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“Peak” tickets typically have availability on weekends, holidays, and occasional high demand weekdays. “Non-peak” tickets typically have weekday availability. However, available dates are subject to change. Please check the calendar on the next page for latest availability.

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Tickets are non-refundable.

DreamWorks Water Park is open year-round, typically from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Hours may vary. Please check the official website for more up-to-date hours of operation.

Special hours:

  • June 18, 2024 – 12:30pm to 5:30pm

Splash into DreamWorks!

A vibrant indoor water park with a bustling wave pool dotted with numerous swimmers. Overhead, larger-than-life colorful inflatable characters float, adding a whimsical touch. Waterslides spiral in the background, plus a multi-level play area can be seen, surrounded by bright, decorative features and structures. The vast translucent roof lets in abundant natural light. Indoor water park with a vibrant atmosphere, featuring a large, bustling swimming pool. Colorful, oversized inflatable character decorations hang from the ceiling. A blue water slide winds from the left, while the bright interior includes an array of balloons and lively architecture, giving a festive feel.

Step into a vibrant oasis of year-round excitement at DreamWorks Water Park! The spirit of endless summer thrives through an unparalleled assortment of the world's most exhilarating water rides. Whether you're daring to conquer record-breaking slides or seeking serene moments in luxurious cabanas, there's a delightful experience waiting for every visitor.

Immerse yourself in the consistently warm 81°F tropical climate that guarantees each visit feels like the perfect beach day. Don't miss out—secure your discounted DreamWorks Water Park tickets now and dive into the ultimate water adventure at DreamWorks!

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What to Expect at DreamWorks Water Park

Total Pro Rides

Image shows a vibrant water slide with a bright orange and red color scheme. Rushing water is channeled down the slide, and a person on a pink inflatable ring is enjoying the ride. The DreamWorks Water Park logo is visible in the corner. Image shows a close-up of a bright, colorful water slide with a pink inflatable ring carrying a person down the chute, splashing water around. The vivid orange slide stands out against a contrasting blue background. The watermark suggests the setting is at a water park.

Shrek's Sinkhole Slammer

Min. Height: 48”. Max. Weight: 300 lbs.

Prepare for a thrilling plunge! This multi-person raft ride requires at least two brave souls to tackle the massive funnel with intense drops. Perfect for thrill-seekers with DreamWorks Water Park tickets!

Thrillagascar & Jungle Jammer

Min. Height: 48”

Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush as you rocket down the world's tallest trapdoor slides, dropping from a heart-stopping 14 stories. Purchase your DreamWorks Water Park tickets for a breathtaking adventure.!

Mad Flush

Maximum Weight Requirements: 300 lbs.

Dive into this high-speed body spiral slide that ends in a deep 6-and-a-half-foot catch pool. It's a wild ride suitable for strong swimmers with DreamWorks Water Park discount tickets.

Moderate Rides

Image shows a vibrant indoor water park with a collection of twisting, multicolored water slides amid artificial palm trees. The slides in yellow, orange, and pink spiral around a structure, creating a playful atmosphere for aquatic fun. Image shows various colorful water slides with palm tree decorations inside an indoor water park. The slide colors include yellow, orange, and green, weaving around each other against a backdrop of structural beams. The environment suggests a playful, tropical theme.

DreamWorks Dream Runner

Min. Height: 48” to ride solo.

Get ready for the world's longest hydromagnetic rocket coaster, offering game-changing airtime. Secure your discounted DreamWorks Water Park tickets today!

Dragon & Dronkey's Flight

Min. Height: 48”. Max. Weight: 300 lbs.

Hold on as this four-person tube ride whirls you through a giant spiral bowl with zero-gravity moments, all culminating in a dramatic exit from a dragon's mouth.

Lemur Leap

Min. Height: 42” to ride solo.

Your duo will whirl through sharp drops and spiral into a giant bowl, an exciting ride that's part of the moderate ride attractions.

Kiddie Rides

Two children enjoying a water slide at a bright indoor water park. A boy in front trails down the blue slide, looking focused, while a girl behind him raises her arms with a joyful expression, splashing water around. Sunlight illuminates the vibrant scene. Two children are enjoying a water slide in an indoor water park. On the right, a girl in a pink swimsuit raises her hands with joy, and to the left, a boy in a blue swim shirt follows with a delighted expression. Splashing water envelops them in a vibrant, lively atmosphere.

Bubbly Lazy River

Min. Height: 42” to ride solo.

The longest indoor lazy river offers a relaxing journey where DreamWorks' favorite characters delight kids with water surprises from above.

Far Far A Bay

Min. Height: 48” to ride solo.

Sound the horn and ride gentle waves on this heated wave pool. This is a comfortable and fun experience for families looking to use and enjoy their DreamWorks Water Park discount tickets.

Kungfu Panda Temple of Awesomeness

Height Range: 36” or 42”

A legendary multi-level play area with geysers, dump cups, and the world's largest indoor tipping bucket, designed for the little adventurers.

Amenities and Services

Four people are relaxing at a water park, chatting and smiling. The backdrop includes bright, colorful water slides and palm trees. Two are seated, and two are leaning on a clear barrier, all appear engaged in a joyful conversation. The image conveys a friendly and leisurely atmosphere. The DreamWorks Water Park logo is displayed in the corner. Photo depicts a group of four people relaxing in a water park. Two are sitting facing each other, engaged in conversation, while the other two look on. The background features colorful water slides and palm trees, indicative of a cheerful, leisurely atmosphere typical of a water park setting.
  • Luxury Cabanas:

    Relax in style with luxury cabanas, which feature comfortable seating, privacy, and a host of amenities. They are perfect for families or groups seeking a private retreat.

  • Food and Beverage Options:

    Enjoy a wide range of dining options, from quick snacks to full meals, ensuring there's something to satisfy every craving throughout the day.

  • Locker Rentals:

    Secure your belongings in their available lockers, conveniently located throughout the park for easy access.

  • Restroom Facilities:

    Clean, spacious, and well-maintained restrooms, including family restrooms, are accessible throughout the park.

  • Special Services:

    The park is fully accessible, offering wheelchair rentals and accessible attractions. First aid stations are available and supervised by trained professionals to ensure guest safety.

Suites and Cabanas at DreamWorks Waterpark

Enjoy your visit to DreamWorks Waterpark with the sophisticated Skybox Suites and relaxing Poolside Cabanas! After enjoying the rides and attractions, retreat to these luxurious accommodations designed for comfort and elegance:

Indoor water park featuring a variety of colorful slides, including a red bowl slide, intertwine amidst palm-tree-like structures. The image showcases a fun and playful atmosphere with slides in orange, yellow, and pink, and a backdrop of supporting beams and a translucent roof allowing natural light. This image displays a vibrant indoor water park. A variety of colorful water slides including red, orange, and green twirl around each other, leading to splash pools. The facility is adorned with artificial palm trees, and the roof structure is visible above, alluding to its indoor setting.

Poolside Cabanas

Experience ultimate relaxation in the Poolside Cabanas, perfect for unwinding under the sun! These cabanas feature an open roof design with adjustable curtains, offering the flexibility to enjoy stunning views of the park or opt for a more intimate setting.

Enjoy the perfect blend of privacy and scenery in a serene haven that offers a cozy retreat for up to five guests!

Room with blue chairs facing a window showcasing colorful water slides at DreamWorks Water Park. Room with blue chairs facing a window showcasing colorful water slides at DreamWorks Water Park.

Skybox Suites

Step up your waterpark experience in the beautifully designed Skybox Suites! Select from three distinct themes: Capri, Bali, and Tulum. Each suite is crafted with vibrant colors and luxurious fabrics from Schumacher!

(Note: Please be aware that the suites and cabanas are not included in your discounted DreamWorks Waterpark tickets. Additional charges will apply.)

Elevate Your Adventure at Burger Shack in DreamWorks Waterpark!

Dive into the delicious offerings at Burger Shack, located within DreamWorks Water Park! Enjoy its famous “Move It Move It Burger” layered with savory bacon and crunchy pickle chips, or try the fiery “Cluckin’ Good Sandwich,” a delightful mix of fried chicken, creamy cheese, and bold jalapeños!

Complement your meal with our golden fries or cheesy nachos and refresh yourself with a selection of chilled beverages. Burger Shack is your go-to spot for a tasty refuel after a day of thrills!

Don't miss out—stop by Burger Shack on your next visit and turn up the flavor of your day!

(Note: Burger Shack may have separate charges and is not included in your discounted DreamWorks Waterpark tickets)

Amenities and Guest Services to Discover at American Dream Waterpark

Visit American Dream Waterpark where every detail is tailored for your absolute comfort and convenience!

Enjoy your adventure with peace of mind, knowing that everything you need is just within reach.

Family Convenience

  • Dedicated Nursing Stations:

    Located in Parks Court, Level 1, and Court C, Level 3, these private stations offer elegance and comfort for nursing mothers!

  • Changing Facilities & Comprehensive Restrooms:

    The park is equipped with numerous baby changing stations and family restrooms for your convenience.

  • Innovative Smart Strollers:

    The smart strollers are available to help families move smoothly and effortlessly through the park!

Efficient Guest Services

  • Easily Accessible Help Points:

    Find guest assistance at multiple locations: Guest Services A, Guest Services C, and the Nickelodeon Universe ticket counter. Strollers can be rented from any of the ground-level parking decks A, B, C, and D.

  • Rental Services:

    The park offers wheelchairs, Electric Conveyance Vehicles (ECVs), and strollers for rent to ensure all guests can navigate the park with ease!

  • Ample Storage Options:

    Secure your items in storage lockers, strategically placed at Guest Services A (Level 1), Deck B (Level 1 Entrance/Exit), and Deck C (Levels 1 & 2 Entrance/Exit). Lockers are available in several sizes!

Areas to Unwind

  • Charging Lounges:

    Take a break in one of the lounge areas, which are equipped with charging stations to keep your devices fully powered!

Everyday Conveniences

  • ATMs and Gift Cards:

    Available at strategic locations including the Nickelodeon Universe ticket counter and near Guest Services, ensuring you’re never far from a transaction point or a perfect gifting solution!

  • Interactive Park Guides:

    Navigate through the park effortlessly with interactive touch screen digital directories.

  • Complimentary WiFi Access:

    Connect easily with free WiFi, available throughout your visit.

  • Explore the joys and excitement at American Dream Waterpark, where they work hard to enhance your experience with thoughtful services and amenities.

    Prepare for a day filled with delightful surprises and efficient care with your discounted American Dream Waterpark tickets!

    Visitor Tips

    Indoor water park featuring a variety of colorful slides, including a red bowl slide, intertwine amidst palm-tree-like structures. The image showcases a fun and playful atmosphere with slides in orange, yellow, and pink, and a backdrop of supporting beams and a translucent roof allowing natural light. This image displays a vibrant indoor water park. A variety of colorful water slides including red, orange, and green twirl around each other, leading to splash pools. The facility is adorned with artificial palm trees, and the roof structure is visible above, alluding to its indoor setting.

    Best Times to Visit:

    Early morning or late afternoon are typically less crowded. Consider visiting mid-week to avoid weekend crowds.

    Items to Bring:

    • Swimwear: Wear comfortable swim attire suitable for indoor pools. Layering with a light cover-up or robe can be handy when moving between attractions.
    • Towels: Bring a towel to dry off after enjoying the water attractions. Although towels may be available for purchase, having your own can be more convenient and economical.
    • Waterproof Phone Case: Protect your phone from water splashes and make it easier to capture memories without worry.
    • Change of Clothes: Pack a dry set of clothes to change into after your day of fun, ensuring a comfortable trip home.

    Frequently Asked Questions for Dutch Wonderland

    1. Where can I find DreamWorks Waterpark?

      DreamWorks is located at 1 American Dream Way, East Rutherford, NJ 07073.

    2. When is DreamWorks Waterpark located?

      The park's hours are 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM, but please check as they may change based on the day of the week.

    3. How do I get DreamWorks Water Park tickets?

      It's best to purchase your DreamWorks Water Park tickets ahead of time to guarantee your entry on your preferred date! Discount tickets are always available through our website.

    4. What are the age and height requirements for rides?

      All kids under 14 need to be accompanied by someone at least 14 years old who can help them follow the ride rules. Specific height and age requirements for each ride are posted at the ride entrance.

    5. Can I bring snacks and drinks into the park?

      Please leave outside food and drinks at home, except for baby food, formula, and items needed for medical or dietary reasons.

    6. What's the temperature like inside the water park?

      The park keeps it a cozy 81°F—perfect for water fun any day of the year!

    7. Is there a different DreamWorks Water Park ticket if I'm not swimming?

      All guests enter under the same ticket price, even if you choose to stay dry and just enjoy watching.

    8. Do I need to be a good swimmer to enjoy the rides?

      While some rides are perfect for everyone, others like Penguins Plummet, Majunga Jump, and Mad Flush are better suited for confident swimmers. We always suggest wearing a lifejacket on rides where it's allowed, especially in the wave pool.

    9. Can I exit and re-enter the park on the same day?

      Absolutely! Just make sure to keep your DreamWorks Water Park discount ticket handy for re-entry.

    10. What facilities are available for guests with disabilities?

      Please stop by Guest Services for details on accessible services tailored to make your visit comfortable.

    11. May I bring medical necessities like an inhaler or an EpiPen?

      Of course, you can bring essential medical items such as inhalers and EpiPens. Make sure they are securely stored during rides.

    12. Is smoking permitted within the park?

      The park is a smoke-free and vape-free environment to ensure everyone's comfort.

    13. Where is the first aid station located?

      Need help? First aid services are easily accessible—just ask any team member or head to the designated First Aid station.

    14. What should I wear to the park?

      Please wear appropriate swim attire. This includes swimsuits free of metal fastenings, and please avoid thongs, transparent clothing, and street clothes. Sun-protective clothing designed for water use is also great!

    15. What if I forgot to bring a towel?

      No problem! Towels are available for purchase at their retail shop.

    16. Should I wear shoes in the park?

      Feel free to wear flip-flops, sandals, or water socks around the park. Just remember to take them off for most attractions.

    17. Should I wear sunscreen?

      Yes, we recommend using sunscreen or wearing sun-protective clothing to stay.

    18. What if I need a swimsuit or other sun gear?

      You may buy swimsuits, sunglasses, and sunscreen at the park's retail shops.

    19. What kind of water bottles can I bring?

      Feel free to bring a non-glass water bottle per person into the park.

    20. What should I do with my personal items while on the rides?

      It's best to leave loose items like phones, glasses, and jewelry with a non-rider or secure them in a locker.

    21. Can I use my camera in the park?

      Snap away for personal use! Just keep cameras and phones out of the water and off the rides for safety.

    22. Can I bring a bag?

      Yes, bags and backpacks are allowed, though they will be checked upon entry. Please leave any restricted items at home.

    23. Are pets allowed in the park?

      While pets can't join in the fun, service animals are welcome. Please ensure they are controlled and attended to at all times.

    24. Where can I find my lost items?

      Misplaced something? The Guest Services team is there to help reunite you with your lost items.

    25. How quickly will I get my DreamWorks Water Park discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks?

      Instantly! Your DreamWorks Water Park discount tickets and receipt will be emailed to you after you purchase from our website.

    26. Do I need to print my discounted DreamWorks Water Park tickets?

      There is no need to print your DreamWorks Water Park discount tickets! Instead, show your discount tickets through your mobile phone for faster entry!

    Last updated July 03, 2024

    DreamWorks Water Park Tickets

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