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This image features two dynamic scenes from "The Escape Game" in Rancho Cucamonga. On the left side of the image, a joyous young man and woman emerge from an escape room, her arms outstretched in excitement, and his pointing jubilantly. They are framed by the open door of the game's entry, which gives a sense of stepping from one story into another. On the right, another group of three players—a woman, a man, and another young man—is intensely engrossed in solving a puzzle. An expression of focused determination is visible as the woman grips a book and the young man uses a pair of pliers on an object, while the elder gentleman leans over, peering at their actions, all against a backdrop imitating a brick-walled room. At the bottom, "THE ESCAPE GAME" branding with the location "RANCHO CUCAMONGA" is displayed, suggesting the thrilling experiences that await visitors.

Everyone loves a good mystery, and at, we're dedicated to turning that thrill into savings—ensuring our customers enjoy the lowest prices on tickets for extraordinary experiences like these. This image consists of two separate photos side by side. The left photo shows a group of three young adults standing in a doorway, which seems to be the entrance to an escape game facility. A male with a bright, enthusiastic expression is in the forefront, making a triumphant gesture with his arms while a female and another male stand slightly behind him, all appearing joyful and excited about the activity. The doorway has a brick wall facade, and the bold lettering above the door reads "THE ESCAPE GAME".

The right photo captures another scene presumably within the same venue, where three people are engaged in an interactive puzzle or challenge. One individual is crouched down, examining something intently, while the other two, standing, are looking down towards the same focal point, showing an expression of concentrated curiosity. The environment suggests a playful and teamwork-oriented experience.

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Exciting Adventures Await at The Escape Game Rancho Cucamonga!

Since 2014, The Escape Game has welcomed over five million players from all over the world! Each player has an exciting adventure awaiting in the themed escape rooms at The Escape Game Rancho Cucamonga. There are five interactive rooms to explore, each with different themes and levels of difficultness - such as Prison Break, The Depths, Playground, Timeliner: Train Through Time, and Special Ops: Mysterious Market. Take your pick and have an absolute blast of fun!

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This image contains two distinct sections of text and graphics, both related to The Escape Game. At the top, there is a black circular icon with a keyhole symbol in the center, indicating a lock. Surrounding the keyhole are concentric circles with the text "THE ESCAPE GAME" prominently displayed in uppercase letters. Below this logo, there is a smaller graphic of a green lock with a checkmark over it, symbolizing security or authorization, accompanied by the text "AUTHORIZED SELLER" in uppercase letters, also in green. The background of the image is plain white, giving a clean and simple appearance.

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Unique Experiences at The Escape Game Rancho Cucamonga!

The realistic adventure games at The Escape Game Rancho Cucamonga will make you feel like a star in an action film! You will have an hour to find your way out by solving cases, breaking out, completing a heist, or uncovering the truth. A Game Guide is available for each round to explain the rules and give out hints when you're having trouble! It is a creative and exciting experience with your family and friends, and you may even discover new skills and techniques along the way! Purchase your discount The Escape Game Rancho Cucamonga tickets from GreatWorkPerks today for the lowest price!

Prison Break

Image Description: Three individuals appear deeply engaged in an escape room challenge at The Escape Game in Rancho Cucamonga. The room features a gritty, weathered wall, and a barred window emitting a warm glow. On the left, a woman with long auburn hair, wearing an orange top, concentrates while holding an object that might be a clue. She is collaborating with a man in the center, who is wearing glasses and a blue shirt and is seated, looking upwards, possibly communicating with the standing man on the right. The man on the right has short, dark hair and is wearing a light purple shirt. He is bent slightly forward, hands braced on his knees, with an expression of thoughtful determination.

Visit to unlock exclusive savings on tickets to the best escape room experiences. Our commitment ensures you get the lowest prices, so you can enjoy the thrill of the escape for less! Image Description: This is a dynamic and engaging photo depicting three individuals participating in an escape room game. The setting appears to be a room designed to look like a dilapidated building with a faux brick wall in the background and an overhead monitor. One woman with reddish hair is standing to the left, leaning over a crutch, looking intently at something out of view. She is wearing a casual red top. Seated in the center is a person with short dark hair, wearing glasses and a blue top, focused on an object or clue in their hands. To the right stands a man with short dark hair, wearing a lilac-colored polo shirt. He is leaning forward with a look of curiosity and anticipation. The collective attention of the group suggests they are working together to solve a puzzle or discover a key element of the game.

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Considered the most challenging escape room, Prison Break gives everyone a realistic experience of two 1950s prison cells. Eight players will be divided in two groups and will have 60 minutes to figure out how to break free!You will have to plan a stealthy trip to the warden's office, also! Are you and your prison mates ready for a successful breakout or will you end up spending more time behind bars? The jail cells also include real prison toilets to make the setting feel more realistic and enhance your adventure!

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Image Description: This is a vivid, high-resolution photograph set in an indoor escape room called "The Escape Game Rancho Cucamonga". The setting appears to be designed to mimic an outdoor street scene with a faux brick wall on the left and an artificial window with a grid design on the right. Two enthusiastic participants are positioned in the center of the frame; they seem to have just exited through a light wooden door, stepping into the puzzle area. The woman, wearing a blue top and jeans, looks back with anticipation, her blonde hair flowing behind her. Beside her, a man in an orange t-shirt and dark jeans leans forward with curiosity in his eyes as he gazes outward. An oversized, blue die decorates the foreground, symbolizing the playful and challenging nature of escape games.

Rest assured, when you're ready to take on the challenge of "The Escape Game" or any other thrilling attraction, is your go-to source for the best discounts, ensuring an adventurous outing without straining your wallet. Let us help you secure those tickets at the lowest prices available! Image Description: This photograph showcases a vibrant escape room scene. A man and a woman appear at the center of the image, looking excited as they pose in the doorway of a brightly colored room with vivid brick-and-mortar wallpaper. The man, wearing an orange T-shirt and jeans, exudes an expression of playful surprise, with his hands on the door frame as if he's just discovered something astonishing. Next to him stands a woman in a teal top and dark pants, her expression mirroring curiosity and anticipation. The room's decor includes a realistic window prop on the right and an oversized blue die in the forefront, adding to the playful ambiance of the setting. The text “THE ESCAPE GAME RANCHO CUCAMONGA” is prominently displayed at the bottom, indicating the location.

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Take a whimsical and light-hearted experience by entering the most popular escape room, the Playground. Whether you're a first-time or a veteran player, this escape room is a great way to build your bond with everyone! Twelve players may participate at the same time and they will have 60 minutes to accomplish every assignment given to them. Don't relax just yet, as the tasks are not like the ones you had back in school!

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Special Ops: Mysterious Market

Image Description: The photo showcases two individuals engaged in an escape room game at The Escape Game, Rancho Cucamonga. On the right, a man with short hair, wearing a dark denim shirt, is intently examining an object on the wall. To the left, a woman with her hair pulled back, clad in an olive green shirt, is looking upwards, possibly searching for clues on the ceiling. The room has an adventure-themed ambiance, with rustic metal accents and lush green foliage, contributing to an immersive puzzle-solving experience.

Join today for unbeatable discounts and access to the lowest prices on tickets to the most thrilling escape room challenges around! Image Description: This image presents a scene from The Escape Game, where two individuals—an adult man and an adult woman—are actively engaged in solving a puzzle. The woman, positioned on the left, is looking intently at an intricate wall-mounted puzzle, her hands poised as though manipulating one of the components. The man, on the right, is leaning forward with a focused gaze, his right hand working with an element of the puzzle. The setting gives the impression of an adventurous environment, featuring stone wall textures and a variety of mysterious artifacts surrounding the puzzle. Both individuals appear to be immersed in the collaborative challenge they face.

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Conducting investigations while being undercover around the globe is your regular task, but a little shopping in a spice market leads you to a shocking discovery! A worldwide crisis threatens every human being, and you'll need to showw off your special ops agent skills, including your tactical knowledge! Once you find out all the plot twists, you'll learn how deep the deception goes. Please hurry - you only have one hour to save the world with the eight other players! Purchase your discount The Escape Game Rancho Cucamonga tickets from GreatWorkPerks for an exciting experience at the lowest price!

Timeliner: Train Through Time

Image Description: This is a vibrant and dynamic image from "The Escape Game" located in Rancho Cucamonga, depicting a thrilling game setting. Three individuals are engaged in an exciting escape room challenge, illuminated by blue and pink neon lights which give the room an immersive, otherworldly feel. On the left, a person in a gray jacket is intently reaching out to touch brightly lit circular buttons on a wall, trying to solve a puzzle. In the center, another person, a bit farther back, looks on with a focused expression, suggesting they are working together to crack the code. On the right, a third person wearing a white lab coat is interacting with a different wall panel, which features more engaging interactive elements. The walls are adorned with thematic decorations and diagrams that contribute to the atmosphere of the escape room, aiming to simulate a high-tech environment. The overall impression is that of a group deeply involved in a cooperative and immersive gameplay experience.

At, we are committed to bringing you the best experience at the lowest prices. Don't miss out on extraordinary fun and savings; secure your tickets today and enjoy captivating adventures that won't break the bank. This image depicts a thrilling scene from The Escape Game with a group of people engaged in a dynamic, neon-lit room. On the left, a person with short hair is focused on pressing illuminated circular buttons on the wall, which appear to be part of the game's interactive challenges. In the center, another individual wearing glasses is seen kneeling, intently manipulating an object on a lower panel, possibly trying to solve a puzzle. On the right, a third participant stands with one hand extended toward a wall-mounted circular interface, perhaps in the midst of a clue-finding task. The vibrant purple and blue lighting enhances the excitement and futuristic atmosphere of the escape room. The logo "THE ESCAPE GAME" is prominently displayed on the wall in the background. Shop with and uncover the joy of adventure with the lowest prices and great savings on tickets to your favorite escape room experiences!

Take a step into a digitally-interactive escape room and travel through time! Being a part of the Time Crisis Management team, your task is to save the future by preventing and resolving critical issues from decade to decade. A ticket swipe on the Timeliner will let you quickly jump from century to century and change the fate of the future! You have to be swift and careful, as a single mistake can cause the entire future to collapse. You have one hour to become a hero in different centuries - all you need is your discount The Escape Game Rancho Cucamonga tickets from GreatWorkPerks

Frequently Asked Questions for The Escape Game Rancho Cucamonga

  1. Where is the attraction located?

    The attraction is at 12549 N Mainstreet #3820, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739! Don't forget to purchase your discount The Escape Game Rancho Cucamonga tickets from GreatWorkPerks

  2. Do I need to make a reservation?

    Booking online in advance is highly advised. Please call 909-403-7834 to make your reservation.

  3. When should I arrive for my game?

    It is most ideal to arrive ten minutes before your reserved game time. You may show your The Escape Game Houston Rancho Cucamonga discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks directly off of your mobile phone!

  4. Are food and drinks allowed inside the venue?

    They are unfortunately not allowed inside. Please also make sure to not bring any alcohol to the venue.

  5. What is the age limit for escape room players?

    The games are highly recommended for ages 13 and above, although younger players are still allowed to join in. An adult must chaperone and sign a waiver for any and every attendee who is 14 years old and under.

  6. Is there free parking at the venue?

    Yes. Free parking is available around the Victoria Gardens.

  7. Are the games wheelchair-accessible?

    Guests are suggested to call the attraction's line, 909-403-7834, to find out the best game room for parties with special requirements.

  8. Is rescheduling possible?

    Yes, rescheduling is possible up to 4 hours before your reserved time at The Escape Game Rancho Cucamonga. Please be in touch with their representatives to modify your reservation.

  9. Will I really be locked into a room?

    The rooms have locked doors. However, you will find exit buttons available on each of them. You have the choice to leave the room if you ever feel the need to do so.

Last updated June 27, 2024.

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