, a smiling middle-aged couple is seated in black leather recliner chairs. The man, wearing a light gray hoodie, is interacting with a touchscreen device placed on a swivel table attached to his seat. The woman next to him, in a dark top, shares his jovial moment. Both appear to be in the process of selecting items, possibly from a digital menu.

The right side of the image shows another pair, seemingly a cheerful father in a striped shirt and his young daughter, who is focused on something off-camera while seated. They are being served food by an attentive cinema server who is holding a tray with a dish. The tray is resting on a similar swivel table to the one seen on the left. The cinema interior is dimly lit, enhancing the ambience and cozy experience offered by the establishment. The logo "LOOK Dine-In Cinemas" can be seen in the bottom left corner of the image.

As a part of our commitment to value, visit today to explore exclusive discounts on tickets, ensuring savings without compromising on the experience of enjoying your favorite movies at the lowest prices. This image shows a modern movie theater setting with an emphasis on comfort and service. On the left, a couple appears to be enjoying their experience, with the man selecting something perhaps on an electronic device while he smiles and the woman next to him looks on, sharing the moment with a cheerful expression. They are seated in plush, dark reclining chairs, indicative of a luxury cinema experience. On the right, there is another pair, possibly friends, also seated comfortably in similar chairs with ample space around them, which creates a cozy yet spacious atmosphere in the cinema. The woman on the right is holding what looks to be a food or drink tray, suggestive of the in-theater dining options available. Both groupings of individuals underscore an ambiance of relaxation and enjoyment. The foreground displays the venue’s branding, "LOOK" in bold white letters, which is likely the name of the cinema. This scene conveys an inviting environment for movie-goers looking for a premium viewing experience. Don't forget, when you're planning your next movie night, visit for the lowest prices on tickets to enhance your entertainment with significant savings.

LOOK is dedicated to delivering a premium experience that will leave guests in awe. With the innovative LOOK + Dine Mobile technology, guests have complete control over their food and beverage ordering experience. This modern solution seamlessly integrates the convenience of mobile devices, allowing guests to effortlessly browse menus, make selections, and place orders with just a few taps. LOOK + Dine Mobile revolutionize the dining experience, ensuring an incredible personalized journey from start to finish. Experience the convenience of selecting your desired items and personalizing your orders to perfection, all while effortlessly making payments. Every option is available in your smartphone! The best thing is all of the cuisine is prepared fresh.

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Enhance Your Movie Experience with Delicious Delights from LOOK's Menu!

When it comes to enhancing your entertainment experience, the delicious dining options you can choose from are sure to leave you satisfied. Whether you opt for one of the chef-inspired signature items on the menu, indulge in a handcrafted cocktail, or stick to the tried-and-true movie snacks, each choice promises a delightful taste!

Note: Menu items may vary per location. You may also scan the QR on your table to see the most updated list.

This image showcases a close-up view of a classic margarita cocktail. The drink is served in a glass with a salted rim, providing a textured look to the edge of the glass. A fresh lime wedge is perched atop the rim, positioned on the left side, adding a pop of green color and indicating a zesty flavor component. The cocktail itself appears to contain crushed ice, and is a golden yellow color, suggesting the presence of citrus such as lime juice, and possibly an orange-flavored liqueur or fresh orange juice. The background features a watermark logo with the text "LOOK Dine-In Cinemas."

Enhance your cinema experience with savings on your next outing – visit for the lowest prices on tickets and more. Description: The image showcases a close-up view of a chilled, classic margarita glass. The rim of the glass is coated with a generous layer of salt, creating a frosted appearance. Inside the glass, you can see the golden-hued margarita, a blend of what appears to be tequila, lime juice, and other components associated with this traditional cocktail. Small ice cubes float at the surface, signifying the beverage is served cold. The drink is garnished with a fresh lime wedge perched on the rim, adding a pop of green color and hinting at the zesty lime flavor inherent to the drink. The background is dark, focusing all attention on the vibrant and refreshing drink in the foreground. The word "LOOK" is placed in the lower-right corner, possibly indicating the name of a bar or restaurant. At, we're committed to offering you the lowest prices and substantial savings on tickets, ensuring that your experience is as refreshing as the margarita portrayed in this image.

Signature Cocktails

  • Cinemule
  • Car Chase
  • Sugar Bacon Old Fashioned
  • Blue Revenge
  • Look + Chill
  • Rock's Water
  • Look-a-Rita
  • Paloma Cruise
  • Blueberry Lemonade
  • Manhattan
  • Tito's Martini
Image Description: This image displays a close-up scene inside a dimly lit establishment, showcasing a pouring of a frothy, golden-hued beverage from a metallic tap into a clear glass. The image captures the motion of the liquid as it fills the glass, with bubbles visible near the surface of the beverage. In the background, there is a slight blur indicating additional taps and a bar environment, which suggests that this could be a scene from a dine-in cinema where patrons can enjoy drinks while watching a film. The lighting focuses on the glass and the pouring action, emphasizing the refreshing look of the drink being served.

Experience the excitement of the movies paired with the pleasure of a cold draft with our dine-in cinema options. Remember to check out for special promotions, where you can always find the lowest prices on tickets for a wide variety of entertainment experiences. Image Description: The image captures a close-up view of a draft beer system with multiple shiny, metallic taps which appear to be in a bar or pub setting. Focus is on a glass being filled with a pale gold-colored beer from one of the taps, suggesting a fresh and inviting atmosphere. The frothy beverage creates a sense of motion as it flows into the glass, indicating a lively and bustling ambiance. The warm, amber lighting enhances the cozy and inviting feel of the scene. Near the bottom of the image is the word "LOOK" prominently displayed in bold, white letters against a dark background, possibly indicative of a brand or establishment name.

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  • Draft Beer
  • Bottles + Cans
    • Blue Moon
    • Coors Light
    • Corona
    • Guinness
    • Heineken
    • Modelo
    • PBR
    • Truly Spiked Lemonade
    • Truly Spiked Wild Berry


  • White (Barone Fini Pinot and other options)
  • Bubbly (La Marca Prosecco and other selections)
  • Red (7 Moons Dark Side Red Blend and other options)
This image features a close-up view of a mouth-watering platter, displaying crispy golden-brown french fries generously topped with melted cheddar cheese, bits of savory bacon, and freshly chopped green onions. The delicious arrangement of toppings makes for a tempting visual that suggests a comforting and indulgent dining experience. The background shows a defocused hint of the establishment, with the bold lettering of "LOOK Dine-In Cinemas" partially visible, suggesting that this tasty dish could be enjoyed while watching a movie. On, you can find the best deals on a variety of leisure activities—always ensuring the lowest prices on tickets for an affordable and memorable outing. Image Description: This is a close-up, vibrant image featuring a mouth-watering plate of loaded french fries. The crispy golden fries are generously topped with a bright orange, creamy cheese sauce. Sprinkled on top of the cheese are chunks of savory, browned ground meat, likely either beef or pork. Adding a fresh element and color contrast, finely chopped green onions are scattered across the top. The background is blurred, with the word "LOOK" visible, which may indicate the name of the establishment where this dish is served. The contrasting colors and focus on the food suggest this is a promotional image meant to entice viewers with the appetizing details of the dish.

Remember to check for sizzling savings on tickets to entertainment venues where you can enjoy delectable treats like these at the lowest prices available!

Snacks + Shareables

  • Cheesy Garlic Bread
  • Edamame
  • Hummus
  • Loaded Cheese Fries
  • Pretzel Bites
  • Triple Dip + Chips
  • Showtime Nachos


  • Southwest Chicken Salad
  • Green Goddess Chicken Salad


  • Simply Cheese
  • Pepperoni
  • Sausage + Mushroom
  • Margherita
  • All The Way
  • Barbeque Chicken
  • And many other delicious options!

Main Entrees

  • Crispy Wings
  • Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders
  • Grilled Chicken Tenders
  • Coconut Chicken

Other options are available!


  • Cheese
  • Southwest Chicken
  • Beef Fajita
  • Carnitas


  • All American Burger
  • BBQ Bacon Cheddar
  • Impossible Burger

Desserts + Shakes


  • Chocolate Brownie Sundae
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies + Cream
  • Fired Oreos + Cream
  • There are many other sweet treats to choose from.


  • Old Fashioned Shakes
  • Signature Shakes

What Is the Process of Look & Dine?

Step 1

Scan the QR Code on your table in the movie theatre.

Step 2

Follow the instructions to add a credit card and confirm your payment option.

Step 3

After looking through the menu, click "Submit" to place your order.

Step 4

Wait for your order! The food service will deliver your food to your seat.

Step 5

You can add orders anytime throughout the event if you would like anything else.

Step 6

Confirm your purchase after the performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is a reservation required?

    No. At LOOK, reservations are not necessary. We advise buying your LOOK Cinemas tickets in advance to guarantee the best seat.

  2. When should I arrive at the theater?

    To give enough time to order drinks and food, guests are asked to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the show.

  3. When will the food I ordered arrive?

    As soon as it is prepared! Your order will be delivered directly to your seats by the service staff.

  4. Can I bring my food and drink rather than purchase them?

    No. Outside food and drinks, including refillable bottles or drink containers, are strictly prohibited at LOOK Dine-In Cinemas.

  5. What time does LOOK open and close?

    The ticket window opens 30 minutes prior to the start of the first movie and closes 15 minutes following the end of the last movie. Hours and operation days are subject to change without notice per location. The most up-to-date information may be found by going to LOOK Cinemas' official website, which we advise you to do.

  6. Are discounted LOOK Cinemas tickets refundable?

    No. LOOK Cinemas discount tickets are non-refundable and non-returnable.

  7. Can seats, showtimes, and movies be changed after a purchase has been made?

    Yes. Changes can be made at your preferred LOOK box office location one hour before your chosen showtime.

  8. If the show is canceled, what will happen?

    If this happens, you are eligible for a LOOK Cinema ticket exchange on-site.

  9. Does the theater have an age restriction?

    Yes. No one under five (5) shall be allowed entry to any R-rated film. An adult must accompany children under 17; if not, entry will be denied.

  10. Does LOOK Cinemas allow children?

    Yes! All ages are welcome to attend, except for R-rated films. Be sure to buy your LOOK Cinemas discount ticket from GreatWorkPerks before going!

  11. When will I receive my GreatWorkPerks LOOK Cinemas tickets?

    We'll send your discounted LOOK Cinemas tickets right away! Your LOOK Cinemas discount tickets and a receipt will be delivered to your email address!

  12. Does my GreatWorkPerks LOOK Cinemas ticket need to be printed?

    There is no need! On your way to the movie, provide your LOOK Cinemas discount ticket via your smartphone to the staff at the box office. .

  13. Do I have to purchase a separate LOOK Cinemas ticket for my child?

    Yes. To enter the theater, all guests must have a valid ticket.

  14. Can cash be used at LOOK and Dine?

    When placing an online food order, you must pay for your purchase(s) with a credit card.

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