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On stage, a performer executes a backflip over another who's lying down, while musicians, including a saxophonist, play by a yellow taxi and beach umbrella. The setting has vibrant lighting with a blue backdrop. The Cirque du Soleil logo is visible. A dynamic stage performance featuring two acrobats, with one performer flipped upside down mid-air above the other who is lying on the ground. A classic yellow taxi and performers dressed in various costumes, including musicians, decorate the vibrant set in the background.

Discover Mad Apple, a fantastic show by Cirque du Soleil at New York-New York Hotel & Casino. It's a mix of cool acrobatics, music, dance, magic, and funny moments inspired by New York City. The show brings different parts of the city to life, featuring talented performers and musicians. Get ready for a lively experience, join the crowd, and enjoy the best of New York's nightlife.

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Embark on an extraordinary journey with Mad Apple

It’s not just a show, but an immersive experience! Enjoy pre-show magic, sip on crafty cocktails at the chic stage bar, and groove to live tunes inspired by the city. Watch as they redefine entertainment in Las Vegas and the dynamic cast blends music, dance, comedy, circus arts, and magic.

Here's a sneak peek into the acts:

NY Club

Step into a New York Club, where famous faces and fabulous cocktails set the vibe!0

Welcome to NY

Taxi Cab Tumblers flip across five boroughs, leaving you stunned!

In Vogue

The Gala Girl arrives at the Met in a high-fashion spectacle that's truly mesmerizing!

City of Dreams

Witness the Bridge Stormers gracefully leaping across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge!

The Game

Get into the Game with the incredible moves of the NoHo Nets!

Mad Music

Let iconic New York-inspired hits steal the show!

A person with dreadlocks is joyfully playing the drums on stage, surrounded by green lighting. The focus is on the drummer in motion, with drumsticks in the air and a delighted expression on their face. A drummer with dreadlocks is performing passionately on stage under green lighting. They are in mid-motion, holding drumsticks, and appear joyous amidst a backdrop of drums and cymbals. A watermark with an emblem is at the bottom right.

Empire State

Experience an Empire State of Mind with a death-defying industrial act that will leave you breathless!

Tips for a Fantastic Mad Apple Experience:

  1. Secure Your Tickets Early:

    Purchase your discount Mad Apple tickets from GreatWorkPerks in advance to guarantee entry on your chosen date. Your dated tickets also act as your reservations.

  2. Arrive with Time to Spare:

    Plan ahead for parking, venue entry, seat finding, restroom visits, a quick snack, and settling comfortably into your seats. The show runs approximately 80 minutes, so ensure you're comfortably seated for the entire performance.

  3. Dress for Comfort

    Opt for comfortable attire despite being seated. Enjoy the show in clothing that ensures maximum comfort throughout the performance!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are reservations required?

    Yes, reservations are mandatory. Your Mad Apple discount tickets will serve as your reservation.

  2. Where can I watch the show?

    You can catch the show at New York-New York Hotel & Casino, located at 3790 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

  3. On which dates can I watch the show?

    Show dates may vary. Please check the official site for the most up-to-date show schedules.

  4. Why is the minimum age for a guest 18 years old?

    The show incorporates adult language and themes, especially during comedy segments, making it unsuitable for a younger audience. To maintain the intended atmosphere and content, guests under 18 are not permitted.

  5. How long will the show run?

    The show has an approximate runtime of 80 minutes!

  6. Do the acts at the show change?

    Yes, the show features a rotating cast, introducing new talent multiple times a year.

  7. Where can you get a cocktail before the show?

    A unique feature of the show is its stage bar, replicating a New York nightclub ambiance. Attendees are encouraged to arrive early, enjoy a drink from the stage bars, and experience close-up magic while awaiting the start of the show.

  8. How soon do I receive my discount Mad Apple tickets?

    Your discount Mad Apple tickets will be sent to your chosen email immediately after checkout.

Last updated February 09, 2024


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