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Reservations required after purchase of discount tickets. Please call 415-940-7808.

Be a Hero, Save Your Teammates!

If you're looking for an escape room, look no further! Visit The Escape Game. These expeditions bring legendary tales to life like no other. Go into one of the many interactive worlds and try to retrieve a stolen masterpiece, locate some missing gold, or escape from jail.

With five unique themes, The Escape Game San Francisco houses one of the most challenging escape rooms, Prison Break. For most rooms, the maximum number of players is 8, except for the Playground, which may host up to 12 players. Each game is a multi-room, in-depth adventure ideal for the whole family.

Remember, you only have 60 minutes to finish your mission, so hurry up and solve the quest or be locked inside forever! Get your GreatWorkPerks Escape Room discount tickets today to experience fun like no other at the best price!

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San Francisco Escape Room Themes

Prison Break

Image Description: This is a dynamic promotional photo representing The Escape Game experience. It features three individuals engaged in what appears to be an escape room scenario. On the left, a person in a yellow jacket looks on thoughtfully with their hand resting on their chin. The middle person, with blonde hair, is crouched while looking upward with an intense gaze, with one hand holding their head. On the right, another individual is gripping a railing and peering pensively into the distance, holding a flashlight that illuminates the scene. They are all surrounded by dim lighting which adds to the ambiance of mystery and discovery, with the brickwork of the room visible in the background, suggesting an underground or old-fashioned setting. The logo of The Escape Game is visible on the bottom-left corner of the image.

Integrate into your escape plans for an adventurous outing, and uncover substantial savings with our lowest prices on tickets! This image features a group of three individuals engaged in what appears to be an escape room activity. Set against the backdrop of a room with rustic brick walls and aged features, the participants display a mix of concentration and anticipation. The person in the foreground, a woman with blonde hair, looks directly at the camera with a focused expression, while a man to her right holds a flashlight, shining it upward as he looks off to the side in search of clues. Meanwhile, the third participant, a man in a yellow jacket, stands in the background with his hand on his head, suggesting a moment of thought or puzzlement. The overall atmosphere conveys a sense of adventure and teamwork. Experience the thrill of an escape room and unlock savings when you get your tickets at the lowest prices available through

Enter a prison themed world and escape through the Warden's Office. Players will be divided into two different prison cells and must communicate with each other to get out of this 1950s prison. This escape room is the hardest – will you get out in time?

This experience is included in The Escape Game discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks.

The Heist

This image features two joyful individuals participating in an escape room adventure. A woman with long hair is laughing and looking back towards the camera while exiting through a wooden door, showing excitement and anticipation. Accompanying her is a man who is also smiling broadly, glancing back with an expression of delight as he follows her into the next part of the interactive game. Both individuals seem to be having a great time, conveying the fun and engaging atmosphere of the escape room experience. In the background, the room is decorated with elegant wall art and furnishings that add to the immersive environment. Remember, when you're ready to join the fun and test your puzzle-solving skills, visit for the lowest prices on tickets, ensuring you don't miss out on the excitement at a discount! This image features a joyful scene with two individuals partaking in an escape room experience. On the right, a woman with long hair smiles broadly, her teeth showing in a gesture of excitement, as she looks over her shoulder. She is wearing a sleeveless top and appears animated by the situation. To her left, a man is laughing heartily, his eyes crinkled in mirth as he stands behind her, clutching a clue or prop that appears to be a large, rolled-up document or map. Both individuals are in a room with what appears to be a large wooden door partially ajar behind them, suggesting they are on the brink of solving a puzzle or exiting the room. The lighting in the room is warm, contributing to the inviting and fun atmosphere of the game. Remember, at we offer exclusive discounts and savings, ensuring you get the lowest prices on tickets for your next thrilling escape room adventure.

Could you snatch the stolen Monet painting from the Barclay Museum of Historical Art? Rumors have been circulating that it's been robbed by Vincent Hahn, the museum's curator. This is an ultimate museum heist, so be extra careful!

The Escape Game discount ticket includes this game for you to play.

Special Ops: Mysterious Market

This image showcases two individuals engaged in an activity within an escape room. On the left, a woman is seen peering upward thoughtfully, her expression one of concentration and curiosity. She dons a green, long-sleeve shirt which blends with the theme of the room. The room is adorned with rustic decor and exudes an adventurous ambiance, featuring earthy tones, mysterious symbols on the walls, and low-hanging greenery to add to the atmosphere of intrigue. On the right, a man wearing a dark blue shirt is intently examining an object, illustrating the active problem-solving aspect characteristic of escape room challenges. Both participants are immersed in the game, surrounded by elements designed to evoke a sense of ancient discovery.

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When you're a special operations agent, going on secret missions all over the world is routine. Yet, a typical trip to the spice market uncovers a surprising find... You are now responsible for resolving a global emergency threatening mankind.

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Gold Rush

Description: This image portrays two individuals engaged in an immersive experience at The Escape Game. On the left, a young man wearing a light pink striped T-shirt and glasses is seen holding a flashlight, aiming its beam upward as if searching for clues, with an intense look of concentration. He is standing on a wooden staircase that appears to be set in an outdoor night-time setting. To the right, a young woman with curly hair gazes upwards with an expression of curiosity and wonder. She is wearing a white blouse and holding a small, round object in her hand, possibly a part of the game they are playing. The environment has a fantastical feel, with blue-hued lighting that suggests moonlight, and a backdrop that includes faux pine trees and the silhouette of a cabin. The Escape Game logo is positioned in the bottom left corner of the image.

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When the gold rush hit California in the 1800s, anyone might strike it rich. Your late relative, Clyde Hamilton, was the only one who could have enlightened you on this. Though he has since died, the prospector left a substantial amount of gold. Since you are his only heir, you will inherit all of it. The question is, will you be able to find it?

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Image Description: The photograph captures four individuals engaged in an escape room activity. From left to right, there is a young woman with curly hair smiling broadly as she leans over a table, pointing at something off-camera. Next to her is another young woman with long straight hair, also looking engaged and smiling as she examines what appears to be a clue or a puzzle piece. A young man wearing a patterned shirt stands beside her, intently focused on the task at hand with his hands on the table. Finally, on the far right, another young man is seen standing and smiling while working on the puzzle. They are all gathered around a table filled with various items that might be part of the escape room challenge, such as papers and a briefcase. The room has a yellow wall with a clock, giving it a vibrant, inviting look. In the corner of the image, the logo "The Escape Game" is visible.

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The Playground room is a favorite because it is exciting, brings back good memories, and really fun to play. Your game will begin in a classroom, where you must complete all your assignments by the end of the day or miss out on summer vacation. Get ready because these tasks are unlike anything you've ever done in school.

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Here's What To Expect with your Escape Room Experience

Choose a Theme

Pick an epic room! Each room is great for anyone looking for an action-packed experience, and they are all family-friendly!

Meet your Game Guide

After selecting a room, you'll be meeting with your game guide. Your game guide will take you to your chosen room and explain the game rules. If you have any questions or need a clue to accomplish the mission, you can always ask your game guide.

Watch a Mission Video

Once inside the room, you will watch a mission video to be guided on what to accomplish and to get to know what kind of world you will be in.

Escape the Room

Your primary objective – escape the room! You only have 60 minutes to do it (or you'll be locked in forever!). To escape, you must look for patterns, clues and hints and solve puzzles.

Get A Clue

Do you need help? Try to reach out to your game guide. Your game guide will not only explain the game rules, but they're also there to help you to make your escape game extra fun!

Escape Room Tips

Be Observant

Look everywhere, literally! Don't just stand and wait for others to help you escape. Work as a team. Once inside, look through everything. Pro-tip: Look under rugs, check the bookshelves, and look closely at the paintings.

Search for Pattern

Looking for a starter clue could be challenging. But once you find one clue, it will be so much easier. Look for any patterns or irregularities. They could be the key to solving the puzzle.

Use Everyone's Skills

Always work with your teammates, not alone. Escaping and solving puzzles is best when working together. Some might not be as fast at deciphering code, but they might be experts at analyzing patterns.

Keep Track of your Solved Puzzles

Keeping track of your solved puzzles could help you maximize your time looking for other unseen clues and hints.

Stay Positive

If you feel like you're not progressing anymore, cheer up. Y After all, the fun and games are what matter most!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to make a reservation before going?

    Yes. Reservation is recommended. All you need to do is call 415-940-7808 to reserve The Escape Game discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks.

  2. Where is The Escape Game San Francisco located?

    It is located at 150 Kearny Street, San Francisco, CA 94108.

  3. What are the operating hours of the Game Center?

    The Escape Game San Francisco's operating hours vary daily. To get updated schedule, you may visit their official website.

  4. Do I get free parking when I visit?

    The Escape Game has no parking lot, but paid garages are nearby.

  5. How early should I be at the Game Center?

    The recommended arrival time is 10 minutes before your game time to give yourself time to check in.

  6. Should I buy my children separate The Escape Game discount tickets?

    Children ages 4 and below are free of charge. Children ages 5 and up need valid and separate The Escape Game discount tickets to enter and play.

  7. Is the game suitable for kids?

    The game is recommended for ages 13 and over. However, little players are welcome to play. For adults with kids ages 4 years and under, call the Escape Game before making a reservation to add their spot to your reservation.

  8. Do I need to print them?

    No need! Show The Escape Game discount tickets from your mobile device, and in you go!

  9. Am I allowed to bring food and drink inside?

    No, outside food and beverages are strictly not allowed inside.

  10. Are your game rooms wheelchair accessible?

    Yes, please call (415) 940-7808, and they will help you pick the best room for your team!

  11. Can I leave the room?

    Each room is equipped with an exit button. If you want to leave the room, you are free to do so.

Last updated November 21, 2023.

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