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This image depicts two individuals in the midst of an escape room experience at The Escape Game. On the left, a person wearing glasses and a pink long-sleeve t-shirt is captured in motion, holding a flashlight and looking up while ascending a wooden staircase, indicating a search for clues or a way to solve the game's puzzles. On the right, a woman with curly hair gazes upwards with an expression of wonder and curiosity, suggesting she may have just discovered something intriguing or is contemplating her next move in the game. The environment suggests an adventurous and immersive setting designed to challenge and entertain participants.

At, we're committed to offering you the thrill of adventure with the lowest prices on tickets, ensuring your next experience comes with great savings. This image showcases two individuals engaged in an interactive experience at The Escape Game. On the left side of the picture, a man with glasses, wearing a casual t-shirt, extends his arm out as if he’s reaching for something or pointing while looking excited and focused. He is standing on a set of wooden stairs which add to the rustic and adventurous atmosphere. On the right, a woman is closer to the foreground, looking upwards with an expression of thoughtful curiosity. She has curly hair and seems to be pondering a clue or deciding her next move within the game scenario. The lighting in the image is warm, suggesting an indoor setting with a hint of mystery.

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Unleash Your Wits at The Escape Game San Francisco!

Test your wits and courage at The Escape Game Fisherman’s Wharf! Immerse yourself in diverse, mind-bending escape rooms, each offering unique themes and varying difficulty levels. With the clock ticking, unite with your team, hone your detective skills, and dive into an unparalleled adventure!

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Playing The Escape Game: A Simple 3-Step Guide

Image description: The photo captures an upward angle of a person with a look of curiosity and astonishment. The individual is wearing a bright yellow shirt and is inside what appears to be a futuristic or high-tech environment, with soft blue and yellow lighting creating a surreal atmosphere in the background. The person's attention seems to be focused on something captivating off-camera. The watermark "THE ESCAPE GAME" suggests that the setting could be a themed escape room experience.

As you plan your next exciting adventure, visit to explore a wide array of engaging activities. Remember to take advantage of our exclusive deals for the lowest prices on tickets, ensuring you get the best savings for your entertainment. Image Description: A captivated individual is pictured with an upward gaze, set against a vibrant and dynamic backdrop with a mixture of cool toned lighting that seems to emanate from high above. The person is wearing a yellow shirt, and their expression is one of anticipation and focus. The surroundings suggest an environment of entertainment or interactive engagement, characteristic of an escape room setup. This image is prominently watermarked with "THE ESCAPE GAME," indicating the context of the experience or the venue’s brand identity.

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Step 1: Choose Your Adventure

Pick your preferred time and escape room theme, from mysterious heists to historical escapades. The perfect adventure awaits you!

Step 2: Secure Your Tickets with FunEx

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Step 3: Arrive and Immerse Yourself

Show up at The Escape Game in Fisherman's Wharf, ready for your adventure. Teamwork, wit, and fun are all you need to start your game!

Top Escape Rooms at Fisherman's Wharf

Image description: The photo captures a vibrant and colorful escape room experience at The Escape Game. Two enthusiastic participants are featured, one in the foreground and one in the background. A young man with neatly combed hair, wearing a teal blue shirt, is seen in the left foreground, looking up and away from the camera, possibly focusing on a clue or element of the game. On the right, a young woman with her hair styled in braids smiles broadly at the camera. She is wearing a rust-colored sweater and has statement earrings. The background showcases a stylish interior with patterned walls - some circles and floral designs - in shades of blue, yellow, and grey, along with a bright neon sign on the right side that adds a playful ambiance to the setting. Remember to check for unbeatable discounts and savings on tickets to amazing experiences like this and more, ensuring you get the lowest prices for your next thrilling adventure! Image Description: This is a vibrant and colorful photograph featuring two individuals engaged in an escape room activity at 'THE ESCAPE GAME'. On the left is a young man with combed hair and a bright smile, wearing a teal long-sleeve shirt. Next to him is a young woman with short hair and a beaming smile, dressed in a burnt orange sweater. They appear to be collaboratively solving a puzzle or discovering a clue. They are in front of a wall decorated with a dynamic, abstract graphic design in shades of blue, gray, and yellow, and the wall is fitted with several round, lit openings resembling portholes. It's a scene filled with excitement and playful discovery.

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NEW! Timeliner: Train Through Time

  • Journey through history on the Timeliner, fixing timelines in various eras to save the future.

Special Ops: Mysterious Market

  • As a special ops agent, unravel a global conspiracy hidden within a bustling spice market.

Prison Break: Alcatraz

This image showcases an indoor setting of an escape room game with a theme that suggests an industrial or underground environment. The left side of the photograph features a wall with exposed red brick and grey concrete. Affixed to this wall is an intricate network of pipes, with various valves, gauges, and sections marked with red tape, which might serve as clues or interactive elements of the game.

On the right-hand wall, which is also red brick, there are two round, window-like openings with bars, resembling vintage submarine or ship hatches. Below these are diamond-shaped signs with symbols, alongside a panel with red blinking lights, which give an impression of controls or indicators pertinent to the game's objectives. Above is a ceiling with wooden beams, and the room is lit by a round overhead light fixture, providing an even light source with minimal shadowing.

In the distance, there's a green exit sign turned on, indicating the exit or perhaps another section of the room to be discovered as part of the gaming experience.

Browse our website,, for the lowest prices and best discounts on tickets to an array of exciting escape room experiences like this one. This image displays an escape room with an industrial theme. The room is elongated with a perspective that leads to a closed door at the far end. The walls are textured to resemble grey stone and are adorned with faux pipes, valves, and gauges, contributing to a mechanical ambiance. Two circular air vent grates are visible on the right wall, and various warning signs are affixed around the room, adding to the immersive environment. Overhead, fluorescent lighting fixtures cast a bright, artificial light within the space. At, experience the thrill of problem-solving in captivating settings like these, and enjoy the excitement at the lowest prices with our exclusive discount tickets.
  • Plan an audacious escape from Alcatraz using hidden tools and clever tactics. Can you outsmart the warden?

Gold Rush

  • Race to find your ancestor's hidden gold fortune. Decode clues in his cabin before time runs out!

The Depths

Image Description: This image features two individuals engaged in an immersive experience at The Escape Game venue. On the left side of the frame, there is a person with bright green hair who appears captivated, their mouth open in a gesture of surprise or amazement as they look upward. To the right, another person with long brown hair is also looking up, and displays a similar expression of wonder and excitement. Both appear engaged and inquisitive, likely in the midst of solving a puzzle or discovering a clue within the escape room. The room's interior has a futuristic design with metallic surfaces and equipment that suggests a science fiction or space-themed setting.

At, we are committed to providing thrilling experiences at the Escape Game with the added bonus of enjoying substantial savings on tickets – ensure you don't miss out on the lowest prices for your next adventurous outing! This image features two individuals participating in an escape room activity. The person on the left has vibrant green hair and is looking upwards with an expression of focused curiosity, their mouth slightly open as if in mid-conversation or exclamation. The person on the right has long brown hair and is also looking upwards with a similar expression of engagement and anticipation. Both are surrounded by what appears to be themed decor simulating the environment of the escape game, with noticeable props and gadgets that form part of the challenge. The ambiance suggests a fun and immersive puzzle-solving experience. The logo "THE ESCAPE GAME" is displayed in the lower corner, indicating the brand of the escape room.

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  • Dive into an underwater adventure to explore a secret lab and solve the mysteries of the deep sea.

Begin Your Unforgettable Adventure

This image depicts an exciting moment at 'The Escape Game'. In the foreground, a woman with her hair pulled back, wearing a rust-colored sweater, is seen with a wide, joyful expression, leaning towards a control panel with determination. To her right, a young man with short hair and wearing a light blue shirt gazes forward with a surprised expression, his mouth agape and eyes wide with astonishment. In the background, a person wearing a denim jacket is partially visible, facing away from the camera and towards a shelf with various objects. The warm, moody lighting and thematic decor suggest a high-energy, investigative environment with a sense of urgency. The centerpiece of the room is a bold sign with the word 'WELINE' in golden letters on a wood-panel wall, adding to the immersive ambiance.

Unlock the thrill of adventure and the joy of problem-solving with our exclusive offers – at, take advantage of our discount for The Escape Game to guarantee your savings on tickets at the lowest prices available! This image depicts a vibrant and engaging scene inside an escape room game. On the left, a woman with open-mouthed excitement leans over a wooden counter, her eyes wide with anticipation or discovery. She is wearing a knit rust-colored sweater. To her right, a young man with an expression of intense focus or surprise looks off to the side. He is wearing a teal-blue shirt. Above them is the embossed logo of "THE ESCAPE GAME", prominently displayed on a wooden wall, suggesting the name of the venue. The background has dim but warm lighting that sets an adventurous ambiance, with various props and puzzles that complete the escape game experience. Remember, on, you can always find the thrill of adventure at the lowest prices—unlock the fun with exclusive discounts on tickets today!

At Fisherman's Wharf, The Escape Game offers more than just puzzles; it's a test of intelligence, teamwork, and bravery! Now, with The Escape Game San Francisco discount tickets, these exciting experiences are within easy reach.

Will you travel through time, escape from Alcatraz, solve a global crisis, discover hidden gold, or explore mysterious ocean depths? Choose your adventure, where each escape is a unique story waiting for you to tell it!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is The Escape Game located in Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco?

    It's at 145 Jefferson St., San Francisco, CA 94133.

  2. What are the operating hours?

    They are open daily from 8:00 am to 12:00 am.

  3. What can I expect?

    It's an immersive escape room experience where you have one hour to complete exciting missions like art heists, gold hunts, or prison escapes.

  4. Should I book my experience in advance?

    Yes, we recommend booking your The Escape Game San Francisco discount tickets in advance through GreatWorkPerks to secure your spot.

  5. How early should I arrive before my scheduled game time?

    Please arrive 10 minutes before your game time for check-in.

  6. Will I be actually 'locked' in a room?

    You'll be in a room with a locked door, but there's an emergency exit button for your safety, allowing you to leave anytime.

  7. Will I be playing with other groups?

    The games are shared experiences. To have a private game, book all available spots. Otherwise, other groups may join your game.

  8. Is there parking available?

    While they don't have their own parking, nearby paid parking options are available, such as The White House Parking Garage at 223 Sutter Street. Using taxis or ride-shares is also a good option.

  9. Is there an age limit for participants?

    The games are best suited for ages 13 and up. Players under 14 must be accompanied by a paying adult, and those under 18 need an adult to sign their waiver.

  10. Can we bring food or drinks into the game rooms?

    No, bringing food or drinks, including alcohol, into the game rooms is not allowed.

Last updated June 27, 2024.

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