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Take Chicago Crime & Mob Tour: Criminals, Mobsters, and Gangsters to learn about heinous crimes and where they were committed. You will see the site of St. Valentine’s Day Massacre and learn about Al Capone, Frank ‘The Enforcer’ Nitti, Hymie Weiss and other American gangsters and the carnage they left behind. Did you know that John Dillinger escaped from prison with a fake wooden gun? Or that Al Capone was never convicted of murder in spite of the massive evidence against him? These are just some of the interesting facts that you will learn about on this bus tour. Reserve your tickets now to learn more about early 20th century crimes and the mobsters who were behind them!

Two individuals stand smiling in front of a graphic that mimics a vintage mugshot backdrop, complete with height measurements. They hold signs saying 'Public Enemy #1' and 'Public Enemy #2'. The backdrop features black and white silhouettes of two men labeled '@CRIMETOURS'. The side of a red vehicle with the number 888-7622 and '@CRIMETOURS' is partially visible. Two smiling individuals stand in front of a large poster with monochrome images of two men resembling vintage criminals. Each person is holding a black placard; the one on the left reads 'PUBLIC ENEMY #1', the other 'PUBLIC ENEMY #2', both with the tag '@CRIMETO URS'. A height chart in the background suggests a mock police lineup.

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Location: 163 E Pearson St. Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: 312-888-6224

Chicago Crime & Mob Tour: Criminals, Mobsters, and Gangsters

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