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Buy Boomers Big Kahuna Water Park New Jersey discount tickets starting at only $29.60. Get up to 44% off of gate price! Lowest prices guaranteed.

**Hours may vary. Please check the official website for up-to-date operating hours.

A group of seven children smile and enjoy getting splashed with water at an amusement park water attraction. The fun atmosphere is enhanced by the park's colorful equipment in the background. The Big Kahuna's logo is visible in the corner. A joyous group of children pose in front of a cascading water curtain at an indoor waterpark. They are smiling broadly, some with arms around each other, encapsulating a moment of fun and friendship.

Visit Big Kahuna Water Park!

Image features a joyful girl with arms outstretched, enjoying a water ride at Big Kahuna's water park. Water splashes around her, capturing the excitement. The park's logo is visible in the corner. The focus on fun at the water park is palpable. Image features a joyful girl with arms outstretched, enjoying a water ride at Big Kahuna's water park. Water splashes around her, capturing the excitement. The park's logo is visible in the corner. The focus on fun at the water park is palpable.

Spend the day at Big Kahuna Water Park New Jersey, soaking in exciting water activities! One option for a family outing is to check out a place where members of all age groups can enjoy the attractions - and yes, Big Kahuna Water Park New Jersey is a check! Boomers Water Park has changed from Big Kahuna's Indoor and Outdoor Water Park to "Big Kahuna's Water Park." Under a state-of-the-art retractable cover, guests may enjoy more than 70,000 square feet of indoor water park thrills. Guests can enjoy the outdoor water park, which features a wave pool, a leisure pool, cabanas, and the Shipwrecked Tiki Bar. Aside from that, a new menu is available at Big Kahuna's Island Time Café, and it's guaranteed to be a favorite! The Chill Zone & Arcade is where you should eat delicious meal options and play some of the latest arcade games. There's so much more, get Big Kahuna Water Park tickets at deep savings to find out!

GreatWorkPerks Discounted Big Kahuna Water Park Tickets 2023

The image features the colorful logo of Big Kahuna's, a Boomers Park. The logo has a playful and dynamic font in shades of blue, yellow, and orange. Below the main title is the phrase 'A Boomers Park' in red script. At the bottom, there is a green seal indicating 'Authorized Seller'.

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What to Expect at Boomers Water Park in New Jersey?

The water park has everything you need for a fun day out with your friends or family! There are water coasters and slides that you may enjoy while staying wet indoors! Their outdoor waterpark is a superb option if you're looking for a getaway that will leave you with an uneven skin tone. Meanwhile, if the whole squad is looking for some friendly competition, they also have arcade games. All in all, Boomers Water Park offers everything you could want or need! Plus, thanks to GreatWorkPerks Big Kahuna Water Park tickets, you'll enjoy your vacation while spending lesser!

The image showcases two scenes. On the left, a joyful person is hanging onto a rope at an indoor water park, with colorful slides and music notes graphics indicating a lively atmosphere. On the right, a smiling group of four people, two adults and two children, enjoy the sun while sitting on lounge chairs by an outdoor pool. The logo of Big Kahuna's, a water park, is visible in the corner. Image featuring two separate joyful scenes at a water park. On the left, a young girl in a white striped bathing suit with her hands up, celebrating. Musical notes and colorful designs enhance the festive mood. On the right, a happy group of people poses on blue stadium seats, capturing a moment of family fun. The logo 'BIG KAHUNA'S' is visible in the bottom-left corner, indicating the water park's identity.

Raging Rivers

Raging Rivers is the first dual slide of their sort, and they're unlike anything else out there. Here, you'll experience the reverse of the typical slide posture, which involves a downward motion while the body remains upright. Yes, you're right; this 5-story slide requires a headfirst fall. Guests 42” in height and taller can try this ride on.

The Hidden Oasis

A swimming pool is befitting a monarch. Spend a day in The Hidden Oasis relaxing in comfort and style. You may kick back with your loved ones in comfort in this indoor leisure pool, which boasts built-in benches. To ensure their safety, kids under 48" need to be accompanied by an adult, and those under 42" need to wear a life vest.

Tiki Tides

The Tiki Tides Adventure River winds through nearly the whole length of the indoor buildings. During Tiki Tides, guests can relax and take in the sights of the entire theme park. You'll get to see many cool things as you float down the Tiki Tides Adventure River, such as the beautiful gardened patio and tropical warming pool.

Flow Rider

Don't miss out on the only indoor surfing simulator in New Jersey! If you're looking to hone your surfing chops or are interested in trying it but are frightened by the open ocean, you're lucky because Big Kahuna Water Park New Jersey, will be your training ground. No matter the weather, Flow Rider always delivers the best wave possible. Practice makes perfect, you can surf the tide on your belly, whatever it is, on Flow Rider, you always get to show off your skills!

Jungle Hideout

The Jungle Hideout is the main attraction at Big Kahuna's Oasis. One of the most exciting water attractions in the park is tucked away among the palm palms, fountains, platforms, slides, and rides. As soon as you believe you've escaped the perils of Jungle Hideout, a bucket will drop from the sky and crush your triumphant spirit. Watch out!

Outdoor Waterpark

This image shows a lively outdoor water park on a sunny day. There's a large pool in the foreground with clear blue water and a wooden log floating across. Around the pool are numerous red sun chairs lined up for guests. In the background, people can be seen enjoying another pool underneath thatched umbrellas, with a sign that reads 'Beach Club'. The water park exudes a cheerful, summertime vibe. Image of an outdoor water park on a sunny day. There's a large swimming pool in the foreground with a floating log activity. Numerous red lounge chairs line the pool's edge. In the background, guests are enjoying a thatch-roofed hut and a busy wave pool beneath a clear blue sky. The water park's name, Big Kahuna's, is visible at the top left.

Mystic Shores

The Beach Club is the best place to chill out to cool down from the summer's sweltering heat. Grab a drink from the tropics, spread a towel, and make yourself comfy because they're bringing the beach atmosphere to you!

Tidal Waves

Just picture how pleasant the ocean would be if you could calm the waves, drain the salt, and walk on the seafloor. They went ahead and did it, appropriately dubbing this monster Tidal Waves. One of the most recent additions to Boomers New Jersey is the wave pool known as The Tidal Waves. How massive are these tides, exactly? This artificial ocean takes up a whopping 12,000 square feet for you to have fun with!

Hibiscus Bay

Gather the gang together for an open swim in Hibiscus Bay in an effort to rekindle your nostalgia. You may go for a leisurely swim, get some laps in, or relax and take in the groundbreaking new concept that Big Kahuna's Oasis has brought to New Jersey by mixing a leisure pool with the top water park attractions in the state.

Little Kahuna Lagoon

Who says Boomers New Jersey is only for the big kids? Toddling and younger kids will love this part of their outdoor play area! Splish-safe Splash's design and creative settings will win over even the pickiest of parents, as the safety of little adventurers is the utmost priority! There's no reason to fret, and you can easily keep an eye on them for hours. That's a great place for kids to play and have fun playing their games.

Tips for your visit at Boomers in New Jersey

Bring enough clothes.

It's a good idea to pack a lot of clothes in case you get wet. Imagine purchasing GreatWorkPerks Big Kahuna Water Park discount tickets, which grant you admission to the park's rides and activities ALL DAY. There may be times when you want to take a break, rest, and then return to the water park; in this case, you'll want to wear some dry clothes. So, pack all the necessary clothing you see you might need.

Wear your sunscreens.

We don't want you to have to deal with the pain of sunburns after your pleasant day, so please don't expose your skin to the sun for long periods, which is why we're stressing the importance of bringing sunscreen and using it if you plan to spend any time in outdoor pools.

Purchase your discounted tickets in advance.

Getting your Big Kahuna Water Park discount tickets ahead of time is a smart move because the park has daily guest limits. When you buy your tickets in advance online for a specific date, you are guaranteed entry and admission to the park on that day.

Arrive early.

If you're on a tight budget and don't want to splurge on private cabanas but still want to make the most of the park's free tables and chairs (first-come, first-serve basis), we recommend getting there as early as possible, even after purchasing our tickets, to ensure you get extra savings.

Frequently Asked Questions for Big Kahuna Water Park New Jersey

  1. Are reservations required when visiting Big Kahuna Water Park New Jersey?

    No, reservations are not required when visiting the water park.

  2. Where is the Boomers Big Kahuna Water Park New Jersey located?

    Address: 535 North Route 73 West Berlin, New Jersey 08091. Use 160 Cooper Road, West Berlin, NJ 08091, in a GPS. That's the back door.

  3. What are the park's operating hours?

    Hours may vary. Please check the website for updated hours of operation.

  4. Do children get in free?

    Yes. Little guests aged two and below are free of charge. Please note that the park reserves the right to ask for proof, so bring backup documents if needed.

  5. Do I have to pay if I don't swim and want to watch?

    Yes. Any guests entering the park, regardless of purpose (watcher, non-swimmer, spectators), are required to purchase a Big Kahuna Water Park ticket.

  6. Do you issue wristbands to guests?

    Yes, all guests visiting the waterpark are provided with wristbands during admission. The purpose of the wristband is for easy entry and reentry at the park without bringing your ticket.

  7. Until when is the wristband valid?

    Guests' wristbands are valid throughout the entire day. You may go outside the park and return without hassle as long as you wear your wristband.

  8. What happens if you lose or need to adjust a wristband?

    If a guest's wristband needs to be adjusted, they must visit the Guest Services desk to have it removed and replaced. If your wristband has been damaged, you can get a new one by showing your original receipt.

  9. Do I need to print my Big Kahuna Water Park ticket?

    No. One of the perks when buying your tickets through GreatWorkPerks is you do not need to bring a printed copy of it. You only need to get up your phone and show your Big Kahuna Water Park tickets. That easy!

  10. How soon do I receive my Big Kahuna Water Park discount ticket purchased from GreatWorkPerks

    You will receive your GreatWorkPerks Big Kahuna Water Park discount ticket immediately together with your receipt after your successful online purchase.

  11. Is there a food stall where I can buy inside?

    Yes. The Indoor and Outdoor Water Park in New Jersey has a full-service café where you can buy food. Strictly no bringing of beverages and foods coming outside.

  12. Will they provide the guests with a towel to use?

    No, guests are encouraged to bring personal towels for safety reasons and to avoid disease transmission. If, in any case, you missed bringing your towel, you can purchase them at the merchandise counter (subject to availability).

  13. How does the park make sure people are safe?

    The park's primary goal is to ensure that all its guests are safe and sound. At Boomers New Jersey, there are certified lifeguards in the park at all times when it is open. At every pool and attraction, there is a sign with safety rules. Still, parents should talk to their kids about water safety before taking them to the water park. Please ensure that people who can't swim or swim well wear life vests.

  14. Do you have lockers to store things?

    They offer locker rentals on small and large lockers daily. Guests must put their items and belongings in a locker or their cars. In the water park, you can only bring towels. Since people eat at the tables all over the water park, the park won't let guests store bags or other things on the tables.

  15. Can you wear goggles when you swim?

    Except for the slides and the lifeguards' discretion, swimming goggles are allowed in the pool. Don't bring your inner tube or floating device to the water park.

Last updated March 26, 2024.

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