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Reservations required after purchase of discount tickets. Please call 726-227-3834.

Image shows two scenes from The Escape Game. On the left, a group of four people excitedly examines clues on a table in a brightly lit room. On the right, two individuals focus on a console in a room with ambient blue lighting, while another looks towards the camera with anticipation. Logo at the center bottom indicates The Escape Game. Image features two side-by-side photos inside The Escape Game venue. On the left, a group of five people excitedly gathers around a table working together on a puzzle. On the right, a person stands with a confident posture in a hallway, facing away from a wheel device on the wall, likely part of a game challenge. The atmosphere is vibrant and colorful, suggesting a fun and engaging activity.

Think Smart at The Escape Game San Antonio!

In The Escape Game San Antonio, you can choose from five different themed escape rooms, including the undersea adventure The Depths and the most challenging chamber, Prison Break.

Games are available in multiple difficulties, allowing you to find the perfect fit for theme and challenge levels. Extensive puzzles and incredible environments provide a fun and immersive experience in each game!

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The image showcases two logos. The top logo is for The Escape Game, featuring a black circular border with a keyhole symbol at its center above the stylized text 'THE ESCAPE GAME.' Directly below is a smaller logo with a green padlock icon next to the words 'AUTHORIZED SELLER' in black text, indicating a certified dealership or partnership.

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5 San Antonio Escape Room Themes

Prison Break

Image shows three individuals engaged in an escape room activity. One person holds up a flashlight, illuminating the scene. They appear focused, with a backdrop of dim lighting and rustic brick walls. The Escape Game logo is visible. Image shows three individuals engaged in an escape room challenge. They are attentively searching for clues in a dimly-lit room with brick walls. One person peers through a railing, another shines a flashlight, and the third supports her head thoughtfully. The Escape Game logo is visible.

You will have to use your skills to try to get out of the most challenging prison cell! You and your teammates will be split into separate cells in this 1950s-era Prison and will need to coordinate your efforts to break out. Go through the warden's office without being spotted. But watch out; failure means a lifetime behind bars.

The Depths

Image of a man standing confidently in a room that resembles the interior of a spaceship, with warm lighting and metallic surfaces. He wears a casual shirt and looks off into the distance. In the background, two individuals in blue tees are huddled around a console, likely solving a puzzle in an escape room scenario. The ambient lighting suggests a high-tech, immersive environment. The logo of The Escape Game is visible in the image. A man in a brown shirt appears confident inside an Escape Game room with ambient lighting. In the background, people are engaging with the adventure, focused on solving puzzles. The atmosphere is modern and thematic, resembling a high-tech facility. © THE ESCAPE GAME is displayed.

Is going deep into the ocean to work on the secret lab something you'd be willing to do? Keep in mind that you won't be alone. Since Dr Humphreys's disappearance, whispers of strange experimentation have existed in the lab. Do you have what it takes to unearth his ocean-floor secret?

Special Ops: Mysterious Market

Image of two people in a warmly lit escape room, decorated with rustic clues and colorful wall hangings. A woman in the foreground laughs joyously while a man in the background looks on, smiling and engaged in the immersive puzzle-solving experience. Logo: The Escape Game. Image shows a joyful woman with light hair at the foreground inside a rustic-themed room, likely an escape room. A man in a red plaid shirt is visible in the background, contributing to an atmosphere of fun and problem-solving. Text present: THE ESCAPE GAME.

The world's fate as we know it rests in your hands as you try to resolve a global crisis. You'll need to use every bit of your tactical experience to stop this worldwide disaster. With so many unexpected turns, you must wonder: how deep does the storyline go?

Gold Rush

Image shows two people engaged in an escape room game with a cabin-style backdrop. A man ascends stairs, looking upwards with a flashlight in hand, while a woman stands below, gazing upward with a surprised expression, holding a flashlight as well. The ambiance suggests an adventurous quest. Logo: THE ESCAPE GAME. Two people are depicted with expressions of anticipation and excitement. They stand by a wooden railing against a backdrop of a rustic cabin and evening sky. The man holds a flashlight aiming it upwards, while the woman gazes ahead with a handheld light, engaging in an escape game adventure. Logo present: The Escape Game.

During the California gold rush of the 1800s, luck was on the side of the ordinary person. Your recently passed-away relative Clyde Hamilton has left behind a secret. Even though the prospector has died, he left behind a lot of gold worth a lot of money. If you can track down the gold, he will leave it to you as his inheritance because you are his closest living relative. The question is, can you find it?


Four people stand around a table in an escape room, collaborating on a puzzle. A woman with curly hair shows excitement, while the others are focused on finding clues. The room is brightly lit with a lively atmosphere. The Escape Game logo is featured in the lower left corner. Four people are gathered around a table in a brightly colored room, intently working together on a puzzle or game. They appear focused and engaged in teamwork. The setting suggests an escape room activity. Below the image is the logo for The Escape Game.

The playground is a favorite of both people who have never visited before and people who have played many times. The game begins in a classroom where you must fulfil all your assignments before the end of the day or miss summer break. These projects are unlike any you have done in school.

Game Tips

Whether you're an The Escape Game San Antonio veteran or a newbie, we'd love to share a few game tips to make your experience more meaningful and fun.

  • Look Everywhere

    When you enter the room, examine your surroundings right away. Look for clues, anything odd, and any object that doesn't fit the theme. They could be something you need to proceed with.

  • Search for Patterns

    The answer is not always easy, and escaping can be difficult sometimes. We recommend you examine the clues, look for patterns, observe similarities and anything else that catches your eye!

  • Teamwork makes the difference

    Communicating well with your teammates and using everyone's skills will help you escape easily. You never know; one of your teammates might be good at solving puzzles, decoding codes, and others might be super observant.

  • Don't Lose Hope!

    Stay positive! Never underestimate your skills in solving puzzles. Work together and have fun with your teammates. After all, fun is all that matters!

Frequently Asked Questions for The Escape Game San Antonio

  1. Do I need to make a reservation before going?

    Yes. Reservation is recommended, as it is your only way to guarantee entry. Please call 726-227-3834 after purchasing your discount tickets.

  2. Where is it located?

    It is located at 5822 Worth Pkwy, Suite 101, San Antonio, TX 78257.

  3. What are the operating hours of the Escape Game San Antonio?

    Operating hours vary daily. You may check to The Escape Game San Antonio official website for the latest update on hours of operation.

  4. Do I need to pick a date and time during the reservation?

    Yes. We recommend guests pick a date and time that works best with their schedule.

  5. Do I get free parking?

    Yes, there are lots of available parking spaces around The Rim.

  6. Do I need to print my The Escape Game San Antonio discount tickets?

    No need to print them. You can show your ticket through your smartphone and be granted fast and easy entry.

  7. Is there an age limit?

    The Escape Game San Antonio games are recommended for guests ages 13 and up. But no worries, little players can join too. Be sure to call them before you reserve so you'll have them under your name.

  8. Should I buy my child a separate The Escape Game San Antonio discount ticket?

    Children ages 4 and below get in for FREE. Guests ages 5 and up need a separate The Escape Game San Antonio ticket to enter and join.

  9. How early should I be at The Escape Game San Antonio?

    Be there as early as you can. But the recommended arrival time is 10 minutes before your scheduled game to check in.

  10. Are your themed rooms wheelchair accessible?

    Please call (726) 227-3834, and they will help you select the best room for your pals!

  11. Can I bring food and drinks inside?

    Strictly no outside food and drinks are allowed inside.

  12. Am I going to be locked in a room forever?

    No. However, once your game starts, your room will be locked (as it is part of the game). But if you want to leave the room, you are free to do so. Just press the exit button.

Last updated November 21, 2023.

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