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Buy your LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia discount tickets today and enjoy up to 20% off the gate price.

Adults must be accompanied by a child to visit LEGOLAND Philadelphia.

Re-entry on the same day is not allowed after you exit.

Test the Incredible!

A joyous adult and child engage with colorful Lego blocks at Legoland. The adult, on the left, smiles at the camera, while the child, on the right, focuses on assembling blocks. The background is adorned with vibrant Lego creations, and the Legoland Resort logo is visible. Image features an adult and a child smiling and engaging with colorful Lego blocks. They're situated in front of a vibrant background made of large Lego structures. The bottom left corner has the LEGOLAND Discovery Center logo. The atmosphere suggests a fun and creative play environment suitable for all ages.

Fun for the whole family, this indoor LEGO® park features rides, attractions, a 4D theater, and millions of LEGO Bricks. Waving a magic wand while riding the interactive Imagination Express will get you points. You can also watch your favorite characters in the LEGO 4D Theater and work with master builders to make incredible LEGO creations!

Get your LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia tickets today and immerse yourself in the world of LEGOs!

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Image featuring Legoland Discovery Center's logo, with a house outline and Lego brick design. Below, a badge indicates the status of an Authorized Seller. The text and logos are in red and black set against a white background.

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Things You Need to Know Before Going!

Operating Hours

Since the theme park’s operating hours vary daily, you should visit the official website of the Discovery Center to get the latest update on hours of operation.

Theme Park Location

The Discovery Center is at the bottom level of Plymouth Meeting Mall, close to door #5, right next to Boscov's and directly across from Benihana. Look for the large LEGO® Giraffe outside as you get to the mall!


Visitors can park for free at Plymouth Meeting Mall.

What to Expect Inside?

Imagination Express

Explore a vibrant, imaginative, and interactive LEGO universe. Use your wand like a magic trick to rack up points and compare your score at the end to that of your fellow travelers. This experience is included in your LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia tickets from GreatWorkPerks

Image showing two distinct scenes. On the left, a woman and a boy marvel at a detailed LEGO model cityscape with bright lights and intricate buildings. On the right, a family wearing 3D glasses enjoys a vibrant movie experience in a dark theater, with light particles suggesting on-screen action. The logo for LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia is in the bottom left corner. The image shows two distinct scenes. On the left, a mother and son marvel at a LEGO model city with intricate buildings. On the right, a family of four is enjoying a 3D movie in a theater, wearing 3D glasses, with expressions of excitement and amusement. The LEGO logo is visible in the bottom left corner, indicating a LEGOLAND attraction.


Check out this one million-plus LEGO® brick model of Philadelphia's most famous landmarks and experience the City of Brotherly Love up close!

LEGO 4D Cinema

In this 4D theater, you may experience thrilling adventures alongside your favorite LEGO characters. Watch for the exploding wind, rain, and snow effects that bring the movies to life!

Pirate Adventure Island

Yo ho ho! They have a LEGO pirate ship in the soft play area that you may ride around and have a pirate adventure!

Family of four smiling with a life-sized Lego pirate character at Legoland Discovery Center Philadelphia. The background features colorful Lego-themed designs, and the Legoland logo is at the bottom. Everyone appears joyful, contributing to a playful and vibrant atmosphere. A family of four stands smiling with a life-sized Lego pirate character at LEGOLAND Discovery Center. They are poised in front of a playful, colorful background suggestive of an indoor Lego-themed play area. The LEGOLAND Discovery Center logo is visible in the lower-left corner.

Meet your Favorite LEGO Characters

Create a lasting memory by posing for a picture with some of your favorite LEGO® figures built to life-like size.

LEGO NINJAGO Training Camp

Help defend NINJAGO from its raiding attackers by using your flexibility, agility, creativity, and LEGO brick-building skills through various interactive and challenges! Your LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia tickets from GreatWorkPerks include this must-visit area that helps enhance your building skills!

Image shows a joyful moment between a man and a child at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia. The man, embracing the child from behind, both smile brightly at the camera. They are engaged in building a colorful LEGO structure at a play area, hinting at the creative and fun experiences available at the center. Image of a smiling adult and child building with LEGO bricks at a LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. They're at a colorful stand with 'BUILD TEST' signage in the background, indicating an interactive play area. The LEGOLAND logo is visible in the corner.

LEGO Racers: Build & Test

In this Build & Test area, you can construct a high-speed car and then race it on the test track against your friends. How fast can your car get to the finish line?

Build Challenge Circle

Get up there and shine onstage! Experience a tale, put your creative skills to work by building something out of LEGOs, or chat with Bertie, the LEGO Group's mascot.

Earthquake Tables

Have you ever tried using LEGO bricks to construct the tallest skyscraper imaginable? How does your tower fare when the ground suddenly shakes? Put your building talents to the test at the earthquake table now! Get your kid a LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia ticket to test out you own inventions!

Arctic Adventure

See the Arctic-themed LEGO display featuring a digital interactive build table, large-scale Arctic-themed building challenges, and picture ops with the great LEGO polar bear.

LEGO Friends

Add your twist to the story of Andrea, Mia, Olivia, Stephanie, and Emma from LEGO® Friends by building a vibrant city! Whether you like music, science, sports, nature, or the arts, the fab five's styles will spark your creativity in this hands-on play space.

Image features a vibrant play area at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia. A child is building with large red LEGO bricks, while another plays on a colorful structure. A smiling adult supervises a happy child by a blue slide. Bright colors and the center's logo are prominent. A bright and colorful playroom at Legoland Discovery Centre. Two children are joyfully playing with large Lego bricks, while a smiling adult is crouched down assisting a child with their construction. Walls are decorated with Lego blocks and playful designs, creating a vibrant and engaging environment for family fun.

DUPLO Village

The DUPLO® Park has an animal theme, so young builders can let their imaginations run wild! Create a vibrant bloom for the garden, or goof off in the cottage.

GreatWorkPerks Tips and Tricks!

Purchase your LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia tickets in advance.

Tickets to LEGOLAND Philadelphia may be purchased at a discount of 20% through GreatWorkPerks, making it a superb discount option. And the only way to enter is by pre-purchasing admission online in advance.

Arrive Early at the LEGO Discovery Center.

As reservation passes are timed and dated, getting to the play center early before your booked visit or opening times is ideal. What's more, you can make the most of your visit!

Bring your card for payment!

The LEGOLAND Philadelphia theme park is currently cashless. If you make any purchases in the gift shop or the cafe, have your card with you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Do I need a reservation to enter the LEGO play area?

    Yes. At checkout, you will choose a date and time of your choice.

  2. How do I get the 20% discount from GreatWorkPerks

    No need to use voucher codes – discounts are automatically applied during purchase.

  3. Where is the Discovery Center in Philadelphia located?

    It is located at LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Philadelphia, Plymouth Meeting Mall, Unit #1055, 500 West Germantown Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462.

  4. Is parking free?

    Yes. Parking is free for visitors at Plymouth Meeting Mall.

  5. Can I get a refund if I am not able to go?

    LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia tickets are non-refundable, exchangeable, and transferable.

  6. Do they accept cash payments inside?

    They are currently cashless. Be sure to bring your card when you visit.

  7. Should I buy my child a separate LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia ticket?

    Yes, kids ages 2 to 10 need an admission pass to enter the playground. However, young visitors under the age of 1 get in for free as long as they entering with an adult.

  8. How soon will I receive my LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia discount tickets?

    You will have them instantly, along with your receipt!

  9. Do I need to print them?

    It's up to you! You can have them printed out or show them from your mobile device for easy entry.

  10. Can adults visit without any children?

    Adults must be accompanied by at least one child aged 17 and under. Adults may enter without a child on Adult Night events as it is intended for Adult Fans of LEGO.

  11. Do children get inside the Center without an adult?

    No. Young visitors must also be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years or older to enter.

  12. Can I enter on the same day after exiting the Discovery Center?

    We're sorry, but re-entry is not permitted.

  13. How long am I allowed to stay inside the Center?

    Typical visits last 2 to 3 hours, but you can stay as long as you want.

  14. Are visits guided?

    No. Visits are not guided to encourage families to interact and explore things together.

  15. Am I allowed to bring food and drink inside?

    Strictly no outside foods and beverages are allowed inside, unless caring for a baby or food allergies.

  16. Are there any food stalls inside the Center?

    Yes. LEGOLAND Philadelphia offers delicious foods and snacks, cold beverages, and coffee.

  17. Is the playground accessible for wheelchair users?

    Yes! The Center is fully accessible to visitors with disabilities. Wheelchair and stroller rentals are not available at the attraction.

  18. Can I still enter even if I'm a half hour late?

    Yes, you can still enter; however, you can expect longer wait times than usual, as other visitors are coming in for their scheduled time.

Last updated April 06, 2023.

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