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What is Crayola Experience?

Banner image showcasing two scenes: on the left, a child watches as red crayon wax is poured into a mold, and on the right, several people sit at a table, coloring, with a giant crayon cup filled with colorful crayons in the background. The Crayola Experience logo is visible. Image shows a lively indoor playground scene with colorful attractions. On the left, children are enjoying a red slide, and on the right, a group gathers around a yellow spinner cup ride. Excitement and activity fill the space, conveying an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment.

If you are looking for the most colorful destination to visit with your family, Crayola Experience is absolutely the perfect place to go! With its 60,000 square feet of colorful attraction, kids and kids at heart will surely experience the true magic of Crayola. Kids' creativity will prosper as they freely color outside the lines, learn, explore, and play!

Enjoy the fun-filled colorful journey with your family in this attraction located inside the Mall of America. Purchase your discount Crayola Experience ticket now to experience the color, technology, and chemistry all magically combined to give you a wonderful experience in one place!

Can Adults go to the Crayola Experience?

Image shows two joyful scenes side by side. On the left, large, oversized crayons are displayed with a smiling child and adult peeking in between. The right depicts three children happily showing off small, colorful wax sculptures. The environment suggests a playful and creative space, with a logo of Crayola Experience at the bottom left. Image shows a group of joyful children holding up Crayola crayons and toy figurines. They're standing in front of a colorful display of Crayola products, smiling brightly. The focus is on fun and creativity.

It is one of the most popular and fun kid attractions. But the good news is, it's fun for adults too! This 60,000 square-foot attraction also houses hands-on activities for adults you will definitely enjoy. Make sure to participate in their fun adult event called "Crayola After Dark".

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The image features the Crayola Experience logo with the text 'Crayola' in its signature font and rainbow colors, followed by 'Experience' in green. Below it reads 'Mall of America' to signify location. At the bottom, a badge states 'AUTHORIZED SELLER' with a lock icon, indicating official merchandise availability.

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A boy and a girl are enjoying a lively show with a neon-lit stage featuring animated figures. The girl, on the right, is smiling and dancing with her arm raised, while the boy, on the left, watches the performance intently. Bright pink beams of light and blue stage lights add to the festive atmosphere. Two children are enjoying a vibrant light show with a deep blue backdrop. In the foreground, a girl with long hair is dancing joyfully with her arm raised, while a boy sits facing the stage, captivated by the spectacle. The stage gleams with bright lights and illuminated figures that add to the lively atmosphere. The Spectra logo is visible in the corner, suggesting a sponsored event or venue.

Things to do at Crayola Experience

Families often spend 3-4 hours of their day in Mall of America exploring 26 colorful attractions in Crayola Experience. Here are a list of some of the must-try hands-on activities with the kids included in your Crayola Experience discount ticket:

  1. Silly Selfies

    If your kid loves coloring and technology at the same time, they will surely love this activity that lets them color a digital mask. They can even choose to become a rock star parrot, robot unicorn, or zany pirate bunny. There are a lot of possible combinations that will challenge your kids' creativity with no limit! That's not all, their zany selfie will be projected on a big screen where they can walk up to it, touch it, or even animate it! Kids will surely enjoy their project being projected into a royal room or underwater seascape!

  2. Activity Studio

    Imagination is the only limit in this hands-on activity allowing the kid to explore craft-themed projects like a jungle explorer, superhero, or rock star. Kids will enjoy the cutting, coloring, and pasting activity in this area. So if your kid is into this kind of activity, this is the best place for them.

  3. Modeling Madness

    Sculpting is one of the activities that can challenge the kids' creativity and imagination. Using Crayola's Model Magic compound, they can sculpt anything that they can imagine! They can model it using dough and they can also color it using unique Crayola markers without messy crumbs.

  4. Melt and Mold

    The image showcases two separate scenes. On the left, a joyful boy in a striped blue shirt stands with arms raised under vibrant, dripping paint resembling rainbows. To the right, a smiling adult in a white lab coat assists a child in a yellow hard hat, engaging with a pink, gooey substance using a mallet. The Crayola Experience logo is visible in the corner, indicating a colorful, interactive setting for family fun. Two images side by side. On the left, a joyful boy with hands raised under vibrant, dripping paint reminiscent of melting rainbows. On the right, another boy wearing a yellow hard hat is assisted by a smiling adult in a lab coat, exploring a bubbly pink substance with a giant magnifying glass. Both scenes convey playful learning experiences.

    Here, kids can melt their favorite Crayola color and mold it into either a critter, ring, or even their special characters! All they have to do is to add their favorite crayon color into a molding machine and watch it melt and mold.

  5. Drip Art

    There's nothing more amusing than creating swirls and whirls of colors! In this fun activity, kids can load their favorite color into a machine and let it drip into paper. As the machine spins, it will create an amazing spiral art like no other!

  6. Rainbow Rain

    You might hear others saying that there is a rainbow after the rain. But in this activity, the rain and the rainbow happen at the same time! Here kids watch their image being drenched with colorful pouring rain. This colorful raining experience is controlled by their movement making it more interactive.

  7. Draw on the Walls

    Do you ever feel bothered because your kid keeps on coloring the walls in your house? Worry no more! In this attraction, kids can freely color the walls with colorful chalks! It is the cutest 'neighborhood' you can be in.

  8. You Design

    Do they dream of becoming a designer someday? Let them have a taste of their dream with cool experience. Here, they can color and digitally accessorize their own designs to their own preference. Not only that! They can also show it off on the spotlight, dress with it, and walk on the runway with a huge projected screen! These are all possible with your purchase of Crayola Experience discount ticket!

What to do after the hands-on activities?

After all the imaginative hands-on activities with the kids, there are other fun things to experience in the neighborhood. With your Crayola Experience discount ticket, make sure to stop by these places:

  1. Café Stage

    Stop by the Café Stage where you can enjoy a live show while eating! This live show will help you learn the science and magic behind your favorite colors! They will show how your favorite Crayola products are made. Catch this show daily at 1 pm.

  2. Visit the Crayola Store

    This image is split into two segments. On the left, a joyful girl hugs oversized plush crayons with cartoonish eyes and smiles. On the right, two kids excitedly hold hands and run towards a life-sized green crayon mascot with a friendly face, accompanied by a boy in orange. The background shows colorful, brightly lit settings enhancing the playful atmosphere. The image is split into two sections. On the left, a smiling girl holding plush crayons in purple, green, and red. On the right, three children running gleefully towards a mascot resembling a green crayon. A vibrant yellow-orange backdrop creates a joyful atmosphere. The Crayola Experience logo is visible in the bottom left corner.

    Get the cutest and most colorful souvenirs in the Crayola Store. They have the widest selection of Crayola products and merchandise from plush to apparel.

Where can you eat at Crayola Experience?

The kids might feel hungry after all the fun-filled activities. To refuel the day, you can stop by this exceptional café:

Café Crayola

Here, you have a wide variety of delicious meals to choose from. They serve fresh hot dogs, pizza, chicken nuggets, fries, nachos, Dippin Dots, Pepsi soft drinks, popcorn, and many more! They are located just inside the attraction.

Tips for Visiting Crayola Experience

Get the most out of your Crayola Experience discount ticket with these tips:

  1. Purchase your Crayola Experience tickets in advance

    Kids often get bored falling in line at the entry gates. As a tip, we recommend that you purchase your Crayola Experience ticket before the day of your visit. It is also a great idea to purchase discount tickets to save a few bucks.

  2. Bring extra clothes

    Some of the hands-on activities will challenge the kids to dance and move. Just in case they might need to change their clothes, carry extra ones.

  3. Charge your batteries

    Surely, you’ll need your mobile phones to capture your kid’s colorful experience! Make sure that your batteries are fully charged and carry extra power banks if you can. Not to mention that you will also need to use your phone to present your discount Crayola Experience ticket at the entrance.

  4. Wear comfortable footwear

    Make sure to let your kid wear footwear where they feel comfortable to move around freely in the attraction. Any foot aches will definitely ruin the day!

  5. Plan your visit

    Make sure to avoid any unwanted circumstances. Prior to your visit, check their operating hours, their parking areas, their addresses, and even the places where you can stay near the attraction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are reservations required?

    No, you can visit the attraction without reservation.

  2. Do I need to purchase an advance date-specific ticket to visit?

    No, it is not necessary to purchase advance date-specific ticket.

  3. Where is Crayola Experience located?

    The attraction is located at 300 South Avenue Level 3, Bloomington, MN 55425, United States.

  4. What time does the park open?

    Operating hours may change anytime. The park is usually open from 10 AM to 6 PM.

  5. What days are the busiest?

    Crayola Experience can be found inside the Mall of America so expect a busier day during the weekends.

  6. Is wearing of mask required?

    They recommend their guests wear a mask but it is not required.

  7. Is there free parking?

    There is a lot of free parking around the Mall of America.

  8. Do I need to print my discount tickets?

    No, just present your discount Crayola Experience ticket through your mobile phone.

  9. How soon will I receive my discount tickets?

    Right after your purchase in GreatWorkPerks, you will receive your Crayola Experience discount ticket.

  10. Is re-entry allowed?

    Yes, you can exit the attraction and re-enter the same day. Make sure that your hand stamp is still visible. You can also re-enter by presenting your Crayola Experience ticket at the gate.

Last updated April 01, 2024.

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