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Arcade, Escapology, Go-Karts and Midway Games NOT included.

Image features a roller coaster with excited riders at Belmont Park. The coaster, with red carts, is captured at a high point against a clear sky, showcasing the structure's white frame and the thrill of the ride. Belmont Park logo is visible in the corner. Image shows a roller coaster in mid-descent with excited riders. The coaster is red and white, intertwined with the wooden framework that supports it. Below the image, the words Belmont Park are visible, indicating the location. The sky is clear, suggesting a sunny day at the park.

Embark on an unforgettable journey at the renowned attraction, where our discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks grant you unlimited access to the park's thrilling rides and attractions. Experience the heart-pounding excitement of Belmont Park San Diego’s roller coasters and attractions, ensuring you a day filled with joy and laughter. Each discount ticket also includes a park wristband, which will identify you as a cherished guest. Secure your Belmont Park discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks today and invest in a day of happiness!

Discover the Latest Additions at Belmont Park San Diego

Kids and adults alike will delight in the new indoor mini-bowling game at Belmont Park San Diego. With four lanes of mini-bowling fun, this attraction is perfect for guests aged three and up.

Flip Out: An Interactive Thrill Ride

Two individuals are enjoying a ride at Belmont Park, with expressions of excitement and joy. They are seated on a yellow amusement park ride with their hair whipped by the wind, signaling high speed and thrills. The clear blue sky indicates a sunny day, perfect for outdoor activities. Belmont Park logo is visible, highlighting the location. Two joyful individuals experience the thrill of an amusement park ride at Belmont Park. Their expressions and windswept hair convey excitement as they are seated in a yellow ride, with clear blue skies in the background.

Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping adventure with Flip Out, an interactive ride that lets you take control of your speed and direction using buttons on your shoulders. Seize the opportunity for an incredible experience!

  • Our tickets are valid for a full day of entertainment at Belmont Park San Diego for both children and adults.
  • Enjoy unlimited access to attractions and rides.
  • Tickets remain valid until December 31, 2023.

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Your ticket offers unrestricted access to a wide array of rides, attractions, and shows, and there's no need to select a specific date. GreatWorkPerks is also proud to offer the lowest prices available.

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GreatWorkPerks is an authorized seller of Belmont Park discount tickets. We couldn’t have thrived for over 30 years if we weren’t highly trusted by our customers. We would love for you to join our family and enjoy the best price for Belmont Park discount tickets as well as other attractions nationwide!

Have any questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out to us through:

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A Beachfront Paradise with Top-Notch Entertainment

Belmont Park is a beloved California amusement park, adored by locals and tourists alike. Its beachside location provides the perfect backdrop for a leisurely stroll and a variety of other activities. Inside the park, you'll find rides and attractions suitable for guests of all ages, as well as a diverse selection of restaurants offering delicious cuisines to enhance your family time. Come experience the magic of Belmont Park San Diego and create unforgettable beachfront memories!

Discover the Excitement of Belmont Park in San Diego

Since 1925, Belmont Park in San Diego, California, has been a renowned destination for beachfront amusement and activities year-round. The park offers a wide range of activities suitable for guests of all ages, including games, events, diverse dining options, and fantastic shops.

Unlimited Fun Awaits with Your Belmont Park Discount Ticket from Great Work Perks

Belmont Park San Diego has it all, from relaxing experiences to thrilling adventures. Glide along a zipline, test your skills in mini-golf, immerse yourself in a 7D theater, have a blast with laser tag, and brave the roller coasters. The park also features bumper cars and more, all designed to make you smile and create cherished memories. Don't hesitate—purchase your Belmont Park discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks and embark on a day filled with laughter and fun alongside your favorite people!

Exciting Rides for Kids at Belmont Park San Diego

Image showing amusement park excitement with two parts. On the left, two joyous children are strapped in a colorful vertical drop ride, poised for descent. On the right, a focused young person steers a red go-kart, ready to race. Belmont Park logo at the bottom. Two individuals are enjoying amusement park rides at Belmont Park. On the left, a person is experiencing a virtual reality roller coaster, and on the right, another is steering a red bumper car. The environment is lively with bright colors and amusement park branding.

Overdrive Bumper Cars

Buckle up and enjoy a colorful and exciting interactive ride that's perfect for the whole family. Kids will have a blast bumping into other cars and cruising on the 2,000-square-foot driving floor. A minimum height requirement of 48 inches applies for solo drivers; shorter children must ride with a chaperone. Your discount Belmont Park tickets include access to this ride!

Krazy Kars

Watch your kids have a blast on the Krazy Kars, tube-shaped cars that allow drivers to race, spin, and bump into other riders. This ride is especially enjoyable at night when the arena comes alive with disco balls, music, and vibrant lights. Join the party with your Belmont Park San Diego tickets from GreatWorkPerks! The minimum height requirement for this ride is 42 inches.

Mic Drop

Get ready for an exhilarating experience on the all-new Mic Drop! This ride takes you three stories into the air before dropping you down for a thrilling family-friendly adventure. Don't miss out on Mic Drop—add it to your list of must-try attractions at Belmont Park San Diego. Secure your Belmont Park San Diego ticket from Great Work Perks today! The minimum height requirement for Mic Drop is 42 inches for all riders.

Dip N Drive

Prepare to ride the waves in the air with Dip N Drive, which takes you up to 20 feet high in a clockwise and counterclockwise motion, simulating the feeling of being underwater. Enjoy this ride with your Belmont Park San Diego discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks and give your kids and the entire family a fantastic aquatic experience. The minimum height requirement is 42 inches for solo riders; shorter kids must ride with a companion.

Liberty Carousel

Create priceless memories as you watch your kids have a blast riding the Liberty Carousel, a classic merry-go-round that spins its riders around. Belmont Park San Diego tickets from GreatWorkPerks provide an opportunity for a fun family day out. This ride welcomes everyone and does not have a height requirement. Children under the age of two years old must have adult supervision.

Explore All the Kid-Friendly Rides!

Don't miss out on other kid-friendly rides, including Tilt-A-Whirl, Speedway, Belmont Express, and Zero Gravity. Check the height requirements for each ride to plan your day efficiently.

Heart-Pounding Rides for Adventure Seekers at Belmont Park San Diego

Image shows two amusement park rides under a clear blue sky. On the left, a claw-like ride with multiple arms lifts people high, their legs dangling. The right shows riders strapped into a vertical drop ride, expressions of thrill visible. Belmont Park logo displayed. Two amusement park rides at Belmont Park under a clear blue sky. On the left, a swing ride with passengers flung outward in mid-motion. On the right, a drop tower ride with excited riders descending rapidly. Palm trees adorn the background, signifying a warm, sunny setting. The Belmont Park logo is seen at the bottom.

Giant Dipper Roller Coaster

Located in front of the San Diego oceanfront, the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster is a renowned attraction that offers an exhilarating ride at 48 mph, complete with twists, turns, and zero-gravity dips. Enjoy a breathtaking beach view while soaring through the air on this iconic coaster. Make sure to include the Giant Dipper on your list of must-visit rides and use your Belmont Park discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks! Please note that guests should be at least 50 inches tall to ride.

Control Freak

Take control and enjoy the interactive ride of Control Freak. Push the button on your seat, and the ride will flip and spin you around according to your preferences. Enjoy this thrilling experience with your Belmont Park tickets, available at the best price from Great Work Perks! Please note that guests must be at least 52 inches tall to gain admission.

Beach Blaster

Prepare for an intense and exhilarating ride on the Beach Blaster, which offers high-speed twists, flips, and spins that will leave you with butterflies in your stomach. Conquer your fears and experience the Beach Blaster with your Belmont Park discount ticket from GreatWorkPerks! Please note that visitors must have a minimum height of 48 inches.


Octotron allows guests to control the ride's direction and speed using a joystick. You can decide whether to go forward or backward at the pace that suits you best. Discover the fun of the Octotron ride with family and friends, especially at night when the neon lights add to the excitement. Hop on this ride with your Belmont Park discount ticket from GreatWorkPerks! Please note that guests should be at least 48 inches tall.

Endless Fun and Games!

Image showing a vibrant indoor bowling scene with a child in the foreground throwing a bowling ball down the lane on the left. On the right, three young people are smiling and engaged in lively activity by an arcade game. The Belmont Park logo is prominently displayed at the bottom. The environment suggests fun and excitement. Individuals enjoy bowling at Belmont Park. On the left, a person is in mid-throw, focused on the pins ahead. On the right, two smiling individuals prepare to bowl, in a vibrant, colorful alley, with one about to release the ball. Belmont Park logo is visible.

Are you ready to dive into a world full of excitement and laughter? Gear up at Belmont Park’s games and activities! With something magical around every corner, get set to unleash your inner child and make memories that will last a lifetime!

So, hold onto your hats and let the fun begin with your discounted Belmont Park tickets from GreatWorkPerks!!

  • Arcade Wonderland:

    Step into the dazzling world of Belmont Park's Arcade, where over 70 games await your mastery! Gather your tickets and trade them for the coolest prizes around. Ready, set, play!

  • Escapology San Diego:

    Embark on a thrilling adventure with Escapology San Diego! Dive into a realm of riddles where every clue you find and puzzle you solve brings you closer to the ultimate escape!

  • Midway Games:

    Roll up your sleeves and get ready to conquer the Midway Games! From popping balloons to landing the perfect tub toss, there's a challenge for every champion!

  • Jungle Gems:

    Adventure awaits at Jungle Gems Mining and Sluicing Company! Dive into a world of discovery as you sift through sands to reveal hidden treasures! What gems will you uncover today?

  • Belmont Lanes:

    Experience bowling that meets innovation and fun! Challenge your friends and family in our state-of-the-art lanes, featuring a mix of traditional and wildly entertaining Mad Games!

  • Old Time Photo Booth:

    Transform into characters from different eras in our Old Time Photo Booth! Wear mobster suits or pirate costumes and capture hilarious, memorable moments with your loved ones!

Get ready for a fun-filled adventure that awaits you! Visit Belmont Park today!

Complimentary Attractions and Games with Your Discounted Belmont Park Ticket

Split image showing a person playing laser tag with glowing equipment on the left and the exterior of the 'Lazermaze' facility at Belmont Park on the right during daylight, depicting potential entertainment options. This image is split into two sections. On the left, a person is playing laser tag, illuminated by colorful lights. On the right, an exterior view showcases a building with 'LAZERMAZE' written above its entrance, suggesting an entertainment venue. The word 'BELMONT' appears along the bottom edge.

Laser Tag

Team up with your favorite gang and engage in thrilling Laser Tag battles. Enjoy the laser-infused excitement and aim for victory with your team. This exciting game is accessible using Belmont Park discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks! Please note that only players comfortable with the Laser Tag vest are allowed to participate.

Lazer Maze

Suitable for all ages, the action-packed Lazer Maze game offers challenging missions that players must complete within a set time limit. Avoid getting shot to maintain your ranking and maximize your fun. Enjoy this exciting game with Belmont Park tickets! This game is suitable for everyone. Your discount Belmont Park tickets include access to this ride!

Sky Ropes

Test your physical strength and endurance on our Sky Rope challenge. Overcome your fears as you navigate 26 challenges that involve crossing ziplines and jumping from tree to tree using ropes in a two-story-high canopy at Tiki Town Jungle. Experience this thrilling activity with your Belmont Park discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks and create unforgettable memories! Please note that participants must be at least 48 inches tall to climb alone, while shorter individuals must go through the obstacles with a chaperone.

Rock Wall

Whether you're alone or with friends, challenge your strength and skills on the Rock Wall. Located at Belmont Park San Diego's Historic Plunge Building, the Rock Wall offers a unique adventure for those seeking excitement. Choose your level—beginner, intermediate, or advanced—and take on the challenge with a Belmont Park ticket from GreatWorkPerks. Please note that this activity has a weight requirement of 50-250 pounds, and participants must wear closed-toe shoes when climbing. It's the perfect activity to enjoy with family and friends!

Xanadu 7D Theatre

Choose your adventure at the Xanadu 7D Theatre, where you'll be transported to fantasy realms, from pirate adventures to encounters with zombies. Enjoy special effects and motion for a more immersive and realistic experience. To participate, guests must meet a height requirement of at least 40 inches tall and weigh no more than 350 pounds.

Coconut Climb

Are you excited about rock climbing? Try this interactive game and tackle virtual obstacles alongside your friends. To participate in this activity, individuals must weigh between 30 to 250 pounds and wear closed-toe shoes. Your discount Belmont Park tickets include access to this ride!

Visit the Plunge!

Dive into where the past and present merge to offer you an unforgettable aquatic adventure at The Plunge! Originally established in 1925 as The Natatorium, this historic gem has been reimagined for today's thrill-seekers and water lovers!

Here's why The Plunge is the ultimate destination for anyone looking to make a splash in San Diego:

  • Spectacular Views & Innovations:

    Immerse yourself in an aquatic experience like no other, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass walls that offer mesmerizing ocean views!

  • Aquatic Adventures for All:

    Dive into a wide array of water activities! Whether you're perfecting your stroke with swim lessons, staying fit with aquatic classes, or just enjoying a leisurely swim!

FIT Athletic Club!

Image shows two individuals practicing boxing techniques in a bright room. The person in the foreground has focus, wearing black hand wraps, with a tattoo on their left arm. The blurred background features another participant. A logo for Belmont Park appears in the bottom corner. Image shows two individuals practicing boxing techniques in a bright room. The person in the foreground has focus, wearing black hand wraps, with a tattoo on their left arm. The blurred background features another participant. A logo for Belmont Park appears in the bottom corner.

Experience the serene calm of early morning yoga, the exhilarating challenge of a midday weightlifting session, or the adrenaline rush of an afternoon sweat session, FIT Athletic is the cornerstone of your next fitness breakthrough!

FIT Athletic Highlights

  • Scenic Motivation:

    With an indoor facility offering panoramic views of The Plunge and an outdoor deck that presents the picturesque beauty of Mission Beach!

  • Dynamic Outdoor Turf Area:

    Embrace the elements with an outdoor cross-training turf, designed for those who seek variety and vigor in their workouts.

  • Luxury Locker Room Facilities:

    Rejuvenate and refresh post-exercise with access to showers, steam room, and sauna.

  • Community and Classes:

    Membership at FIT Athletic means more than access to premium facilities; it’s an invitation to join diverse yoga and group fitness classes that cater to every interest and fitness level.

Belmont Park, with its iconic The Plunge, and FIT Athletic Club stand as a unique blend of aquatic adventure and cutting-edge fitness!

(Note: Some amenities and activities may have additional charges and are not included in your discounted Belmont Park tickets)

Savor Delicious Eats and Drinks at Cozy Cafes and Food Stalls

This image shows a close-up of a juicy, double cheeseburger with melted cheese and garnishes, served with a side of fries and ketchup. In the background, a slightly blurred logo reads Belmont Park. The colors are warm and inviting, suggesting a delicious meal. A mouthwatering cheeseburger with multiple beef patties is centered in this image. The burger is topped with a golden-brown bun, and a small skewer holds the layers together. Crisp lettuce peeks out from under the burger, and a side of golden french fries accompanies it. A small container of ketchup sits next to the fries. The logo 'Belmont Park' is visible at the bottom. The food is presented on a newspaper-lined tray, adding a casual, inviting feel

Draft Coffee

Indulge in the flavors of Draft Coffee, a charming coffee shop situated on San Diego's pristine beaches. Sip on exquisite coffee and savor mouth watering pastries while taking in the relaxing ocean view.

El Jefe Taco Shop

Treat your taste buds to delicious Mexican cuisine, including juicy carne asada, savory al pastor, and flavorful chicken tinga. Create unforgettable foodie memories!

Dole Soft Serve

Take a break from your adventures at Belmont Park San Diego and satisfy your thirst and hunger with delicious treats from Dole Soft Serve. Enjoy them while admiring the beautiful beachfront.

Hot Dog On A Stick

Craving hot dogs on a stick? Look no further! Belmont Park San Diego offers this tasty snack to enjoy while taking in the scenic views.

Belmonte's Burgers

Relish the flavors of classic American snacks at Belmonte's Burgers, where freshly-cooked burgers with fresh ingredients await. Located just off the boardwalk, this shop offers a tasty dining experience.

Belmont Park San Diego always offers an exciting array of food selections for everyone. Don't forget to explore these shops selling your favorite treats: Sweet Shoppe, Beach Treats, Midway Snacks, Dippin' Dots, and Round Table Pizza.

Enjoy a Shopping Spree at Belmont Park

A joyful person at Belmont Park wearing sunglasses, smiles while talking on the phone. In the background, amusement park rides and palm trees under a clear blue sky are visible. The park's colorful logo is in the corner. A person wearing sunglasses and a striped shirt smiles brightly, enjoying the amusement park atmosphere at Belmont Park. They're basking in the sun with park rides, including an orange roller coaster track, in the background. The Belmont Park logo is visible in the lower left corner.

San Diego's Best

Discover cool beach-themed souvenirs and gifts that capture the spirit of San Diego City and California's lifestyle.

Beach Trader

Find all your beach essentials and unique beach items at Beach Trader.

Midway Carts

Explore a unique souvenir shop that offers customized magnets, postcards, keychains, bracelets, tank tops, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and more..

Be sure to check out all the other shops at the park, including Belmont Beach Gifts and Apparel.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to print my Belmont Park ticket from GreatWorkPerks?

    No, there's no need to print your ticket. You can have it scanned directly from your phone.

  2. What is the park's exact address?

    The attraction is located at 3146 Mission Blvd., San Diego, CA 92109.

  3. What are the park's opening and closing hours?

    Belmont Park San Diego is open from 11 AM to 6 PM on Monday to Thursday, 11 AM to 10 PM on Friday and Saturday, and 11 AM to 9 PM on Sunday. Please check their official website for any schedule changes.

  4. What are the operating hours of the restaurants?

    The Beach House is open every day from 11 AM to sunset, while Draft is open daily from 7 AM to sundown. Cannonball's daily hours are from 11 AM to 9 PM, and Draft Coffee is open every day from 11 AM to 9 PM. Please note that operating hours may vary.

  5. Is there complimentary parking at the park?

    Yes, parking is free!

  6. What items are prohibited at the park?

    To maintain a safe and family-friendly environment, please refrain from bringing the following items:

    • Weapons
    • Knives and other potentially dangerous objects
    • Pets (except guide dogs and service animals)
    • Cigarettes, vapor pens, and e-cigarettes
    • Bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, and other risky sports equipment
  7. Is smoking permitted at Belmont Park San Diego?

    Smoking is not allowed in public and communal spaces within the park. Designated smoking areas are available for smokers.

    The park is committed to providing a fun and safe experience for all guests. Familiarize yourself with prohibited items, substances, and activities to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit. We encourage you to pre-purchase your Belmont Park discount tickets from Great Work Perks to save up to 41% per ticket. Arrive early to make the most of your day and explore all the fantastic attractions and activities the park has to offer. Have a blast, and we look forward to welcoming you to Belmont Park San Diego soon!

Last updated May 13, 2024.


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