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Image shows a group of six people smiling and standing in front of an old city building on a sunny day. The building has a classic architecture with large windows. The group is a mix of men and women, casually dressed and appear happy. Trees line the street, adding greenery to the urban setting. A group of six people stand smiling in front of an urban building, with trees under a clear sky. The individuals, casually dressed, represent a diverse mix of genders and ethnicities, conveying a sense of unity and inclusivity.

On Location Tours offers an unparalleled experience for movie and TV enthusiasts looking to explore the iconic scenes featured in their favorite productions. Based in New York City, one of the most filmed cities in the world, these tours provide a unique glimpse into the settings of numerous popular films and television shows.

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Why On Location Tours is Your Ultimate Guide to NYC's Film Sites

Two people are standing outside a red storefront with a display window; the man on the left is waving and the woman on the right is smiling, both looking at the camera. The window features photos, a t-shirt, and paper bags. Above hangs a decorative light. Image of a man and woman standing with raised hands in a friendly wave outside a vibrant red storefront. The window displays several framed pictures and signs, suggesting a gallery or shop with a creative flair. The building features traditional detailing and lanterns that add to its welcoming charm.

Expertise and Experience:

With years of experience, this tour company specializes in guiding fans to the most memorable and significant cinematic locations across the Big Apple.

Diverse Tour Options:

Whether you're a fan of classic movies, sitcoms, dramas, or superhero action films, there's a tour that caters to every genre. From the glamorous steps of the Met featured in Gossip Girl to the bustling streets seen in The Avengers, each tour is curated to provide comprehensive insights and fun facts.

Exclusive Access:

Some tours offer exclusive access to locations that are usually not open to the public, allowing participants to step directly into the scenes of their favorite shows and movies.

Interactive and Engaging:

Guides are not only knowledgeable about the film and TV industry but also provide an interactive experience with trivia and behind-the-scenes stories that enhance the enjoyment of each site visited.

Featured Tours Include

Five people pose with smiles on a city sidewalk in front of a brownstone's staircase, flanked by wrought iron railings. They wear stylish summer outfits and hats, and the trees lining the street provide a lush backdrop. Five individuals are posing together on a city sidewalk, in front of a building with stairs and iron railings. They are wearing stylish outfits, with two on the left side leaning towards the camera and two on the right side standing upright. A person in a white outfit stands in the center. Trees and building facades line the background.
  • NYC TV & Movie Tour (Bus) -

    Visit over 60 locations from Friends, Seinfeld, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and more. Snap a photo at the Ghostbuster Firehouse and see new spots from Avengers: End Game.

  • Sex and the City Hotspots Tour (Bus) -

    Follow in the footsteps of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. Sip a cocktail at Onieal's and explore trendy locations from the series.

    Street view in a city with pedestrians crossing the road at an intersection marked E 40 St. Taxis and cars are present. Tall buildings line the street, and an ornate building with a large clock resides in the background. American flags hang from a lamppost and the building ahead. Image displaying a bustling city street scene, with pedestrians crossing an intersection. A distinctive building with an ornate facade rests in the backdrop. Multiple American flags adorn the scene, and a yellow taxi is visible on the left. It’s daylight with clear skies.
  • Gossip Girl Sites Tour (Bus) -

    Enter the playground of the Upper East Siders at locations like The Met Steps and The Empire Hotel.

  • The Super Tour of NYC: Heroes! Comics! More! (Bus) -

    Discover where superheroes from The Avengers to Batman saved the day. Visit the NY Daily News Building and more.

    A large statue of a smiling man with a beard hoists a long, horizontal object over his shoulder against a blue sky. He wears a red shirt and cap and exhibits a caricatured, friendly appearance. The object seems like a vintage advertisement or sign. A large figure of a smiling man with a beard is depicted carrying an oversized pencil on his shoulder against a clear sky. The pencil and the man’s posture resemble a worker carrying lumber, reflecting a playful take on physical labor.
  • Sopranos Sites Tour (Bus) -

    Explore Sopranoland, including The Bada Bing and Barone Sanitation.

  • Holiday Lights & Movie Sites Tour (Bus) -

    Experience the magic of Christmas in NYC through locations from Home Alone 2 and Elf.

    Three people are standing in a sunny park with green trees. They’re smiling and holding ice cream cones. The background features park benches and strolling pedestrians. A watermark in the bottom left corner reads  On Location Tours. Three people are smiling and holding ice cream cones in a tree-lined park on a sunny day. The area is bustling with activity and visitors enjoy the greenery and open space.
  • Central Park TV & Movies Sites Tour (Walking) -

    Walk through scenes from Gossip Girl, The Avengers, and more in New York's iconic park.

  • Boston Movie Mile Tour (Walking) -

    Explore the Boston Movie Mile stops at famous scenes from Cheers, The Departed, and more.

  • Downtown Chicago TV & Movie Sites Tour (Walking) -

    Visit sites from The Dark Knight, The Untouchables, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off in a comprehensive downtown stroll.

(Note: Each tour requires a separate On Location Tours ticket depending on your choice of tour!)

Perfect For

  • Tourists:

    An essential experience for visitors wanting to see New York through a different lens.

  • Locals:

    A fun way to rediscover the city and learn more about the filming locations in your backyard.

Book Your Adventure

A smiling woman holds a clapperboard with the words  ON LOCATION TOURS  written on it. She appears to be outdoor at a sunny location with trees and a fountain in the background, suggesting an upbeat, entertaining setting possibly connected to filming or touring. A smiling person is holding a clapperboard in front of their face, which partially obscures their features. They are outdoors, with a fountain visible in the blurry background. The text on the clapperboard reads 'ON LOCATION' across the top of the board with 'CENTRAL' on the arm of the clapper.

Experience the magic of cinema and television with On Location Tours. To book a tour or find out more about our offering:

  1. Visit or call us at (888)-295-7375.
  2. Dive into the world of film and television and see New York City as it's been captured on screen.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What locations will be visited?

    Each tour varies, featuring 3-4 stops at diverse locations like bars and shops. Specific stops cannot be guaranteed in advance, but a handout with locations will be provided.

  2. What if a location is omitted?

    Omitting locations is rare but might happen due to traffic or other uncontrollable factors. Efforts are made to minimize changes and maintain the quality of the tour.

  3. Do guests stay on the bus the whole time?

    No, the tour involves both coach travel and several stops where you can get off, explore, and take pictures.

  4. Are seatbelts available on the bus?

    No, buses do not have seatbelts.

  5. Can photos be taken during the tour?

    Yes, photos can be taken at stops, but not on the bus. Photos from the bus windows are allowed.

  6. Should the tour guide be tipped?

    Tipping is not required but is appreciated for great service.

  7. Are food and drinks included? Can they be brought on the bus?

    No food or drinks are provided on the tour. You are welcome to bring your own, but keep in mind that no alcohol can be consumed on the bus.

  8. What type of bus is used for the tour?

    The tour is conducted on an enclosed coach bus equipped with either air conditioning or heating, depending on the season.

  9. Is the bus accessible for wheelchairs?

    Yes, but please contact the tour company in advance, at least 24 hours before your tour, to arrange for a wheelchair-accessible bus.

  10. 10. Can I bring a stroller or luggage on the tour?

    Storage space is limited, and it is advisable to avoid bringing large items that cannot be attended to during stops.

  11. Are children free on the tour?

    Children aged 1 through 5 can join for free without On Location Tours tickets but may need to sit on a lap if the bus is fully seated.

  12. Is the tour only offered in English?

    Yes, the tour is conducted in English. However, for certain tours, non-English speakers are encouraged to download the available app for an enhanced experience in German or French.

  13. How quickly will I receive my On Location Tours discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks?

    Instantly! On Location Tours discount tickets and the receipt will be emailed to you.

  14. Is it required to print out my discounted On Location Tours tickets?

    Not at all! You may present your discounted On Location Tours tickets through your mobile phone to enter faster!

Last updated May 13, 2024

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