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This is a panoramic promotional image for Raging Waters in Los Angeles. On the left, we see a woman with dark hair wearing a blue swimsuit, joyously sliding down a clear blue water slide with her hands clutched to her chest. To her right, another clear green water slide is partially visible with a young man, who appears to be enjoying the slide, peering from within. The backdrop is a bright, sunny sky with a beaming sun in the top right corner, casting glares and suggesting a warm, pleasant day perfect for water activities. The logo of Raging Waters Los Angeles is prominently displayed at the image's bottom center against a white background.

At, we believe in splashing the fun without soaking your wallet, so check out our exclusive offers for discount tickets to make waves with savings at the lowest prices! This image features a bright and sunny day at Raging Waters Los Angeles, where two individuals are enjoying a thrilling ride down a water slide. On the left, we see an excited young woman with her mouth wide open in a scream of excitement, wearing a blue swimsuit as she descends the slide. To the right, a young man is glimpsed in profile, also experiencing the rush of the attraction, partially obscured by a transparent green section of the tube slide. The clear blue sky in the background and the radiant sun shining down add to the atmosphere of a fun day out at the water park.

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This image displays the logo for Raging Waters Los Angeles, which features stylized text that evokes a sense of dynamic water action. The name "Raging Waters" is prominently displayed in the center in a large, bold blue font with a white outline, suggesting the movement of water. Beneath it, "Los Angeles" is written in a smaller, plain blue font. In the bottom right corner of the image, there is a badge with a green check mark indicating "AUTHORIZED SELLER." The colors used in the logo are shades of blue and green, consistent with the water theme of the park.

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Best Amusement Park in San Dimas!

This image showcases a person having a thrilling experience at Raging Waters in Los Angeles. The individual appears ecstatic, with their mouth open in a shout or laugh, as they hold onto a yellow raft with blue stripes, suggesting they are riding down a water slide under a clear blue sky. The sun illuminates their curly hair and emphasizes their joyous expression, capturing a moment of pure, uninhibited excitement typically associated with water park adventures.

When planning your next trip to Raging Waters, remember to visit for the lowest prices on tickets, ensuring your day of splash-tastic fun comes with extra savings! This image features a joyful young man with curly hair experiencing a water park ride. He is on a bright yellow inflatable ring, holding tight with both hands as he captures his own thrilling moment, presumably with a camera, as he slides down a chute. The sun is shining brightly on him, and his wide-open mouth suggests he is expressing exhilaration or laughter. The background is a blur of white and blue, indicating the fast movement of the slide. In the lower-right corner, there is a logo for Raging Waters Los Angeles.

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Raging Waters Los Angeles is California’s largest waterpark! This 60-acre Southern California summer tradition has been recognized by USA Today as a “Top 10 Water Park” and is home to more than 50 world-class attractions for all ages to enjoy, including the Aqua Rocket, the state’s only hydromagnetic water coaster! The waterpark also features a wide variety of tube and body slides ranging from mild to wild, a 30,000 square foot water playground, a one-million-gallon wave pool, and a lazy river. Cabanas are also available for rental making an affordable and close to home day-cation. Open mid-May through September.

What to expect in Raging Waters Los Angeles

This image features three individuals joyfully floating down a bright, sparkling aqua-blue water slide on black inner tubes at Raging Waters Los Angeles. Two women and one man are captured from above in a candid moment of fun, as sun rays reflect off the gentle ripples of the water. The individuals appear to be in high spirits, enjoying the thrill of the slide, with expressions of laughter and excitement. The surrounding water is crystal-clear, detailing the soothing pattern on the slide's surface. The logo of Raging Waters Los Angeles is visible at the bottom left, indicating the location of this refreshing amusement. Remember to check out for the lowest prices and greatest savings on tickets for a splash-tastic adventure like this at Raging Waters! This is an image showing three people enjoying a sunny day at Raging Waters in Los Angeles. They appear to be floating in a large pool, with their bodies partially submerged in clear, blue water, indicating a leisurely activity typically associated with a water park. Two of these individuals are using blue inflatable rings to stay afloat. The person in the foreground is wearing a bright yellow swimsuit, while the other two are dressed in darker colors with the man in a dark blue shirt. All three exhibit cheerful demeanors, suggesting they are having a great time. The water reflects the sunlight, creating a sparkling effect that enhances the sense of a refreshing environment.

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There are tons of fun adventures to experience in this watery land of wonders! You can enjoy 3 different levels of excitement in this water park. Ranging from moderate splashy thrills, to mild speed slides to the more intense rides. Here are some of the rides you can enjoy!

Volcano Fantasea

Climb through this mild leveled play-zone volcano and glide down its twisting slides to the cool waters below. Volcano Fantasea features a giant volcano towering at a staggering forty feet over a crystal blue lagoon. The great thing about this play-area is that both children and parents alike can climb through the volcano and glide down together through the twisting slides to the crystal waters below.

Bombs Away

This image depicts two individuals experiencing the thrill of a water slide at Raging Waters Los Angeles. On the left side of the frame, a woman with dark hair, wearing a blue swimsuit, is captured mid-descent with water cascading around her and a joyful expression on her face. To the right, we see a young man, also in the midst of sliding down, with a surprised look as he gazes upwards, likely at the bright, clear sky.

This picture conveys the excitement and refreshing fun that visitors can have at the water park, highlighting the vibrant colors and dynamic energy of the environment.

At, we pride ourselves on securing the best savings for our customers, offering the lowest prices on tickets to a myriad of attractions including exhilarating water parks like Raging Waters. This image captures two individuals experiencing a thrilling water slide ride at Raging Waters in Los Angeles. On the left, a person is seen in mid-descent, arms crossed over their chest, with a background of vibrant blue water slide and clear running water. Their expression is a mix of excitement and surprise, eyes wide open and mouth agape. To the right, another individual is depicted in a transparent green part of the slide, appearing calmer, with a focused gaze downward as they slide. The Raging Waters logo is prominently displayed at the bottom of the image, adding context to this recreational scene.

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Coming this summer of 2023, get ready to step up to their latest pulse-pounding plunge on the all-new Bombs Away! In this intense level ride, you get to choose your drop tube, hop in and wait till the floor suddenly disappears from under you! The tube sends you flying straight down at fast speeds, and you won't even have time to notice you have been dropped, until you are in the pool. The other loop slide takes you round and round till you reach the end pool.

The Bermuda Triangle

Head into the unknown on three twisting, turning, downward tunnels in this moderately thrilling water slide. Thousands of gallons of water splash through the slides to increase the level of enjoyment while exploring the depths of the mysterious tunnels.

Frequently Asked Questions for Raging Waters

  1. Where is the water park located?

    You can visit Raging Waters Los Angeles at 111 Raging Waters Drive, San Dimas, CA 91773. Remember to purchase your discounted Raging Waters tickets from GreatWorkPerks as you plan your trip!

  2. Is there a parking fee?

    Entrance into the Park is off Via Verde only. The parking fee is $20. This is a cash-free park. They openly accept payments with cards and mobile. Don’t forget to purchase your discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks today!

  3. Can I bring outside food and drinks?

    Sorry, but no outside food or beverages are allowed inside the park. But don’t worry, you can still bring your own water and sports drinks to keep your family comfortable. If you’re looking for something yummy, the waterpark has a wide selection of all-American eats and healthy options, with plenty of food stands and seating.

  4. Are there height requirements for any of the rides?

    To ensure the safety of your family, most of their water rides do have a height requirement that guests need to meet before they can hop on the ride. You can check the signs at the entrance of each ride for the height requirements.

  5. Do you allow smoking or alcoholic beverages?

    No. the waterpark is on County Property and is a non-smoking facility. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

Last updated March 20, 2024..

Raging Waters Tickets

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