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A joyful girl with long hair in a blue shirt enjoys driving a yellow bumper car at an indoor amusement park. A joyful girl with long hair in a blue shirt enjoys driving a yellow bumper car at an indoor amusement park.

Boomers Los Angeles is a popular location for visitors of all ages looking to have a fun and amusing time! Get ready to have the time of your life! The theme park has the best rides and games, including the iconic Los Angeles Mini Golf, Go-Karts, and Arcade!

It is a great option if you are looking to have a wonderful time! This park offers indoor and outdoor activities, as well as many dining options to choose from, making it a perfect family getaway. Purchase your Boomers Los Angeles discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks and explore everything that the park has to offer.

Where is it Located?

Boomers Los Angeles is located at 17871 Castleton St, City of Industry, CA 91748.

Boomers Los Angeles Hours

The Park’s opening hours may vary on certain days. But they are usually open from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

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This image displays a logo consisting of the word "Boomers" in stylized, playful lettering with a prominent red and blue color scheme. An electrifying lightning bolt replaces the letter "O" in "Boomers". Below the name, there is a green badge with the text "AUTHORIZED SELLER" indicating a certified vendor status. This logo may represent an entertainment or amusement venue.

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What to Expect at Boomers Los Angeles CA?

You will be able to engage in fun activities for the whole family including arcade games, laser tag, and many outdoor games such as Go-Karts. GreatWorkPerks's general admission tickets will make you save money and have the greatest time, now that’s a good deal!

Image description:

This image is a collage of three photos showcasing a vibrant amusement park. On the left, three friends engage in a mini-golf game on a sunny day, with one person preparing to take a putt as the others watch with interest. The middle photo captures a young child in a pink and black bumper car at the park's racetrack, focused and ready to drive. The right-hand side of the collage depicts a smiling young woman wearing a seatbelt and gripping the steering wheel of a go-kart, appearing excited for the race. In the background, various amusement park attractions, including a large red-roofed building with the text "LIT THUNDER," can be seen under a clear blue sky.

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Slick Track

Up to 10 racers can maintain a stable four-wheel slide on the well-polished concrete surface while the rear-powered slick tires spin furiously during each round. Avoid making any unnecessary steering wheel turns for the quickest lap. The secret is to drive smoothly; keep your momentum! Riders must be above 58”.

Turbo Track

The engines in these custom-scale Turbo Cars are very powerful. Even the nicest drivers will get competitive once they try them out. Prepare for the next bend while keeping in mind that these turbo vehicles are faster than the Slick Trax cars. On Turbo Track, thoughtful and well-planned will make you a winner!

**Turbo cars (single seat) have a 58” height requirement while for Sidewinders (two-set cars). The driver must be 60” minimum, and the passenger, at least 40” tall.

This image displays a lively arcade setting with two individuals engaged in interactive gaming experiences. On the left side, there's a young person with curly hair and glasses, wearing a white T-shirt with the text "Bowlero" on it. They seem to be enjoying a simulated racing game, hands on the steering wheel with a focused expression and a pleasant smile. The ambient lighting casts a blueish tint over the array of arcade games in the background, where various other visitors are partially visible, also engaged in their activities.

Transitioning to the right side of the image, we see another individual, a woman smiling and interacting with a brightly colored arcade game that involves physically throwing balls at digital targets. The game emits a warm, inviting glow, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of the arcade. The surrounding area is bustling with an array of arcade games, and the woman seems to be having an enjoyable time as she participates in the lively game.

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Lil’ Thunder Rookie Go Karts

These go-karts are both safe and enjoyable for kids! You must be less than 58 inches tall to ride these karts Children will love this experience!

**Riders must be 42”-58” tall.

Speedway Golf

Take a break from all the racing at the Speedway Golf Course, which features two 18-hole miniature golf courses that are fun for all ages!

Other Boomers Arcade Locations:

Looking for a Boomers near you? They have many locations to choose from. Here are some of the locations where you can have great family fun:

  • Irvine, California
  • Livermore, California
  • Modesto, California
  • Santa Maria, California
  • Boca Raton, Florida

If you’re ready to visit this awesome attraction, then hurry up and purchase Boomers Los Angeles discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks at the lowest price possible! You can also buy your discount tickets for many other famous attractions in the U.S!

Last updated March 26, 2024

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