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Tickets are non-refundable.

Disclaimer: The Mirror Maze includes varying patterns of light and dark, high-volume music, and strobe lighting effects, which may affect visitors with light sensitivities. It is advised that individuals with epilepsy or photosensitive conditions consider this before visiting.

Overview of Mirror Maze

Image of a mirror maze with multiple reflective surfaces creating an illusion of a never-ending corridor. Panels are purplish with soft lighting. Floors have a blue glow. The  Mirror Maze  logo is visible in the lower left corner. Image of a mirror maze with a series of purple, vertical panels creating a labyrinthine path. The mirrored surfaces reflect the panels and lights, creating the illusion of an infinite corridor. The floor appears to be carpeted in violet. The logo in the lower left corner reads 'Mirror Maze' with a stylized graphic of a maze beneath the text.

Get ready for an adventure that will light up your world! Picture yourself wandering through a vibrant landscape where neon lights dazzle, and electric beats energize the air around you. As you journey through endless corridors, every twist and turn greets you with a delightful surprise, making each moment more exciting than the last.

This adventure isn't just about what you see; it's a full-on sensory experience that mixes stunning visuals with the thrill of discovery. Imagine immersing yourself in a world where every corner invites you to explore the magic of light and sound, leaving you with memories that sparkle long after the adventure ends. Dive into the extraordinary journey, where magic awaits at every step, and each discovery is a treasure. Buy your Mirror Maze tickets today!

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Mirror Maze Magic: A Luminous Adventure Awaits

Image shows two pairs of people standing opposite each other separated by a mirror, their reflections visible. On one side, two young men lean on the mirror's edge, smiling. On the other, two young women stand close, one with her hands clasped together, both appearing joyful. Text 'MIRROR MAZE' is seen at the bottom. Image shows a group of people in a corridor lined with mirrors, expressing excitement and anticipation. On the left, a man and woman peek around a corner, while on the right, two women engage in a delighted conversation. The scene suggests a lively, interactive environment.

Discover this amazing attraction: a captivating mix of fun, mystery, and illusion for all ages. Check out its top features:

Maze Adventure

Grab your friends and dive into the maze of mirrors! It's a playful challenge that'll have you twisting and turning, laughing as you try to figure out which way is up.

Perfect for testing your navigation skills in the most fun way possible. Buy your discounted Mirror Maze tickets through GreatWorkPerks today!

Lights and Sounds

Step into a world where reflections come alive with vibrant light and sounds. This dazzling combo turns your maze experience into a magical journey, adding a sprinkle of wonder to every step you take.

Snap and Share

Every corner of the maze is a photo op waiting to happen. Capture quirky selfies or group pics with the stunning backdrop of light and mirrors. It's your chance to fill your feed with some genuinely eye-catching shots!

Interactive Fun

Keep an eye out for the interactive surprises hidden throughout the maze. These playful touches add an extra layer of fun, surprising you when you least expect it and making your maze exploration even more engaging.

Infinity Room

Don't miss the Infinity Room, a spellbinding space where mirrors stretch space into forever. It's a jaw-dropping spot that feels like stepping into another dimension - a must-see for an unforgettable highlight of your visit.

Top 5 Tips for a Fantastic Experience at Mirror Maze

Image depicts two women inside a vibrant mirror maze. The woman on the left with curly hair is smiling, wearing a black top and jeans, partially visible through reflections. The woman on the right, with straight red hair in a white top and brown pants, appears multiple times due to the mirrors. The words 'Mirror Maze' with a colorful underline adorn the image's bottom. Image shows two women enjoying a mirror maze. On the left, one woman, in a cream top and brown skirt, pushes against a mirror with a smile. In the background, another woman in blue jeans laughs. On the right, the former is seen smiling directly ahead. Bright colors add to the lively atmosphere.
  1. Wear Comfortable Shoes:

    You'll be walking and possibly taking unexpected turns as you navigate the maze. Comfortable footwear ensures you can enjoy the adventure without any discomfort.

  2. Stay Close to Your Groups:

    It's easy to get separated in the twists and turns of the maze. Keep your group in sight to enjoy the experience together and help each other through the challenging parts.

  3. Take Your Time:

    Rushing through the maze might mean missing out on some of the interactive elements and beauty of the light and mirror effects. Slow down and savor the experience.

  4. Capture the Moments:

    The unique environment of the mirror maze creates perfect photo opportunities. Make sure your phone or camera is charged and ready to capture those picture-perfect shots!

  5. Follow the Maze Etiquette:

    Be mindful of other visitors by keeping a moderate pace and not blocking pathways. This ensures everyone can enjoy the maze at their own pace and have a pleasant experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is the attraction located?

    It is located at 1 American Dream Way, East Rutherford, NJ 07073.

  2. What are the maze's operating hours?

    The attraction is open from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily.

  3. Is parking included in my Mirror Maze tickets?

    No, but the first 30 minutes are complimentary. After that, a parking fee starting at $5 will be charged to you for the rest of your stay.

  4. Are reservations required?

    Reservations are not required, but you must pick a date to visit. GreatWorkPerks Mirror Maze discount tickets are dated tickets.

  5. Do I need a Mirror Maze ticket to enter?

    Yes, all visitors aged three and over should have a Mirror Maze ticket to enter. Children two and under get in for free.

  6. How many people are permitted per group?

    Currently, the attraction allows a maximum of four people per group inside.

  7. Do I need to wear a mask inside?

    Masks are optional for vaccinated visitors but recommended for all, especially those not fully vaccinated, along with physical distancing (6 feet apart).

  8. How is the attraction being sanitized?

    Enhanced cleaning protocols are in place, targeting frequent contact surfaces in line with EPA and CDC guidelines.

  9. Do I need to print my discounted Mirror Maze tickets?

    No need. Present your Mirror Maze tickets through your mobile device for faster and easier entry.

  10. How quickly will I receive my GreatWorkPerks Mirror Maze discount ticket?

    You will receive your Mirror Maze discount tickets instantly, along with your receipt. Please note that these tickets are e-tickets, and we will send them to your email.

Last updated April 26, 2024.

Mirror Maze Tickets

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