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Two images: left shows go-kart racing, right depicts children playing in a water fountain. Go-kart racing beside people enjoying a water splash pad on a sunny day.

Discover the Thrill at Daytona Beach with Daytona Lagoon Discount Tickets!

In the heart of Daytona Beach lies an exhilarating escape. This water park and entertainment park is a canvas of fun, painted with high-speed water slides, a peaceful lazy river, and a wave pool that brings the ocean’s joy inland.

But the adventure doesn’t stop with the splash. Speed awaits at the go-kart tracks, strategy meets fun in mini-golf, and the arcade challenges with timeless classics and new favorites.

Daytona Lagoon is more than a destination—it’s where stories are made, laughter echoes, and unforgettable memories are just a visit away. Are you ready to dive into the fun? Secure your discounted Daytona Lagoon tickets today!

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Dive Into Excitement: Water Attractions at Daytona Lagoon

Two people joyfully slide down a colorful water slide on a raft. Two people are joyfully sliding down a colorful water slide on a raft.

Kraken’s Revenge

Towering over 50 feet, this multi-colored, 4-lane mat racer sends riders through a high-speed time warp tunnel. Seize a mat, race to the bottom, and enjoy a soaking thrill. A must-try for all ages with discounted Daytona Lagoon tickets. Height: 42” + tall. Weight: Max 280 lbs. single rider.

Shaka Halfpipe

Thrill-seekers prepare for the Shaka Halfpipe, where a two-person tube rockets up and over in a breathtaking 50-foot arc. A spectacle too thrilling to miss! Height: 42” + tall. Weight: Max 260 lbs. single, 400 lbs. double.

Blackbeard’s Revenge

Challenge the twists and turns of this enclosed slide, where only the boldest dare to venture. A splashy finish awaits the fearless. Height: 42” + tall.

Pelican’s Drift Lazy River

Let the Lazy River’s gentle currents carry away all worries. It is ideal for peaceful floats and creating lasting memories. Non-swimmers and guests under 48” should wear a life jacket. Life jackets are provided.

Castaway Children’s Play Area

A water paradise for the little ones, featuring a giant refillable bucket and playful water features in shallow waters. Perfect for toddlers and young children, with sun-soaked lounge areas for adults. Height: 54” and under, or adults supervising children.

Family Fun Expansion: Land Attractions

Two images: left is go-kart racing, right is a person on a climbing net. Two images: left shows go-kart racing, right depicts a person enjoying a bungee trampoline.

Bumper Cars

Spin and collide in a thrilling encounter inside these electric bumper cars encircled by oversized tubes. An electrifying experience awaits everyone with discounted Daytona Lagoon tickets.

Mega Arcade

Step into the world of over 70 captivating games, ranging from skill and sports to racing and rhythm. Perfect for groups of all sizes to compete or collaborate and earn points from select games to exchange for prizes—though larger rewards have specific requirements.

Laser Tag

Venture into the laser tag arena, where strategy meets action among dazzling lights and dynamic sounds. Navigate through challenging zones and mazes, welcoming warriors of all skill levels, with a minimum height requirement of 42 inches.


Feel the rush on the ultimate multi-level go-kart track, where drivers can showcase their skills and even catch a glimpse of the ocean. Double go-karts require a licensed driver, and passengers must be at least 36 inches tall. Solo drivers must be at least 54 inches tall.

Miniature Golf

Embark on an 18-hole adventure through a lush, tropical setting, letting the ocean breeze guide your way. This vibrant course promises delightful fun for families and competitors alike.

Refresh & Refuel: Where to Eat Inside the Park

Family enjoying pizza in an outdoor water park setting. A happy family enjoys pizza together at an outdoor table.
  • Wave Grill:

    Feast on mouth-watering sandwiches, gourmet burgers, crispy chicken tenders, cheesy quesadillas, and oversized pizza slices at this culinary oasis. Refresh with a selection of beverages, draft beers, and sweet treats.

  • Paradise Grill:

    This eatery offers a cool respite with indoor seating. Savor combo meals, freshly made pizza, and delicious desserts. Enjoy a variety of drinks, from sodas and coffees to frozen concoctions and chilled beer

  • Sunny’s Shack:

    Sunny Shack is the go-to spot for ICEE drinks, ice cream novelties, cold beverages, and snacks. Perfect for keeping the fun going with a calm and refreshing twist.

  • Goonie Cove Bar:

    This bar serves up a full selection of frozen and mixed drinks alongside beers on tap. The friendly staff is always on hand to share tips for maximizing fun in Daytona.

  • Mini Melts:

    Offering a delightful range of classic frozen treat flavors, Mini Melts are a musthave, available throughout the park to cool down and sweeten your day.

Food Allergies Notice:

While the park endeavors to cater to guests with food allergies, it cannot guarantee the absence of allergens in any food or beverage.

Personal Food and Beverage Policy:

Guests may bring in personal food items if they are medically necessary. For approval, please consult Guest Services before entry. Note: Glass containers are prohibited, and coolers should not exceed lunchbox size, subject to inspection.

** Please note that food and drinks are not included in your discounted Daytona Lagoon tickets. You can purchase them separately. **

Cabana Service

Elevate your experience with a private cabana, complete with dedicated service. Simply request a menu from your server to enjoy meals and beverages without leaving the comfort of your spot.

** Cabana rentals are not included in your Daytona Lagoon discount tickets. Purchase separately. **

Frequently Asked Questions for Daytona Lagoon

  1. Where is Daytona located?

    Daytona Lagoon is located at 601 Earl Street, Daytona Beach, FL 32118.

  2. What are the park’s hours?

    Since the operating hours and schedules vary per day of the week, it is best to refer to the park’s online calendar for the most current operating hours.

  3. Is there free parking at Daytona?

    Parking is available next door. With validation from Daytona Lagoon, the fee is $4. Special event rates may vary.

  4. How does the park handle rainy days?

    If it rains and the park closes for over two hours, guests with a Single Day Daytona Lagoon ticket are entitled to a complimentary return visit. Just save the receipt and present it at the Season Pass Desk.

  5. What types of tickets are available?

    • Regular Daytona Lagoon Ticket: For guests taller than 48 inches.
    • Junior Daytona Lagoon Ticket: For guests under 48 inches tall.
    • Senior Daytona Lagoon Ticket: For guests aged 65 and older.

    Children under 32 inches may enter for free without Daytona Lagoon discount tickets

  6. What are the accepted modes of payment at the park?

    Daytona accepts cash, Visa MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. ATMs are located in the lobby for convenience.

  7. Can guests bring food or drinks?

    Outside food and drinks are not allowed inside the park. Various dining options are available within the park.

  8. Can I get a discount on my ticket?

    Yes, GreatWorkPerks offers Daytona Lagoon discount tickets year-round!

  9. Are there ride height requirements?

    Yes, height requirements for each ride are listed on the park’s website and at the entrance of each ride.

  10. Are life jackets provided at the park?

    Complimentary life jackets are available and required for guests under 42 inches tall.

  11. What are the best spots for toddlers?

    Castaway Bay is designed for younger guests, offering safe and fun activities.

  12. Is smoking permitted in the park?

    Designated smoking areas are provided within the park for tobacco and vaping.

  13. What if we get separated from our circle?

    Establish a meeting place in advance. Staff are available to assist with reunions.

  14. How safe are the kids in the water?

    The park employs certified lifeguards to ensure guest safety.

  15. Where is the first aid station?

    The first aid station is located near the Wave Pool, marked by a red door and sign.

  16. Is there a shade in the park?

    Shaded areas, umbrellas, and cabanas are available throughout the park.

  17. Can guests wear glasses on rides?

    Yes, if they are secured with a strap.

  18. Are there changing facilities?

    Yes. Facilities with showers and changing stations are located within the park.

  19. What is the cooler policy of the park?

    Coolers are not permitted, but re-entry is allowed on the same day by leaving waterpark wristbands on.

  20. How quickly will I get my Daytona Lagoon discount tickets?

    Instantly! Your Daytona Lagoon discount tickets, along with your receipt, will be sent to your email.

  21. Do I need to print my Daytona Lagoon discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks?

    No need! Show your Daytona Lagoon discount tickets through your mobile device for faster and easier entry! Ticket printing is only optional.

  22. What is the park’s chaperone policy?

    Children under 14 must have an adult with them.

  23. What are the available accommodations in store for guests with disabilities?

    Contact the park to discuss accommodations for your visit.

  24. How do I secure my valuables?

    Lockers are available for rent in various sizes.

  25. What should I do if I left something behind?

    The park’s merchandise shop offers essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses, swim diapers, and towels, among other necessities.

Last updated April 03, 2024

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