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Reservations are required. Please call us at 888-295-7375 from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM PST to make your reservations and for up-to-date show schedules and availability. These tickets are valid for general admission seats. Upgrades are available upon request.

Step Back in Time with Buena Park Medieval Times Discount Tickets!

The image displays a Medieval Times dinner and tournament event. Featured are knights in colorful traditional armor on horseback, each sporting distinct banners with heraldic symbols. The arena is dimly lit with spotlights highlighting the participants, while an excited audience watches from the sidelines. The setting evokes a sense of historical reenactment and festive competition. This image shows a Medieval Times dinner and tournament scene. Performers in colorful, historic knight costumes parade on horseback in an arena. They carry banners representing different houses. Spectators are seated in the background watching the vibrant procession.

Join us for an enchanting evening where valor reigns and laughter fills the air. From the moment you enter the castle, you'll be part of a vibrant celebration of courage and chivalry, all in honor of the Queen. It's not just an event; it's a journey back to the thrilling era of Medieval Spain, where every moment is a story waiting to unfold.

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Don't miss out on this magical adventure. Gather friends and family and create memories together that will last forever. Medieval Times Buena Park is a family-friendly event, perfect for all ages. Book discounted Buena Park Medieval Times tickets now, and let the merriment begin!

Can you buy swords at Medieval Times?

Indeed, when you visit the Hall of Arms inside Medieval Times, you will have the opportunity to purchase authentic replicas of medieval swords!

Soak in the rich historical ambiance, browse through a stunning collection of medieval arms, and select a souvenir sword to bring the spirit of the past into your home.

Can you choose your seats at Medieval Times?

Seating at Medieval Times is strategically assigned based on when you arrive, the details of your ticket type, and how many guests are in your group.

We advise arriving early as the doors open to secure the best seats in your designated section, helping you avoid the rush and ensuring a premium spot to enjoy the night's festivities!

For smoother preparation, it's a good idea to purchase your Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Buena Park tickets in advance at a discount through GreatWorkPerks.

Is Medieval Times worth it?

Absolutely! Dive into an era of chivalry and combat at Medieval Times where live jousting, swordplay, and a hearty four-course meal provide a spectacular evening!

This immersive event not only entertains but transports you back to a time of knights and royal feasts, offering an unforgettable experience for guests of all ages.

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What to Expect with Your Buena Park Medieval Times Tickets?

Castle Arrival

Image shows a sunny view of a building with medieval-style architecture, including a tower with flags and battlements. There's lush green ivy covering part of the structure and surrounding walls. A neatly trimmed hedge lines the road in front, and a digital sign with a message is visible to the left. The text overlay at the bottom identifies the location as a themed dinner and tournament venue. A sunny street view featuring a medieval-style castle with towers and flags. Dense green ivy covers the right portion of the facade. A roadside sign indicates the presence of a dinner and tournament venue. Palm trees add to the picturesque Southern California setting.

Head to Buena Park for a unique journey to the 11th century at Medieval Times. It is perfect for anyone looking to add a dash of historical fun to their day. You can enjoy the free parking. (Remember to soak up the sun and ambiance in the castle's exclusive outdoor courtyard before diving into the medieval experience.)

Entering the Castle

Image shows two individuals in a playful face-off at a Medieval Times event. On the left, a person in a royal crown smiles, holding the chin of the person on the right, who is wearing a knight helmet and chainmail coif, and is playfully shouting or cheering. The background suggests an indoor setting with medieval-themed decorations. The Medieval Times logo is visible indicating dinner and tournament entertainment. Two individuals are playfully gearing up in medieval-style hats, one wearing a crown and the other a helmet. They seem to be having a cheerful interaction, set against a blurred indoor background with warm lighting and flags. The image promotes Medieval Times dinner and tournament events.

The adventure kicks off an hour before the show, providing ample time for photos and mingling. Embrace your arrival with a spirited photo op and consider a pre-show drink to start the festivities. Don't forget to buy your Buena Park Medieval Times discount tickets to head straight into the fun!

Inside the Castle

A young child with short hair peers curiously through a set of darkly stained wooden bars, perhaps awaiting a Medieval Times show. The child's reflection is visible on the shiny surface, adding a sense of anticipation. The logo for Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament appears in the corner, suggesting an engaging themed experience ahead. A young child with short hair is looking out a window with a thoughtful expression, resting their chin on their hand. The vibe is contemplative and calm. Below is a logo for 'Milliard Star Original Entertainment'.

The Hall of Arms awaits, brimming with sights that'll spark your imagination. Don't miss out on exploring their unique shops for a memorable keepsake, enjoying a drink at the bar, or meeting the majestic falcons and Andalusian stallions.

Seating and Feast

Image of a row of banquet tables set up for the Medieval Times dinner and tournament. Each place setting includes a yellow flag with the Medieval Times logo, red napkins, metal bowls, and drinking vessels. The arena background is dimly lit with a blue hue. The Medieval Times logo is visible in the foreground. The image displays a row of tables set with plates and red flags on poles, featuring Asian-style text. The foreground shows empty plates and golden-rimmed bowls, while a blue-lit stage is visible in the background. A notable banner at the top left corner appears to advertise an event but is partially obscured.

As the call to table echoes, find your seat by crown color and prepare for a feast fit for royalty. With attentive service and accommodations for dietary needs, your experience is guaranteed to be seamless and satisfying.

The Tournament Begins

Image shows two knights in a staged combat at a Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament event. One knight, wearing a black and red outfit with a helmet, faces away from the viewer. The other, in a blue tunic with yellow fleur-de-lis, faces toward the viewer, holding a sword ready. An excited crowd watches in the background. The Medieval Times logo appears at the bottom. Two knights at Medieval Times are engaged in a staged battle for a lively audience. One knight in a red and black ensemble wields a shield and sword, while another in blue and white carries a halberd. Both are in motion, evoking the excitement of a historical tournament. The blurred background shows spectators seated, watching the performance.

Get ready for two hours of exhilarating action, from jousting to falconry, in an experience you won't soon forget. Embrace the side effects of enthusiastic cheering—it's all part of the fun!

Cherished Moments

An adult and child wear paper crowns and engage in playful swordplay at Medieval Times. They are smiling, surrounded by thematic decor, with armor and banners in the background, enhancing the historic ambiance. Image depicts a playful sword fight between two people wearing paper crowns in a festively decorated room with a medieval theme. Others watch in the background, smiling. The ambiance is jovial, matching an event or family entertainment setting.

As the night concludes, the joy of the experience lingers. We're thrilled to have shared this adventure with you and look forward to your next visit—again with GreatWorkPerks' Buena Park Medieval Times tickets!

Don't wait, book your tickets now and start counting down the days to your medieval adventure!

A Feast of Kings and Queens

Image displays a feast with a roasted chicken leg quarter garnished with parsley on a plate. Accompaniments include a cob of corn, a slice of toasted bread, and a bowl of tomato soup. In the background, there's a grilled piece of chicken, and a pie. The logo for Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is visible. Image shows a savory meal with roasted chicken, a piece of corn, and garnished with greens. In the background, there's sweet potato pie, a bowl of tomato-based sauce, and grilled sandwiches on a wooden table. The image is part of an ad for a dinner and tournament experience, indicated by text at the bottom.

Four-Course Feast

Start with warm garlic bread, move on to comforting tomato bisque, and then enjoy tender roasted chicken, sweet corn, and seasoned potatoes. Remember, dessert is a must—expect a sweet finale with your meal. Sometimes, the Queen likes to mix things up, so be on the lookout for a tasty surprise.

(Note: Your four-course banquet is included in your Buena Park Medieval Times discount tickets! Additional food or drinks may be charged separately. Please inquire onsite!)

Special Dietary Accommodations for Royals

From vegan to gluten-free, there's something special for everyone. Hummus and veggies, a warm three-bean stew, or the traditional feast—all made to ensure no one misses out on the deliciousness.

Libations for All

Upon arrival, choose from non-alcoholic castle specials or indulge in specialty drinks for extra fun. Here's to making memories over great food and drinks!

Meet the Knights of the Realm

Image depicts a dynamic scene from Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. Two knights clad in traditional armor are jousting on horseback. The knight on the left wears a white and red outfit with a cross, while the other is in black and yellow stripes. A captivated audience in the background watches the action unfold. Image shows a medieval-style duel between two knights on horseback at a Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament event. On the left, a knight in black and white armor bearing a red cross clashes swords with an opposing knight in red and yellow armor. Spectators in the background watch the vibrant jousting match unfold under bright, theatrical lighting.

The Green Knight:

Skilled with every weapon, from crossbow to battle axe, the Green Knight is a formidable force in the kingdom. Known for his strength and mastery, he stands as a true icon of power and skill.

The Red & Yellow Knight:

With a sword in hand, the Red & Yellow Knight is unmatched. His agility and swift strikes have earned him a reputation as a fearsome warrior, captivating all his skill and bringing honor to his homeland.

The Red Knight:

Embodying the essence of bravery, the Red Knight carries the spirit of a lion. His passion and determination shine on the battlefield, making him a beacon of valor and pride for his people in Castilla.

The Blue Knight:

From the streets to the field, the Blue Knight vows to defend the defenseless. Bearing the fleur-de-lis, he fights with a righteousness that inspires all around him. He is truly a champion for the voiceless.

The Yellow Knight:

Wild and untamed, the Yellow Knight champions the vulnerable with the ferocity of a running bull. His fierce nature and indomitable spirit make him a thrilling spectacle and a force to be reckoned with.

The Black & White Knight:

For the Black & White Knight, victory is the only path. A warrior of deep conviction, he battles with the intensity of his beliefs, striking fear into those who stand against the purity of his cause.

Knights' Tips and Tricks for an Enthralling Experience

A group of eight happy adults wearing crowns with the Medieval Times logo is posing at a themed event. They are holding up their drinks in a toast-like gesture, smiling, and some have VIP lanyards. The colorful Medieval Times banner is displayed above them. A group of seven smiling adults wearing colorful paper crowns at a Medieval Times event. They're standing together, each holding a drinking cup with Medieval Times branding, in a room with dim lighting. Text at the bottom says Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament.

Arrive Early:

Beat the crowds and enjoy the pre-show atmosphere. Arriving early gives you a chance to explore, take photos, and immerse yourself in the medieval spirit before the main event begins.

Dress the Part:

Feel the excitement by dressing in medieval attire. It's not just fun; it adds to the immersive experience. Plus, you'll look great in photos!

Choose Your Champion:

Learn about the knights before you arrive. Each has a unique story and skills, so pick a favorite to cheer for—it makes the tournament more thrilling.

Engage with the Show:

Don't hold back—cheer for your knight and let yourself get swept up in the drama and spectacle. Your energy enhances everyone's experience.

Savor the Feast:

The meal is a big part of the experience, so enjoy every bite of the hearty fare. Don't be shy about dietary needs; the castle is ready to accommodate.

Capture the Moment:

While living in the moment is key, remember to take photos and videos to remember your adventure (just be mindful of the show's lighting and effects).

Explore Everything:

Take time to see all the castle offers, from the Hall of Arms to meeting the royal falcons. Every corner has a story.

Stay Till the End:

The finale is often the most spectacular part of the evening, so make sure to stay through the end. You wouldn't want to miss the climax of your knight's story!

Frequently Asked Questions for Medieval Times Buena Park

  1. Where is Medieval Times located?

    The castle is located at 7662 Beach Blvd., Buena Park, CA 90620.

  2. What is Medieval Times?

    It's a dinner theater experience that transports you to the 11th century for a knight's tournament and feast.

  3. What happens at a show?

    You'll enjoy two hours of jousting, sword fights, horsemanship, and falconry performed by skilled knights.

  4. Is there more to do than watch the show and eat?

    Yes, adults can explore the bar, while all guests can shop for souvenirs and explore medieval artifacts.

  5. Can young guests attend?

    Absolutely! Kids under 3 are free if they sit on a lap and share a meal. Otherwise, child rates apply.

  6. How long is the show?

    The show runs for approximately two hours.

  7. Is Medieval Times accessible for guests with disabilities?

    Yes, they offer accessible seating. Please notify them when booking or upon arrival.

  8. When should I arrive at the castle?

    Arrival when doors open is recommended for the best seating and for enjoying pre-show activities.

  9. Is there a dress code?

    The dress code is casual. Light layers are suggested as castles are climate-controlled.

  10. Is parking available?

    Free parking is available at all locations except Toronto, where public parking rates apply.

  11. At what age do children need a Buena Park Medieval Times ticket?

    Children under 3 are free on a lap. Buena Park Medieval Times tickets are required for their own seat and meal.

  12. How do I ensure I'm seated with my group?

    For group seating, book together or provide all reservation numbers at the box office.

  13. Can I change my reservation date?

    Yes, changes are possible. Please call them to reschedule for an available date. Fees may apply.

  14. What's included in the feast?

    The feast includes garlic bread, tomato bisque, roasted chicken, corn, potatoes, dessert, coffee, and select beverages. Alcoholic drinks are available for an added charge and may not be included in Buena Park Medieval Times discount tickets.

  15. Are there meals for special diets?

    Yes, they offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Inform your server upon seating.

  16. Do I need an ID to buy alcohol?

    Yes, a photo ID is required for alcohol purchases, with age restrictions based on location.

  17. Can I take photos or videos during the show?

    Yes, but please refrain from using flash to avoid disturbing the horses and performers.

  18. How fast will I get my Buena Park Medieval Times discount tickets?

    Instantly! You will receive your Buena Park Medieval Times discount tickets along with the receipt via email.

  19. Is it required to print out the Buena Park Medieval Times tickets?

    No need to print! You can show your Buena Park Medieval Times tickets through your smartphone to enter faster! Ticket printing is only optional.

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