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Find the water park at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, 21300 I-45, Spring, TX 77373.


Hurricane Harbor Arlington opens on select days starting April 27 to May 28, 2025, from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Hours may vary. Please check the official website for more up-to-date hours of operation.

Children aged two and under receive free admission.

** Six Flags has limited purchases to 10 tickets per transaction. For purchases of more than 10 tickets, please create a separate transaction for the excess. **

Three people are enjoying a water slide at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. They are in a large yellow raft, sliding down with water splashing around them, under a bright blue sky. The Six Flags logo is visible in the corner. Image shows three individuals joyfully sliding down a vibrant yellow and blue water slide at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. The sun shines brightly, highlighting the excitement and splash of water around them.

Welcome to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, the best aquatic getaway in Houston!

Feeling the need to cool down and have fun at the same time? Where's the rush when Houston has the best water park to offer! Dive into a thrilling Paradise Plunge for a seven-story dive or take your family and friends to jump around in the rocky waters of the famous Tornado. Hurricane Harbor has all the thrills and excitement waiting for you.

Take a peek at all the exciting attractions that are available at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, from heart-pounding speed slides to more mellow activities suited for little visitors. Please stop by one of their eateries for a bite to eat and be sure to pick up some souvenirs at the gift shops before you leave.

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The image features the logos for Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor. The Six Flags logo is at the top in blue and yellow with a bold, stylized font. Below it, the Hurricane Harbor logo is presented in a similar style. Beneath the logos is a green checkmark with the text 'Authorized Seller' indicating the website's official partnership.

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Important Things You Need to Know Before Going

Park Hours and Schedule

Hurricane Harbor Splashtown plans to open their gates on limited days at the end of April till mid-May 2023. Regular park days and hours will continue from the end of May 2023 onwards. Their operating hours would vary but are usually from 11:00 AM till 6:00 PM. There are chances their hours may change without prior notice. To know the latest hours of operation, you can check Six Flags Splashtown's official website.

Safety Protocols

The CDC and local guidelines have updated their policies for safety against COVID.

  • Face coverings are no longer mandatory during your visit but are highly recommended for unvaccinated individuals.
  • Please, practice healthy hygiene during your visit. It is important for everyone's safety.

Park Policies

Dress Code

We recommend guests to wear appropriate clothing to maintain the family-friendly environment the waterpark is well known for. When swimming, please use proper bathing suits and/or board shorts. Skimpy and transparent swimwear is prohibited within the park.

Inclement Weather

There will be certain rides closed for everyone's safety on days when the weather is severe, such as heavy rainfall. Restaurants will remain open for everyone to be able to take shelter and relax a bit while the weather calms down. Rides will soon re-open as soon as it is determined it is safe to operate. There will be no refunds or rainchecks for inclement weather.


Trained working service animals are allowed inside but pets and emotional support animals are strictly prohibited.


If you need to do something outside the park but would still like to re-enter on the same day, have your hand stamped before exiting. You may re-enter at the re-entry gate and also acquire your stamp there.


Six Flags Splashtown is a smoke-free environment. All forms of smoking, including e-cigarettes and vaping are prohibited within the park. Guests will have to exit the front gate and smoke 25 feet away.

What to Expect Inside the Park?

Kids Rides

Tree House

Image showing a vibrant water attraction at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. In the foreground, water splashes down from a large slide onto a structure with multiple levels while trees and a clear blue sky fill the background. The Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor logos are prominent. An exciting water slide at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is captured, with water splashing down and a bright blue sky above. Green trees surround the attraction, emphasizing the park's vibrant atmosphere. The Six Flags logo is visible, adding to the theme park's identity.

The water park's massive Tree House is a watery playground made for your entire family to splash around in. Brightly colored slides, a watery splash from a bucket, maze-like pathways and water cannons for them to fire water are all in this amazing play area! This play area is enormous but with shallow waters, so even the smallest of your kids will have a safe place to play in.

Family Rides

Paradise River

Visitors enjoy a sunny day at Hurricane Harbor, lounging in colorful blue and yellow tube floats drifting along a lazy river ride. Trees surrounding the area provide a natural backdrop. The Six Flags logo appears at the bottom left with the park's name. Image shows a group of individuals leisurely floating on a lazy river. They are in brightly colored yellow and blue inflatable tubes. Green trees line the background, and there's a watermark text for Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. It's a sunny day and everyone appears relaxed and enjoying the water.

Grab yourselves some tubes and take a leisurely but cool ride through the park's one and only lazy river. You can bring your family and friends with you as everyone will float through the river, enjoying the views of different attractions and sights throughout the park. Since even the smallest kids can join in this watery journey, bring them along so that they can have a great splashing time!

Runaway Rapids

Image displays a water park feature at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. A large curving yellow water slide with black sections spirals down from a multi-level platform surrounded by lush green trees under a bright blue sky. The Six Flags logo is visible in the corner. Image shows a sunny view of a water park with large, twisting water slides in yellow and black. A tall platform with railings for accessing the slides towers above, surrounded by green trees. It's a bright, clear day. The logo for Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is prominently displayed.

Looking for a bit of a thrill? Check out this watery ride, where you can bring a tube and slide through a dark tunnel full of twists and turns where you won't see where you're going! As you make your way up the tower and slide your way down, you'll crash land into a shallow pool with your friends waiting. Just make sure to grab onto that tube and enjoy your splashtastic dive down!

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Wahoo Wave

Image displays a colorful water slide structure at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. Multiple slides in vibrant shades of green, blue, orange, and yellow twist from a tall platform surrounded by trees, with one slide ending in a large round opening. The sky is partly cloudy. A faux palm tree adds to the tropical theme. Image showing colorful water slides at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. The slides, in hues of blue, green, yellow, and red, twist and turn against a backdrop of trees and a clear sky. A logo is visible in the foreground.

Standing at six stories tall, Wahoo Wave is pretty hard to miss when you enter the park. Go ahead and grab up to three of your family or friends and dive in for one of the wettest rides of your life. You'll enter the tunnel slide, twisting around tight turns and slipping down as you drop three stories right into this ride's signature feature, a huge water wave wall! Slide vertically up the wall, and let gravity pull you back down with weightlessness right into the splash pool below.

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Thrill Rides

Big Spin

Image shows a water park slide at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. A vibrant scene with a towering water slide in the foreground and a pool at its base. Trees and additional water attractions can be seen in the distance under a blue sky with fluffy clouds. View of a water slide at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. The slide is large, tan, and orange, with a circular, open-air section at the end. Trees and blue skies are visible in the background, along with other park amenities. The Six Flags logo is at the bottom.

We've all been there, watching the water drain from the tub and sink and you've always wondered, “what's it like to be in a whirlpool?” Look no further as you jump right in and take a long twisting path down the drain in this exciting watery spin of a ride! Hop on as you dive down the tunnel as you're thrown down with enough force to swirl you down before flushing to the pool below.


A person is surfing on a simulated wave at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. They are wearing a black rash guard and blue shorts, concentrated while balancing on a yellow board amidst the foamy, artificial surf. The bright blue sky and water slide structures enhance the lively ambiance of the water park. A person is surfing on a simulated wave at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. They wear a black rash guard and board shorts, balancing on a yellow board with focus and ease against a backdrop of rushing blue water and a bright, clear sky. The park's logo is visible at the bottom.

Grab a board and ride the waves without stepping foot into the ocean! Hurricane Harbor's very own surf simulator offers a fun experience for surfers of all ages and skill levels. From beginners to pros, everyone is welcome to try and get in on the action of surfing! Have an awesome time while you improve your surfing skills!

GreatWorkPerks Tips for You!

Purchase Hurricane Harbor Splashtown tickets in advance.

To enjoy the best prices and discounted deals on your Hurricane Harbor Splashtown tickets, we highly recommend you buy them in advance through GreatWorkPerks to enjoy savings of up to 57% each!

Arrive Early

Arriving earlier is the best bet to maximize the fun with your family and friends! You won't have to rush over trying everything once you're there - indeed, have fun and take your time!

Bring Your Card!

The park will only be accepting card payments (in all locations) for the following - parking toll booths, restaurants, retail stores, and ticket windows. You may pay using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or a debit card. There is also a cash-to-card conversion inside the park entrance (or another Cash-to-Card Kiosk inside).

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to make a reservation prior to visiting?

    No, reservations are not needed.

  2. Does the waterpark have free parking?

    No, parking can be purchased separately. This may only be paid using a card or other mobile payment methods.

  3. Where is the waterpark located?

    It is located at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, 21300 I-45, Spring, TX 77373.

  4. What are the park's operating hours?

    The park's operating hours vary daily. They will be open by late May 2023. They will start opening daily by June 2023. Their operating hours will be around 11:00 AM till 6:00 PM. You may check their official website for the latest schedule updates .

  5. Do I get a refund if I don't want to go anymore?

    All Hurricane Harbor Splashtown discount tickets are non-transferable, non-refundable, and non-exchangeable.

  6. Do you offer rainchecks?

    Six Flags does not offer rain checks.

  7. How soon will I get my Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks

    You will receive Hurricane Harbor Splashtown tickets instantly, along with your receipt. Hurricane Harbor Splashtown tickets are sent via the provided email at checkout. You may call us if you have any further questions.

  8. Do I need to print my Hurricane Harbor Splashtown tickets?

    You do not have to print out your eticket. Present your Hurricane Harbor Splashtown ticket from your phone, and you'll be ready to go inside - easy and fast! Purchasing through GreatWorkPerks is great!

  9. Do children get in for free at the park?

    Children under the age of 2 get in the park for FREE without having to purchase Hurricane Harbor Splashtown tickets.

  10. Should I buy my child a separate Hurricane Harbor Splashtown discount ticket?

    Yes, kids 3 years old and up need Hurricane Harbor Splashtown discount tickets.

  11. Can I bring a selfie stick or monopod to the park?

    Selfie sticks, and other similar items are not allowed inside Hurricane Harbor. .

  12. Can I bring my pet to Hurricane Harbor Splashtown?

    Pets are not allowed inside the Six Flags Theme parks, with the exemption of trained service animals.

  13. Can I re-enter the waterpark on the same day?

    Yes. You must have your hands stamped at the gate before leaving.

  14. Can I smoke inside the waterpark?

    They do not allow smoking inside as the park is a smoke-free environment. If you want to smoke, you may do so at the exit the gate at least 25 feet away.

  15. Can I bring food and beverages to the park?

    No. Outside food and drinks are not allowed inside. The only exceptions are for food allergies and infant food in non-glass jars.

Last updated April 15, 2024.

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