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This image is a panoramic split composition advertising "THE FLYER—SAN FRANCISCO". On the left, a close-up view of two dangling feet and part of a seat harness is seen against the backdrop of a blurred aerial cityscape, giving the impression of hanging or flying over the city. On the right, a man and a woman appear to be in mid-scream, with expressions of exhilaration, against the backdrop of a large red bridge and water below, likely representing an amusement ride experience. The overall image evokes a sense of excitement and adventure associated with the attractions being advertised.

As you plan your exciting adventure, remember that is your gateway to the thrill of a lifetime with the added bonus of fantastic savings—we're committed to offering the lowest prices on tickets for your enjoyment. This image is a split-view showing two different scenes side by side, both related to 'THE FLYER' attraction. On the left, an aerial view of a cityscape from a high altitude, with skyscrapers reaching up towards the viewer. A person's legs, clad in black pants and shoes, dangle into the frame from the top, suggesting they are suspended above the city, perhaps on a ride or platform overlooking the urban expanse. The right-hand side of the image features a young man and woman, both wearing glasses, strapped into red seats of what appears to be a thrill ride. They are both clad in casual, light-colored clothing and look outward with expressions of excitement and slight apprehension. Their hair and clothes are ruffled by the wind, indicating motion, likely the thrill of the ride in action. The overall impression is one of exhilarating experiences, with both views offering a sense of adventure and height.

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Take Flight on PIER 39!

Description: This image captures the excitement of an immersive experience, with two individuals seated in a motion ride simulator, their arms raised in joy. They are silhouetted against a large, curved projection screen filling their view with vibrant, swirling patterns of light in shades of blue, green, pink, and purple. The dome-shaped screen creates a sense of depth and movement, enhancing the thrilling sensation of the ride. Above them, part of the ride's structure is visible, with lights and mechanical components contributing to the overall high-tech atmosphere. The logo "THE FLYER—THRILL ZONE" is positioned in the lower right corner, indicating the brand or attraction.

At, we are committed to bringing you the highest level of excitement at the lowest prices. Dive into a world of thrills and secure your tickets with us, ensuring you get the best savings on your next adventure. This image displays the silhouette of two individuals experiencing a virtual ride attraction. They are seated, clearly visible from behind, with their hands up in the air, suggesting excitement and involvement in the action. The ride is enclosed, with a large, curved screen in front of the participants. The screen fills their view with vibrant colors that resemble swirling nebulas and cosmic phenomena, implying a space or flight simulation experience. Lighting effects enhance the immersive atmosphere, contributing to the anticipation of an exhilarating adventure that awaits the riders. The text "THE FLYER - San Francisco" appears at the bottom, indicating the name and location of the attraction.

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Get ready for an exhilarating adventure, thrill-seekers! Prepare for an extraordinary journey with The Flyer-the exclusive flying theater experience in Northern California. Immerse yourself in the excitement of a colossal 50-foot wrap-around screen, motion seats, wind effects, and other amazing effects! As the "takeoff" moment arrives, the floor drops away, lifting you up to 20 feet above the ground, all while comfortably seated in the ride's Flying Theater Experience!

Hold on for an exhilarating glide above the captivating skyline of one of America's most scenic cities. Our two-level flying theater guarantees an exciting experience, allowing you to marvel at iconic landmarks such as the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, the enchanting Muir Woods, vibrant Chinatown, and much more!

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Tips for an Enjoyable Experience

  1. Arrive early.

    Strap on your shoes and dive into the experience when the venue isn't overly crowded.

  2. Purchase your tickets in advance.

    Secure the best-priced discount tickets for The Flyer San Francisco ahead of your visit! Buying discounted tickets in advance not only saves you from queuing up on the day of your visit but also ensures you get the most cost-effective rate.

  3. Purchase your tickets in advance.

    Ensure you wear comfortable clothing on your visit date to maximize your overall experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is The Flyer San Francisco situated?

    You may find them at Pier 39, 2 Beach St, San Francisco, CA 94133.

  2. What are The Flyer San Francisco's operational hours?

    They are open every day, from Monday to Sunday, starting at 11 AM and closing at 9 PM.

  3. How long does the ride last?

    The ride spans 10 minutes. (The last ride starts 15 minutes prior to closing time.)

  4. Is there a weight restriction for riding?

    As per California Ride Safety regulations, all riders must be under 300 lbs.

  5. Is the ride ADA Accessible?

    Certainly. Individuals unable to transfer from a wheelchair can still enjoy their 3D video without the motion seat. The theater, situated on the second level above the Hard Rock Cafe, is accessible by elevators.

  6. Can I ride if I experience motion sickness?

    This ride is not recommended for those susceptible to motion sickness or vertigo.

  7. Is the ride safe for someone with a medical condition to ride?

    The ride is not advisable for individuals with a heart condition, epilepsy, or other severe medical conditions.

  8. Can my child ride independently?

    Yes, children are permitted to ride on their own.

  9. Are there any age restrictions?

    You can ride at any age, provided the minimum height requirements are met.

  10. If you are or suspect you are pregnant, can you ride this ride?

    We do not recommend riding The Flyer San Francisco if you're pregnant, but any seat can be adjusted to restrict motion if needed.

  11. What is the minimum height requirement?

    You must be 40” or taller to ride.

Last updated June 29, 2024

The Flyer San Francisco Tickets

  • The Flyer San Francisco

    • Not recommended for pregnant women and visitors who suffer from a heart condition, epilepsy, motion sickness, or other severe medical conditions.
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    Discounted Price starts at $12.60

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