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Get your little kiddos the fun experience they deserve that comes with this Houston CityPASS discount ticket!

At this playground for the mind, your children will harness the power of water as FlowWorks unleashes a tsunami of wet, wild fun; run an entire city at Kidtropolis; leap, jump, crawl and climb up PowerPlay; and create, concoct and invent their own gadgets in the Invention Convention.

Oh – and it was rated as Parents Magazine’s Rated #1 Children’s Museum.

Three children are joyfully interacting with an exhibit at the Children's Museum of Houston. They're observing a mechanical installation with visible tubes while turning a crank, displaying curiosity and delight. The museum's logo is in the upper left corner. Children interact with a hands-on exhibit at a museum, showing excitement and curiosity. The exhibit includes a clear tube with a ball in motion, exemplifying a physics demonstration. The museum's logo is visible in the corner. The environment is colorful and educational.

Last updated February 06, 2023.

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