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An aerial performance by two acrobats, captured mid-act. The artist on top hangs from a horizontal bar by their knees, while the one below is suspended in a graceful backbend, holding onto the partner's hands. The backdrop is dimly lit, setting a dramatic tone for the striking and elegant display of skill and strength. Two aerial performers are executing a stunning act against a dark stage backdrop. One hangs upside down from a horizontal bar, holding the other by the hands, who is suspended in a pose that defies gravity. Both wear coordinated outfits in shades of light, and their athletic forms exude grace and strength.

Step into the vibrant and inventive world of Cirque du Soleil Bazzar, a spectacular showcase where creativity and innovation converge! Be captivated by a troupe of skilled acrobats, dancers, and musicians, all harmonizing under the watchful eye of their maestro!

In this unique space, witness a tapestry of artistic chaos and precision, where each scene emerges as a fresh spectacle of wonder! Don’t miss the chance to secure your discounted Cirque du Soleil Bazzar tickets!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is Cirque du Soleil Bazzar performing?

    Find the show at Under the Big Top, Mall of America, Minneapolis, MN.

  2. What are the dates for Bazzar?

    Catch Bazzar from May 18 to June 16, 2024

  3. How long is the performance?

    Bazzar offers a 100-minute performance, complemented by a 25-minute intermission.

  4. Is there Bazzar merchandise for sale?

    Yes, you can purchase a range of Bazzar merchandise at the on-site gift shop.

  5. Is the show appropriate for all ages?

    Bazzar is intended for family entertainment, but please note that it includes loud sounds and some intense scenes, which may not be suitable for very young children. Viewer discretion is recommended.

Last updated January 11, 2024

Cirque du Soleil Bazzar Tickets

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