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This image displays a panoramic view of the Los Angeles skyline during what appears to be either sunrise or sunset. The silhouettes of numerous skyscrapers stand tall against the sky which is painted in a gradient of warm colors, with hues of pink, orange, and purple that transition to a deeper blue. The dominant buildings gleam with scattered lights, hinting at the bustling urban life within. The foreground is overlaid with the logo and text "BIG BUS TOURS LOS ANGELES," suggesting this image is likely promotional material for a sightseeing tour company. Below the skyline, a broad red strip frames the bottom part of the image.

At, we're committed to ensuring that you experience the dazzling energy of Los Angeles at the lowest prices available—hop on with our exclusive discounted tickets and explore the City of Angels while enjoying significant savings! This image presents a panoramic view of a sprawling city skyline at dusk. The silhouettes of numerous high-rise buildings stand tall against the sky, which is painted in a gradient of warm colors transitioning from a deep purple at the top to a fiery orange near the horizon. Some lights from the buildings are visible, beginning to twinkle as the day gives way to night. Across the bottom of the image, there are two logos: one that reads "BIG BUS" with a ribbon-like graphic feature, and the other, "," portrayed in a playful font with a bouncing letter 'X'. 

At, we're dedicated to ensuring you have an incredible experience at the lowest prices—don't miss out on our exclusive discounts and savings when purchasing your next adventure tickets!

Hop on Hop off Los Angeles Tour

Climb aboard the Big Bus LA and experience the most stunning tour of La La Land! Whether you’re a City of Angels first time visitor or you just want to experience more of the city, Big Bus LA is the perfect tour for you. Their Hop on Hop off Los Angeles Tour has amazing features on board including pre-recorded commentary, an open-top bus for the best views, and even multiple routes for variety.

This awesome Los Angeles Bus Tour also has the Hop on Hop off feature which means you can get on or get off any of their designated stops. You’ll have more freedom to plan your trip and choose which attractions you want to see more of.

Get your Los Angeles Bus Tour discount tickets through GreatWorkPerks to experience the most amazing city tour!

Description: The image displays a picturesque aerial view of a sun-drenched beach. Warm golden sand stretches across the frame, punctuated by the occasional footprint and shadow, suggesting leisurely walks have taken place. The beach is bordered by a calm, azure ocean, its waves gently lapping at the shoreline in a soothing rhythm. In the lower center of the image, a palm-tree-adorned park area features a distinctive circular pool surrounded by what appears to be sun loungers, inviting relaxation and recreation. On the top left, the watermark of 'BIG BUS LOS ANGELES' indicates the presence of a sightseeing tour opportunity.

Weave in sentence: At, explore the great outdoors and save on your next adventure with our lowest prices guaranteed on tickets, including exclusive discounts on sightseeing tours like the Big Bus Los Angeles. This image showcases a scenic aerial view of a pristine beach during a sunny day. The golden sands of the beach spread out to meet the tranquil blue waves of the ocean. A small cape seems to reach into the water, creating a natural delineation within the shoreline. Palm trees are scattered across the beach area, providing shade and adding to the tropical ambience. A series of small structures, possibly part of a beach resort, occupy the lower third of the image, one of which appears to be a pool glistening under the sunshine. The long shadows cast by the trees suggest early morning or late afternoon sunlight. There's a watermark at the top-left corner that reads "BIG BUS."

As you immerse yourself in the thought of warm sand between your toes and the serene sounds of the ocean, remember that is your go-to destination for amazing savings. Shop with us to find the lowest prices on tickets to a multitude of attractions and experiences.

Los Angeles Bus Tour Routes

The City of Angels is full of historic landmarks, intriguing attractions and famous must-visit spots. There are plenty of shopping opportunities and delicious dining options that the city offers. Big Bus LA doesn’t want you to miss out on anything!

That is why Los Angeles Bus Tour provides 2 different routes – so you may explore all the must-see sights. Here are the two different Big Bus LA routes:

  • Hollywood Loop

  • This route covers Beverly Hills, the iconic Walk of Fame, Sunset Strip and more! There are 12 different stops where you can Hop on or Hop off to discover more of the attractions on your own. Discover Hollywood with your discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks

  • Beach Loop

  • If you enjoy the beach scene more, then definitely hop aboard this route! This relaxing Los Angeles Bus Tour covers the most iconic beach spots such as Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, 3rd Street Promenade, Muscle Beach, Marina Del Rey and more! Get a taste of the California lifestyle with your discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks

Get your Los Angeles Bus Tour discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks

This image features the logo for "Big Bus Los Angeles," which is a tour service provider. The logo consists of the words "BIG BUS" in large, bold, red capital letters, with a stylized, red double-decker bus icon above the text. The bus icon incorporates a film strip, indicating a connection with the movie industry, likely referencing the famous Hollywood tours. Below the "BIG BUS" text, "Los Angeles" is written in smaller red capital letters, indicating the city where the tours are offered. Additionally, a green badge at the bottom of the logo reads "AUTHORIZED SELLER," suggesting that the entity using this logo is officially recognized to sell tickets or services related to Big Bus Tours. For those seeking an adventure in Los Angeles, offers exclusive discounts and the lowest prices on tickets for a memorable sightseeing experience.

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This image captures the vibrant scene of Hollywood Boulevard at dusk. The sky is awash with the warm hues of pink and orange, providing a striking backdrop to the scene. Prominent in the foreground is the brightly lit neon sign of the Hollywood Wax Museum, glowing with electric blues, yellows, and reds. Flanking the museum are palm trees and various other colorful neon signs, including one for the fast-food chain McDonald's. In the middle distance, additional illuminated signage and billboards can be seen, with a notable vertical sign that reads 'Hollywood,' adding to the iconic streetscape. The legendary El Capitan Theatre appears as well, marked by a neon tower with its name at the top. Sprinkled throughout the image, street lamps cast a soft glow that reflects on the buildings below. The famous setting is bustling with culture and the electric energy characteristic of Los Angeles. 

At, we provide unbeatable discounts and the lowest prices on tickets to the most sought-after destinations, including the star-studded streets of Hollywood. This image features a picturesque view of Hollywood Boulevard at dusk, set against a vibrant pink and orange sky. The iconic vertical "HOLLYWOOD" sign illuminates the scene, with its bright neon lights casting a warm glow. Palm trees line the boulevard, adding a quintessential touch of Southern California charm. The street is adorned with various colorful billboards and neon signs, including an advertisement for the 'BIG BUS' tour. The buildings display classic architectural features, evoking the rich history of the entertainment industry in this district.

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Why Book a Tour with Big Bus LA?

If you’re planning a Los Angeles Bus Tour, might as well book a tour with the best! Enjoy your Hop on Hop off Los Angeles Tour with premium features that you won’t find elsewhere.

Best views with Big Bus LA’s Open-top Buses

Your Los Angeles Bus Tour is aboard a state-of-the-art Bus with an open-top view! Grab a seat on the top-deck and enjoy the best views of La La Land. The unobstructed view also offers the perfect photo taking opportunities. Get your discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks and enjoy the best views with Big Bus Los Angeles!

Learn more with Pre-recorded Commentary

Big Bus LA offers pre-recorded commentary when you hop on board any route. You’re guaranteed to learn more and even have an entertaining time! Their pre-recorded commentary is available in 9 languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Korean, Mandarin, Hindi and Japanese.

Just grab a pair of headphones (for free of course!) when you board Big Bus Los Angeles.

Experience the Top Landmarks

Big Bus LA covers sights that you definitely cannot miss! Explore the city’s top attraction such as the Hollywood Sign, Sunset Strip, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Venice Beach and Santa Monica. If it’s your first time to Los Angeles, then you should definitely purchase discount tickets to experience the perfect introduction to the city.

Hop On Hop Off Feature of Los Angeles Tour

Climb aboard Big Bus LA whenever you want. You read that right! At this Los Angeles Bus Tour, you have the freedom to plan your tour. Their Hop on Hop off Los Angeles feature allows guests to choose which attractions they want to see more of. This means that you can get on or get off the tour bus at any of the designated spots.

With Big Bus LA, guests are given more flexibility in planning their day of adventure. Once you’re done seeing your attraction of choice (and done taking plenty of pictures!), simply wait for the next bus and hop on board to rejoin the tour! Your purchase of Los Angeles Bus Tour discount tickets gets you full access to their Hop on Hop off feature.

See More with Los Angeles Bus Tour’s Multiple Routes

There’s just so much to see when in the City of Angels! Hop on Hop off Los Angeles knows this and that’s why they provide multiple bus routes to cover more of the city’s best attractions and landmarks. Get your discount tickets through GreatWorkPerks, hop on board and see the best of best on this Los Angeles Bus Tour!

Download the Big Bus LA Free Mobile App

If you’re someone who loves staying organized on trips, then you’ll definitely want to download their free mobile app. Have all the information you need in one place including detailed maps, live bus arrival times, attraction tickets and more! Together with a discount e-ticket from GreatWorkPerks, you’ve got everything you need on your mobile phone.

Tips and Tricks for your Los Angeles Bus Tour

We’ve gathered a few tips and tricks specifically for you. Enjoy a worry-free trip on your Los Angeles Bus Tour!

Tip number 1: Protect yourself from the sun

Big Bus LA has quality open-top buses that offer the best views during your Los Angeles Bus Tour. Protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun by coming prepared. We suggest applying sunscreen, so that you’ll be worry free throughout your day of adventure.

For additional sun protection, you could also wear a hat or sunglasses to protect your eyes. Plus, you’ll look so cool in those group photos!

Tip number 2: Prepare to take loads of pictures

This Hop on Hop off Los Angeles Tour will cover the most awesome attractions. From historical monuments, cultural landmarks to the best shopping and dining experiences, be prepared to see them all! Remember to charge your cameras and have spare storage on your phone, so you can capture all those sweet memories on your day of adventure in Los Angeles!

Tip number 3: Buy your tickets in advance

Skip the long lines at the ticket booths by purchasing your Big Bus LA tickets online. Go one step further by purchasing through GreatWorkPerks We offer the lowest priced Los Angeles Bus Tour discount tickets online. You’ll definitely save more!

We’ve mastered the art of convenient ticket buying specifically for you. Skip the hassle when purchasing our discount tickets that you don’t need to print out. That’s right! You could just show your Big Bus LA e-ticket on your phone and you’ll be good to go. No rummaging inside your bag to find where you put those tickets!

Frequently Asked Questions about Los Angeles Bus Tour

  1. Do I need to make reservations?

    No, reservations are not required after purchasing your discount tickets through GreatWorkPerks.

  2. Do I need to print out my discount tickets?

    There’s absolutely no need. Just show the e-ticket on your phone at the gate and you’ll be good to go. Convenient, right? That’s a GreatWorkPerks perk!

  3. When will I receive my discount tickets?

    You’ll receive your Big Bus LA tickets immediately after your purchase. They will be sent to your email along with your official receipt.

  4. Where can I hop on board?

    You can join the Los Angeles Bus Tour from any of their designated stops. To find a bus stop near you, download their mobile app or click here.

  5. When do Big Bus Tours operate?

    Big Bus LA has tours running daily! You can explore with Big Bus Tours whenever you want.

Last updated May 02, 2024.