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Service updates starting on November 1st, 2023.

Muir Woods tour.

  • Departure Times: 8:30am and 1:30pm.
  • Duration of Tour: 4.5 hours.
  • This now allows for 45 minutes in Sausalito.

3 in 1 tour.

  • Departure Time: 8:30 am.
  • Duration of Tour: 9.5 hours.
  • This now allows for 1 hour and 30 minutes in Sausalito.

Full Day Wine Tour.

  • Departure Time: 8:30am.
  • Duration of Tour: 9 hours.
  • This allows us to beat rush hour in the afternoon.

For downtown pickups please call +1 415-345-8687. Downtown pick ups are now at 8 am on the Post street entrance of the Westin St. Francis.

We will be moving our stop 4 on to Steuart street white zone. Across the Justin Herman Plaza Bocce Courts.

Holiday Lights Tour that starts November 30th 2023.

  • The tour starts at 6:30 pm at Union Square.
  • It is a 90 minute tour with a live Tour Guide on the bus.
  • The tour ends at Ghiridelli Square.
  • Each Ticket has a free Hot Chocolate coupon for Ghirdelli.
  • Has a $10 off coupon for a $30 purchase at Square Pie Guys.
Image Description: This panoramic banner image showcases the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, as viewed from the side. The bridge is presented in a clear and detailed perspective, displaying its distinctive International Orange color, with the tall suspension towers reaching into a mostly clear blue sky with a few wispy clouds streaked across it. The bridge spans across the image, while the cables slope elegantly down to the roadway, with a backdrop of the rolling, tree-covered Marin Headlands hills in the distance. Below the image, a wide red band features the logo for Big Bus Tours in bold white and yellow lettering. Experience the splendor of San Francisco's engineering marvel and take in the views from this famous landmark.

Remember, when planning your next adventure, visit for exclusive discounts and savings on tickets to many attractions, offering you the lowest prices for your travel experiences. Image Description: This is a panoramic image featuring the iconic Golden Gate Bridge as seen from a side angle. The bridge's distinctive International Orange color stands out against a clear sky with a few wispy clouds. The bridge's two towering suspension towers rise prominently, connected by the gracefully curved suspension cables. The photo captures the vastness of the structure as it spans across the water. The lower portion of the image contains a contrasting bold red area with the text "BIG BUS" in large, white capital letters, indicating the presence of a tour bus service.

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Take a Big Bus Tour and see the highlights of San Francisco! This outdoor exploration will take you to all the biggest attractions in the city, where you can learn about and visit each one!

You can hop on and off the bus as often as you want with your flexible ticket, allowing you to stay and take some pictures at one of the city landmarks or spend the day exploring – do whatever you please! While listening to their engaging commentary, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the city's prominent monuments from the comfort of one of their open-top buses.

Fun Express offers Big Bus Tours discount tickets so that you may see all the top sights in San Francisco, from Union Square to the popular Lombard Street, the packed Fisherman's Wharf to the breathtaking Golden Gate Park, and so many other cool places!

Hop on and off with us and enjoy your day through Big Bus Tours San Francisco sightseeing experience!

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This image displays a sweeping view of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in the foreground, characterized by its famous International Orange color. The bridge's towering red suspension cables and one of its massive pillars frame the picture. In the background, the expansive blue bay is dotted with numerous white sailboats. Beyond the bay, the city skyline of San Francisco emerges, with buildings densely packed together and high-rises standing tall against a clear sky. In the bottom left corner, there is a logo for "BIG BUS SAN FRANCISCO."

At, we believe in providing adventures that are as expansive as this panoramic view of San Francisco, with the added benefit of guaranteeing the lowest prices and unbeatable savings on tickets. This image features a clear daytime view of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in the foreground, with its distinctive International Orange color, and a partial view of its suspension towers. In the background, the skyline of San Francisco stretches across with various buildings, including skyscrapers under a blue sky. The calm waters below are peppered with small white sailboats. In the bottom left corner, there is a logo that reads "BIG BUS."

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Enjoy a tour of the city on the Big Bus Tours San Francisco

Flexible Tours

The San Francisco bus trip is "hop-on, hop-off" meaning you can board or leave the bus at any of the carefully planned stops. There are various routes for these hop-on, hop-off San Francisco bus trips. Get on or off at any of the stops and enjoy the beautiful scenery of city. After taking a few selfies, you can hop back on the tour bus and continue on to your next touristic site.

On-board Entertainment

Listen to the digital commentary of Big Bus Tours San Francisco! It is available in 10 languages and the tour offers complimentary headphones.You will have a great time, and lear many new facts and interesting information about the city! The city's history as well as its famous landmarks, will be narrated to you. Choose from these ten different languages to listen to the pre-recorded commentary:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Cantonese
  • Mandarin Chinese

Glance or Hop off at the City’s Must-See Attractions

Use your Big Bus discount ticket to see San Francisco's top attractions. Visit iconic locations, including Haight Ashbury and the breathtaking Golden Gate Bridge. This tour provides a wholesome San Francisco experience, including many wonderful sights and interesting places! Every stop is an adventure that awaits you!

The City's Top Sights

You will be able to take in some fantastic views of the city's well-known monuments from the open-top buses, all while listening to the amusing commentary, full of exciting facts and tales. Big Bus Tours will show you the best San Francisco offers. From Union Square's humming activity to the winding alleyways of Lombard Street, or Fisherman's Wharf to the beautiful Golden Gate Park. Purchase your GreatWorkPerks Big Bus discount tickets and enjoy the view!

This image captures a vibrant gathering of sea lions basking under the sun at Pier 39, a popular tourist attraction in San Francisco. The wooden docks are crowded with numerous sea lions lounging and interacting. The animals' sleek, brown bodies are densely packed along the floating structures, with some resting on their sides and others playfully engaging with their neighbors. In the foreground, a blue and white sign proudly displays "PIER 39" in bold letters, emphasizing the location. The clear sky and calm waters provide a peaceful backdrop to this lively marine scene, which is a hallmark experience for visitors to the area.

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Pier 39

Visit Pier 39 Landmark and interact with sea lions! Pier 39, that is located in the heart of Fisherman's Wharf, you can see sea lions and even shop around. There are many shops to check out at Pier 39. Enjoy the carousel, marvel at the street performers, and get your fill of delicious clam chowder.

This image presents a scenic view of San Francisco's iconic Lombard Street, known for its steep, one-block section with eight hairpin turns. The photo captures the street at either sunrise or sunset, evidenced by the warm golden hues illuminating the frame. To the left, a series of green foliage and a textured tree add to the charm of the winding red-bricked road, which is lined with headlights and taillights indicating the presence of vehicles. The surrounding architecture displays a variety of building styles with the nearest structure painted in cream and boasting tall, arched windows that emit a soft glow. The cityscape stretches into the background, showcasing a dense aggregation of buildings leading up to a distant hill, possibly Telegraph Hill, crowned by the slender silhouette of Coit Tower. The sky is clear, transitioning from a sunlit amber near the horizon to a deeper blue above, suggesting the calm of early morning or the tranquility of early evening. At, our commitment to providing you with an easy and enjoyable booking experience is matched by our determination to secure the lowest prices, ensuring that your trip to San Francisco comes with both unforgettable memories and unbeatable savings on tickets. This image features the iconic view of a zigzagging street taken during a beautiful sunset with its warm glow bathing the scene. To the left, a series of trimmed trees and a red-brick pathway lead the eye down the windy road. Elegant residential buildings flank one side of the street, showcasing a variety of architectural styles and warm-colored facades. The road itself is adorned with red pavement and a series of cars lining the curbs. In the background, the rolling cityscape extends into the distance, culminating in a hill with structures populating its side, under a soft blue sky with hints of pink and orange near the horizon.

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Lombard Street

Lombard Street is known for being the world's most crooked street, so get off at bus stop 14 and take a stroll down that famous street. You might get dizzy walking down the notorious zigzags of this iconic San Francisco landmark. Enjoy the classic red brick paving, flower gardens, and the panoramic view of the bay, it is well worth it. The Russian Hill neighborhood is the last place on the list to be visited on the San Francisco City Big Bus Tour. Hop off and snap a photo of yourself in this awesome street.

This image depicts a serene outdoor scene at a public park with a grand white building as the centerpiece. The structure has a large dome and multiple arches, and appears architecturally inspired by classic styles. Leading up to the building is a broad staircase flanked by well-maintained, colorful flowerbeds in vibrant reds and yellows. Lush green grass areas surround the flowerbeds, and several visitors can be seen relaxing and enjoying the scenery. Tall palm trees and other mature trees dot the landscape, adding to the peaceful atmosphere. People of various ages are scattered throughout the park, some walking on the paths, while others sit or lie on the grass, suggesting a warm, leisurely day. The sky is a clear blue, implying favorable weather conditions.

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Golden Gate Park

It's a beautiful area full of trees, lakes, and open fields. Take a walk along its paths and take in the sights of the bay as you visit the famous park. The San Francisco City Tour Bus stops directly in the heart of the park, so you can quickly get on and off. You could also visit the De Young Museum to see modern and contemporary works worldwide.

Golden Gate Bridge

Take a bus ride over the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Enjoy the amazing views of San Francisco Bay. This is the best standpoint in the city, with Oakland and Berkeley visible beyond Alcatraz. Your San Francisco sightseeing bus journey involves a round-trip across the bridge. Take the cutest pictures with the bridge in the background. This is one of the best views in the world!

Image Description: This is an aerial photograph taken at dusk showcasing a panoramic view of an iconic cityscape. To the left, one can observe a large suspension bridge spanning across a body of water towards a hazy horizon where the sun is setting. The bridge's towers are partially silhouetted against the orange-tinted sky. In the foreground on the right, a prominent historic white tower stands tall, with its intricate design and arched windows noticeably distinguishing it from the surrounding architecture. The tower is positioned closely to the camera, making it a central feature of the image. Moving towards the center and further into the background, the dense urban landscape unfolds with an array of buildings varying in height, shape, and color. Numerous skyscrapers dominate the city's skyline, with one notably pointed building towering above the others. The buildings are illuminated by the soft, fading daylight which bestows a warm glow across the rooftops and facades, enhancing the visual depth of the scene. The image conveys the essence of a bustling, vibrant city winding down as the day transitions into evening.

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Coit Tower

The hike up Telegraph Hill is really worth it! Once you reach Coit Tower and take in the incredible 360-degree views of the city, harbor, and Golden Gate Bridge.

Hop on and off the buses at any of the stops throughout San Francisco! These include the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown, and Haight Ashbury. Take in all the city's famous landmarks at your own pace with GreatWorkPerks Big Bus discount tickets!

Big Bus Tours San Francisco Routes

This image offers a breathtaking aerial view of a bustling metropolitan area during dusk. The cityscape is densely packed with skyscrapers of varying heights, many illuminating with interior lights against the twilight sky. Architectural details include modern glass-faced buildings along with more traditional structures with exterior lighting accentuating their facades. The streets below are not visible, suggesting a high vantage point. The variation in building size and design conveys the dynamic character of an urban center. In the bottom left corner, there is a watermark logo reading "BIG BUS SAN FRANCISCO." 

For an unforgettable experience exploring this vibrant cityscape, book a city tour with, where you can always find the lowest prices and great savings on tickets. Description: This image displays a breathtaking aerial view of a densely populated city during twilight. The sprawling urban landscape is a mosaic of numerous high-rise buildings with their windows glowing from the inside, creating patterns of yellow and white lights against the encroaching dusk. The sky above the cityscape transitions from a warm golden hue near the horizon to a deeper blue tint, suggesting the sun has recently set. On the bottom edge of the image is a burgundy banner with an inscription of "Big Bus" in yellow and white, indicating the potential context for a city sightseeing bus tour service.

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Red Bus Route (Day Tour)

Get on board a Big Bus Tour and discover everything the city of San Francisco has to offer! The Red Route travels throughout San Francisco, from Union Square to Fisherman's Wharf, and from Embarcadero to Haight Ashbury. Best of all, we'll take you on an exciting journey across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. You'll have spectacular view of one of America's most stunning landmarks. There is recorded commentary for the audio tour available in ten different languages. You will have a great time!

Tour’s Important Information:

  • Tour starts/departs stop one at 10:07 AM every day at North Beach / Chinatown (329 Columbus Ave (white zone next to The Baked Bear, just NW of the corner of Broadway and Columbus)
  • Last bus departs at 5:07 PM every day
  • Bus frequency is 15 - 20 minutes.
  • Tour duration runs approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes (nonstop - traffic permitting, guided tour); but it could be longer if you wish to do hop-off and hop-on at different landmarks.

Blue Route (Panoramic Night Tour)

Experience the beauty of a nighttime San Francisco tour. After seeing the lively Embarcadero, Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown, and the Financial District, the trip will cross the Bay Bridge to reach Treasure Island for a great photo oportunity. Please arrive at least 20 minutes before the tour bus departs to ensure a seat. This is not a "hop-on, hop-off" style bus tour, but we'll guarantee you a superb night experience with our Big Bus discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks

Please note:

  • Tour duration is 1 hour and 15 minutes, with a photo op on Treasure Island!
  • Bus departs 6:30 PM (*Guests are recommended to arrive at least 30 minutes before departure. Seating is a first come first serve.)
  • Not a hop-on, hop-off tour. Courtesy shuttle to Union Square after the night tours.

Other landmarks of San Francisco

When you buy Big Bus tickets from GreatWorkPerks, you can hop on and off at any of these other famous San Francisco attractions. The time you spend in the city on this Big Bus Tour will be incredible!

  • Alcatraz Island
  • Union Square
  • North Beach & Little Italy
  • Haight Ashbury
  • Embarcadero Ferry Building
  • Civic Center
  • San Francisco China Town
  • Painted Ladies
  • Fisherman’s Wharf

GreatWorkPerks Big Bus discount tickets allow you to see any of these landmarks while on a self-guided tour of the city through the hop-on, hop-off Big Bus Tours!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do kids need to get a Big Bus tickets when joining the tour?

    Yes. Kids younger than 2 years old don't have to pay.

  2. How soon do I receive my Big Bus discount tickets?

    When you buy Big Bus tickets online at GreatWorkPerks, they will be sent to you right after your purchase along with your receipt!

  3. Do I need to print my GreatWorkPerks Big Bus tickets?

    No, just show your Big Bus discount ticket from your phone, and you're in.

  4. Is it necessary that I schedule my trip on a specific date?

    Yes. This also works for tours that last longer than a day. Please keep in mind that the date you choose when you buy your ticket should be the first day of your tour, and your Big Bus tickets must be used on consecutive days.

  5. Are there translations of the commentary into my language?

    They now offer tours in 10 different languages on the pre-recorded commentary.

  6. Where can I check the live updates for bus departures and arrivals?

    You may download the Big Bus Tours app on your phone for live updates.

  7. Do I really need to download their app?

    It's not required, but it's a very good idea! With their app, you can find out where the bus is right now and where it will stop next. With this, you'll never have to worry when you want to get off the bus and wait for the next one. With your Big Bus tickets, you can make the most of your time at the attraction and check to see if the bus is close so you can get ready to get back on.

  8. Do the Big Bus Tours in San Francisco operate daily?

    Yes, the only days that Big Bus Tours in San Francisco will remained closed are Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Last updated May 02, 2024.