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This image features a diverse group of three people, each focusing intently on an interactive exhibit, likely at a science center. On the left, an older man wearing glasses and a green polo shirt appears engaged and curious, observing the exhibit. In the center, a young boy with dark hair and a checkered shirt is concentrating on the task in front of him. And on the right, a younger man with short light hair is seen with an expression of excitement or explanation, potentially discussing the exhibit with the others. They are all indoors with a blurred background that suggests a public educational setting.

As the participants explore the wonders of science and discovery, is committed to providing you with the lowest prices on tickets, ensuring your educational adventures are coupled with great savings. This image captures three individuals of varying ages engaged in what appears to be an educational activity. On the left side of the image, an older adult with glasses is seen looking down with an expression of interest or explanation. In the middle, a child appears to be intently focusing on something outside of the frame, with a look of concentration on their face. On the right, a younger adult is oriented towards the child, also gazing in the same direction as the child, with a facial expression that could be interpreted as instructive or communicative. The lighting highlights their faces and creates a warm atmosphere. A small blue plaque with an emblem and text is partially visible in the upper left corner of the image, suggesting this could be taking place at a science or educational facility. 

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Visitors of all ages can explore the potential and transformative power of Science at the Fleet Science Center. Our goal is to make San Diego a place where people from all over the globe can enjoy and feel the impact of science.

Visit the Eugene Heikoff and Marilyn Jacobs Heikoff Giant Dome Theater and get captivated by an IMAX film journey that highlights the wonders of the planet—and much more—while exploring more than 100 interactive exhibits designed to stimulate your interest.

Pizzas, sandwiches, salads, and nutritious delights can be found in Craveology, while the North Star Science Store sells educational toys and games, books, IMAX DVDs, and many other surprises.

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This image features the logo of the Fleet Science Center. The logo includes a stylized, triangular mosaic of blue shades that resemble a sail or a wing, implying movement, innovation, or discovery. To the right of this mosaic, the words "Fleet Science Center" are written in a bold, sans-serif typeface. Below the entire logo, there is a badge with a checkmark stating "AUTHORIZED SELLER". The overall design conveys a sense of official partnership and scientific exploration.

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Things To Do Before You Visit!

This image depicts a heartwarming scene of a child and an adult exploring a science exhibit. The child, appearing captivated and joyful, is looking with wide eyes and a curious expression at a brightly illuminated display that is out of view. The adult is leaning in from the right, sharing the child's gaze, smiling with a look of proud encouragement. Both individuals are bathed in a soft, multicolored light, which suggests that the exhibit they are engaging with is interactive and visually stimulating. In the background, another child and adult pair are also observed participating in the activity, contributing to the lively atmosphere of the educational setting. This kind of learning adventure provides not only knowledge but also precious memories.

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You might find these hints and tips helpful to make the most of your visit. Check out below.

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Know The Hours and Admission

San Diego's Science Center is open daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. With your Fleet Science Center ticket, you can enjoy various exhibit galleries and documentary films in the Giant Dome Theater!

Note: Your Fleet experience includes one (1) documentary in the Heikoff Giant Dome Theater and all the available exhibit galleries.

Attraction's Accessibility

On Wheelchairs

The facility is wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair seating is available in the Heikoff Dome Theater. Wheelchair users can use any of the Fleet's accessible restrooms. Please use the toilets closest to the Main Exhibit Gallery entrance for convenience and privacy.

Captioned Screenings

Closed captioning is available in the Heikoff Dome Theater, and the Fleet is happy to provide it. This new cupholder captioning device lets viewers position the captions where they can see them most clearly during the film.

Assistive Listening Device

Those with hearing impairments can borrow specialized headphones to improve their Dome Theater experience. By amplifying the voiceover and dialogue and dampening the music and sound effects, the headsets improve the intelligibility of presentations given in a theatre setting.

Ear Defenders

The Fleet Science Center provides visitors with earplugs if the environment is too loud. You can ask the Heikoff Giant Dome Theater box office staff if you have any questions.

What to See Inside the Science Center?

Curious kids and adults alike will enjoy exploring these permanent, hands-on exhibits at their own pace. Science can be found everywhere you look, from the depths of space to the inside of your body. Buy your Fleet Science Center tickets through GreatWorkPerks today and explore Science from every angle!

This image is a collage of six photos highlighting various interactive exhibits at the Fleet Science Center, each depicting children and families engaged in educational activities. Starting from the top left, the first photo shows a young girl with blond hair wearing a yellow t-shirt with a heart pattern, holding up a pair of oversized, green-tinted glasses to her eyes. Next to her are three people with their backs turned, viewing something through similar large glasses.

In the top center photo, a child is constructing with brightly colored, translucent geometric shapes on a lighted table, casting vivid reflections. To the right, two children and two adults share a joyous moment, their faces illuminated by a blue glow, possibly from an interactive exhibit.

The bottom left photo captures a cheerful young child with blond hair, wearing a blue dress over a long-sleeved white shirt, playing with a red interactive exhibit. Reflections and colorful gears are part of the background. Directly above this child hangs a sign reading "Fleet Science Center."

In the center of the bottom row, a boy wearing a gray hoodie is seen reaching out to touch circular lights on a vertical interactive display, creating a curious pattern. Finally, the bottom right photo reveals two children walking through an area with circus-themed decorations, while an adult crouches down to assist them, focused on their activity.

At, we believe in making learning fun and accessible, which is why we offer the lowest prices on tickets, bringing you substantial savings on Image Description:

This is a collage of six images showcasing various interactive activities at a children's science center. Starting from the top left:

1. A young girl with a yellow heart on her shirt smiles while holding up large green simulation binoculars to her eyes.
2. A group of children are using cardboard viewers to look at a vibrant display, possibly engaging in a 3D viewing experience.
3. A girl with long hair concentrates as she manipulates a colorful geometric puzzle on a lighted table.

Below, from the bottom left:

4. A smiling young child with blonde hair plays with red and yellow toy gears, set against a vibrant, contrasting background.
5. A boy is in mid-action, hanging upside down from a circular green bar, displaying physical agility and joy.
6. Two children walk through a beam maze, one in a striped shirt and the other in pink, navigating their way with focus.

Each image captures the excitement and educational engagement found at the center, with an emphasis on learning through hands-on, playful experiences. 

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Design Zone

Inside the Design Zone, you will get a glimpse of the mathematical processes behind the scenes of creating video games, music, and skate parks.


The new Illusions Gallery at the Fleet will trick your head and show you how your mind can play tricks when processing information. You'll perceive details where there are none, recognize familiar faces in unexpected locations, and learn unexpected truths from the most basic images. Explore the fascinating realm of optical illusions and learn that what matters is how you interpret what you see.

It's Electric

It's Electric brings its scientific and historical background to life by exploring electricity's foundations, varieties, and applications. There are many interactive stations where visitors can learn more about electricity and its history and examine topics such as magnetic fields, electric charges, and battery technologies.

Kid City

The Ball Wall, which features numerous chutes, rails, and moving items, is where the thrill begins. Children in the area can spin a set of colorful pinwheels or generate musical noises by directing an air blower in various ways!


Explore the nano realm to learn about its usefulness in the real world. In this exciting new exhibit, visitors will learn about science, technology, and engineering.

Power Play San Diego

Together with San Diego Gas & Electric, the Fleet has created a cutting-edge new exhibit that explores the inner workings of the San Diego electricity system, from generation to distribution to the people's houses. The Mezzanine Gallery upstairs at the Fleet has opened as the new home of Power Play San Diego.

Pulseworks VR Transporter

Description: This image captures a diverse group of people engaged in a virtual reality (VR) experience. In the foreground, a man on the left and a woman on the right are seen wearing VR headsets, each showcasing expressions of joy and amusement. The man is smiling broadly with his teeth showing, while the woman has her mouth open as if she is laughing or exclaiming in delight. Both individuals are seated in modern, ergonomic chairs designed for VR use, enhancing their comfort as they explore digital worlds. The interior setting suggests a public VR arcade or entertainment center. The lighting is subdued, directing focus towards the illuminated VR equipment, and contributing to the immersive atmosphere. The blue tint on the image's lower part adds a subtle, cool touch, resonating with the high-tech theme.

At, we're committed to bringing you the thrill of such cutting-edge entertainment experiences at the lowest prices available, ensuring that your adventure into virtual realms comes with the added joy of savings! Image Description: This photograph displays a group of people experiencing virtual reality in a darkened room with blue ambient lighting. In the foreground, a man and a woman are pictured from the side, each wearing VR headsets and smiling broadly, indicating enjoyment. The headsets are large and cover the eyes completely, extending slightly over the forehead and cheeks. They are secured with straps around the head. Both individuals are seated in what appears to be a motion simulator chair, designed to enhance the VR experience. The background suggests there are others engaged in the same activity, also wearing VR headsets and seated in similar chairs. The location is indoors, likely a VR attraction or entertainment facility.

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A stunning virtual reality adventure simulator called the Pulseworks VR Transporter can send you speeding through space, on a spacewalk, or to the Moon. With the VR Transporter, enjoy this incredible VR experience that will blow your mind!

San Diego's Water

Learn where San Diego's water comes from, how it's transported and treated. The importance of water preservation and conservation are explored through interactive features!

So Watt!

Yes, Watt! The Fleet Center's illuminating exhibit, An Illuminating Look at Energy, covers how electricity is generated, renewable energy options, and simple energy-saving techniques that can be used anywhere.

Space Gallery

Learn about the history, present, and future of space travel. Learn the skills required to comprehend new findings about our Earth, Sun, Solar System, and Universe by participating in exciting interactive Earth and space science activities found in this gallery.

Studio X

Visit this engaging activity where you will get some hands-on experience with power tools like screwdrivers, drills, soldering irons, and glue guns. Studio experts are available to help you every step of the way!

Sun, Earth, Universe

This 500-square-foot exhibition gets you in touch with cutting-edge NASA science research and sends you on an adventure through the Universe. Everyone will enjoy the engaging and entertaining displays of the Sun, Earth, and Universe.

Frequently Asked Questions for Fleet Science Center

  1. Do I need to make a reservation before I visit?

    No, visiting the Science Center does not require any reservation. Just present your Fleet Science Center tickets directly at the ticket booth.

  2. What are the operating hours of the center?

    The Fleet is open daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Note: The gallery closes at 8:15 PM on the first Wednesday of the month for The Sky Tonight planetarium show.

  3. Where is the Fleet located?

    1875 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101.

    The Science Center is in the heart of Balboa Park, east of the El Prado pathway, next to the majestic Bea Evenson Fountain.

  4. Do I get free parking when I visit?

    Yes. You may park at Space Theater Way off of Park Blvd for free.

  5. What is your refund policy?

    All Fleet Science Center discount tickets are non-refundable and non-returnable. We cannot issue exchanges or refunds after purchase or refund lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed tickets.

    Ticket packages and prices are subject to change without notice.

  6. How soon do I get my GreatWorkPerks Fleet Science Center tickets?

    You will receive your discount Fleet Science Center tickets instantly, along with your receipt! Tickets are sent via email.

  7. Do I need to print my GreatWorkPerks discount Fleet Science Center ticket?

    No need to print them! Just present your Fleet Science Center discount tickets through your mobile phone, and you'll be granted entry – easy and fast!

  8. Do I need to purchase a separate discount Fleet Science Center ticket for my child?

    Yes. Kids aged 3 to 12 should have a valid discount Fleet Science Center ticket to enter the attraction. Children ages 2 and under get in for free.

  9. Am I required to wear a mask when visiting the attraction?

    As of the date of writing, 4/20/23, the Science Center recommends all guests wear a mask when inside. The attraction will provide one if you do not have a face covering or mask.

Fleet Science Center Discount Tickets

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    Child (ages 3-12)

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    Discounted Price $20.95

    Hands-On Galleries Experience

    Senior (ages 65+)

    Regular price $19.95

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    Hands-On Galleries Experience

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