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Children ages 2 and under receive free admission.

  • Weekday: Valid for One-Day General Admission on a Monday - Friday through 11/11/2024. Hurricane Harbor entry not included.

  • Weekend: Valid for One-Day General Admission on a Saturday or Sunday through 11/11/2024. Hurricane Harbor entry not included.

  • Hurricane Harbor Add-on Only: Valid for admission to Hurricane Harbor inside Six Flags America through 09/02/2024. Guest must have Six Flags America admission ticket to enter theme park.

  • ** Six Flags has limited purchases to 10 tickets per transaction. For purchases of more than 10 tickets, please create a separate transaction for the excess. **

    A joyful family of four enjoys a sunny day at a Six Flags amusement park. Two adults and two children are smiling broadly, with a colorful carnival game and plush prizes in the background. The adults are wearing sunglasses, and the whole group seems to be in the midst of cheerful amusement park fun. The Six Flags logo is visible in the corner, indicating the location of their memorable outing. A joyful family of four with two children is posing in front of a carnival game at an amusement park, likely Six Flags, as indicated by the logo visible on the background. They are smiling broadly with plush toys hanging above them and game scores displayed in the foreground.

    Six Flags America: NOW OPEN!

    Visitors of all ages will be thrilled to board the DC Thrill Capital and experience all the heart-pounding roller coasters and the intense splashes of gravity-defying water activities. Bowie's Six Flags America has all the thrills, spills, and good times you could possibly want. Hurry up and get your hands on Six Flags America tickets and get ready for a wild ride this 2024!

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    Another benefit of purchasing from GreatWorkPerks is that you do not need to print your Six Flags America discount tickets. Consider your phone your new best friend because all you need to do is present your e-tickets at the gates, and in you go!

    It's Good to be Back at Six Flags America this Summer, 2024!

    Aerial view of a bustling water park with multiple pools, slides, and lounging areas. A large wave pool with crowds of people is central, flanked by sunbeds and colorful umbrellas. To the left, a tall water slide complex overlooks the scene. The park is surrounded by green trees and roller coasters in the distance. The sky is partly cloudy. The Six Flags logo is visible. An aerial view of a bustling Six Flags water park with multiple pools, lounging areas with chairs and umbrellas, and a crowd of visitors enjoying the facilities. In the background, roller coasters and rides can be seen under a partially cloudy sky. The Six Flags logo is in the corner.

    Since Hurricane Harbor closed its doors for the 2022 season, families from all over the world will be eager to return so that they can once again have the greatest time in these thrilling water activities.

    Over a hundred thrilling attractions are available to guests at the theme park. You won’t want to miss BATWING Coaster, a high-octane rollercoaster that gives riders the bat experience. You will also enjoy the HARLEY QUINN Spinsanity ride where you will get to experience heights of indescribable thrill and the fastest pendulum ride. Thrill seekers will be wowed by all the theme park's impressive array of thrilling rides.

    At Six Flags America you can ride the world's best roller coasters and even kid-friendly rides and shows. Traditional rides at carnivals include the Carousel and the High Seas. There are many cartoon-themed rides perfect for little ones, an experience you and your little adrenaline seeker will never forget! There are also many dining options to choose from in the amusement park, so you'll have plenty of energy for all the fun you'll have! Get your discount tickets through GreatWorkPerks today!

    Things You Need to Know Before You Go!

    They're Cashless! Use Your Card to Pay!

    On-site payments, including parking fees, are ONLY ACCEPTED with CARDS at Six Flags America (and other sites). Be sure to bring your card to make purchases easier. No card? No worries! Cash-to-card machines are available inside the park.

    Park Accessibility

    To ensure that guests with disabilities and other qualifying impairments have the same Six Flags experience as all other guests, they offer many services and accommodations. Due to efforts made to make the park welcoming to everyone, many persons with disabilities visit regularly. For additional information aboutSix Flags' Attraction Access Program, visit the park's official website.

    Park Hours and Schedule

    The park is usually open from 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM. Check the park's website first thing in the morning of the day you want to visit to see if the hours have changed. Park is closed if there are no posted hours on that day. For up-to-date information on park hours, see the park's official website.


    The enjoyable part of your park visit has already begun since you are no longer required to make early reservations. Now, enjoy your flexible schedule!

    Buy Six Flags America tickets in advance!

    Purchase your Six Flags America discount tickets in advance, and you'll be ready to jump into the park whenever the mood strikes! No more reservations are needed, but it's best to buy tickets ahead of time because they sell out quickly at the door. Plus, online tickets are more affordable compared to the gates.

    Here's what to expect at Six Flags America

    Experience thrilling rides with the whole family and soar through the sky like your favorite heroes! Take a look at some of the top rides at Six Flags to see which ones you'd like to visit with your loved ones or friends or spend quality time with yourself, from mild to wild!

    Thrill Rides

    These thrill rides have been called the most stomach-churning in the country; thus, only the most courageous and adventurous among you should attempt these. But that's not all; they are the greatest in height, speed, and craziness, but they also shatter numerous world records! Cool, right? Get your Six Flags America tickets from GreatWorkPerks to enjoy these rides on!

    BATWING Coaster

    Side-by-side images of roller coasters. On the left, a yellow coaster dives with a forest background. On the right, riders on a suspended coaster navigate a twist, their legs dangling. Both images feature Six Flags logo. The image shows two side-by-side pictures of roller coasters from Six Flags. On the left, a yellow coaster car with riders descends a track surrounded by green foliage. On the right, a coaster with multiple loops has riders in suspended seats with their legs dangling, navigating a tight inverted turn. The sky is clear, suggesting an exciting, adrenaline-fueled experience at the amusement park.

    You'll feel like the real Batman as you speed at 50 miles per hour on this intense juggernaut. Savor the vista of the lovely sky as you ascend the breathtaking 115-foot lift hill, for in a minute, you'll be swooping through it like a crazed bat. Before you take the initial 10-story plunge, you'll do a quick "lie-to-fly" twist that will send you flying!

    Bourbon Street Fireball

    Image split into two halves. Left side shows an upside-down roller coaster from Six Flags with passengers secured in their seats, mid-ride, against a clear sky. Right side has a thrilled woman with wind-swept hair on a roller coaster, hands gripping the safety bar with trees and sky in the background. The logo of Six Flags is visible in the corner. This image is a split view with two scenes from Six Flags amusement park. The left side shows a roller coaster upside down mid-loop, with riders secured in their seats, appearing thrilled. The right side features a close-up of a smiling woman with her arms raised, enjoying a ride on a different coaster, with trees and blue sky in the background. The Six Flags logo is visible on the bottom left.

    The roller coaster Bourbon Street Fireball is seven stories tall and features a looping chaos ride. You have never been on a ride quite like this before. You can rock back and forth in a one-of-a-kind train that reverses course in the middle of a loop. You'll hang upside down midair just long enough to collect your breath.

    These are just a few of the many thrills the park offers. Visit the park's official website to see the rest or see it yourself in surprise.

    Family Rides

    Fun for the whole family is our top priority here at Six Flags. It's time to lighten up and have some fun. All rides are family-friendly, from the most extreme to the most relaxing.

    Great Race Antique Cars

    Image shows a diverse group of people enjoying a ride at Six Flags amusement park. Smiling faces and raised hands suggest excitement and fun on a sunny day. Trees in the background indicate an outdoor setting. The Six Flags logo is visible at the bottom left, hinting at the brand associated with the entertainment experience. A group of excited people are enjoying a ride at an amusement park, sitting in a row on a roller coaster with their hands raised and joyful expressions. Trees are visible in the background. The Six Flags logo is at the bottom right.

    Life's been hectic, that's for sure! So, it's time to relax and enjoy life more leisurely. The excitement of driving down the avenue in such a stylish vehicle is sure to appeal to people of all ages. Relive a simpler era by doing things the old-fashioned way on this trip with your family!

    Riddle Me This

    This image shows two views of a round, spinning amusement park ride at Six Flags with people standing inside. The left side provides a close-up where individuals are visibly clinging to a vertical grate as the ride spins. The right side captures the ride from a distance, showing its full circular shape and guests entering the queue. The Six Flags logo is at the bottom. The image shows two views of a theme park ride at Six Flags. The left side displays riders securely seated in a circular, purple and green ride, raised at an angle. The right side portrays the same ride from a top-down perspective, showing the intricate seat patterns and the ground below. Visitors are seen walking nearby on paved paths.

    Stand on top of a vast spinning disk and prepare to be spun around! Be sure to grab onto the wall behind you while the big wheel beneath your feet revolves. In no time, the world will begin to spin so rapidly around you that you won't have time to react. The g-force of the spinner will test your limits.

    There are more family rides in the park to try out with your GreatWorkPerks discount tickets. Check their websites to see current open rides.

    Kids Rides

    Terror-seekers come in all shapes and sizes. There's so much exciting stuff for kids to do alone or with the family. These coasters zoom and soar, promising fantastic adventures tailored to the ages and heights of the little riders.

    Great Chase

    Image displays two amusement park scenes with the Six Flags logo. On the left, four girls enjoy a ride in a yellow car. On the right, a boy steers a red go-kart with two girls as passengers, all smiling. The atmosphere suggests fun and excitement. Left side shows two girls enjoying a ride in a theme park car. Right side depicts a boy steering a go-kart with a girl passenger, both laughing. Logo at the bottom reads 'Six Flags'. The image conveys fun at an amusement park.

    Here's a kid-friendly, miniature version of a roller coaster for the young adrenaline seekers in your family. In just a minute, you'll make your way around a track that's 280 feet long and full of twists and turns. Your junior descent is not very steep from a peak height of only 10 feet, yet it is thrilling enough to cause a cute belly twitch.

    Sylvester's Pounce and Bounce

    The image is a split scene featuring two amusement park rides. On the left, two children are shown with hands up, enjoying a ride in a red cart. On the right, a series of children are seated in a multi-seat drop tower ride with a cartoon figure of a large cat perched above. The Six Flags logo is visible, indicating the theme park this photo likely represents. This image is a split-view featuring two scenes from a theme park. On the left, there is a photo of two young children with their arms raised high in excitement, seemingly enjoying a roller coaster ride. The right side shows animated characters seated on a similar ride, with the character Sylvester at the top of the frame, creating a mirror image to the left with a playful twist. The Six Flags logo is visible on both sides, indicating the theme park brand.

    Join Sylvester on a wild voyage up a 20-foot water tower and get ready to bounce, wiggle, and wobble. You can count on this to knock your kittens flat in an instant. You won't be purring, but you will have a fit of laughter. Worry not; this fun is already included in your Six Flags America discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks

    See the complete list of kids' rides on the official website.

    Latest Safety Protocols by Six Flags America

    The new safety updates released by the park are based on CDC and local health guidance.

    Face Coverings

    Face coverings are no longer mandatory. They are optional. However, we highly recommend visitors of all ages who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 should consider covering their faces.

    Maintain a Healthy Hygiene

    Be sure you know the basics of good hygiene and put them into practice during your stay. You can find hand sanitizers dispersed over the park at various locations.

    It is not guaranteed that you will not be exposed to Coronavirus during your visit. Be sure to evaluate your own risk and health status. If you feel ill, please stay at home. If you're good, then it's OK to go.

    GreatWorkPerks Friendly Tips Just For You!

    Here's how to make your visit a lot easier.

    Download the Six Flags Mobile App.

    If you go to the theme park with the mobile app installed on your smartphone, you will have the best and the most convenient visit ever! Take advantage of the free app to access the interactive theme park maps, which will help you locate different attractions, access mobile food ordering (without lining up to buy), ride wait times, and many more!

    Follow the Proper Dress Code

    If you want to avoid being interrupted on your visit, be sure to wear the proper dress code imposed. Since the park is designed to maintain a family-friendly environment, guests should dress casually and comfortably (appropriate for the weather), such as shirts/tops, shorts/pants, and footwear.

    Bring a cover-up over your bathing suit if you're planning to go on the water rides or Hurricane Harbor. For anything considered inappropriate, the theme park reserves the right to deny admission or remove them if guests refuse all reasonable options.

    Frequently Asked Questions for Six Flags America

    1. Do I need to make a reservation before going to the park?

      Reservations are no longer needed to go to the park. Visit whenever you want to!

    2. Where is Six Flags America located?

      The park is at 13710 Central Avenue, Upper Marlboro, MD 20721.

    3. Can I get a refund if I can't go?

      We're so sorry, but Six Flags America tickets are non-refundable. You can reschedule them, but corresponding fees apply. Visit the park's website under the ticketing section to learn how to reschedule.

    4. What are the park's operating hours?

      The park is open from 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM. Operating hours are subject to change without prior notice. Please check first thing in the morning before going.

    5. Is the park handicapped accessible?

      Yes. The park offers wheelchair rentals for guests with impairments.

      Since rent wheelchairs are limited, guests are advised to bring their own.

    6. How soon will I receive my Six Flags America tickets from GreatWorkPerks

      You will receive them instantly, together with your receipt!

    7. Do I need to print my GreatWorkPerks discount tickets?

      No need to print them! Thanks to GreatWorkPerks, you can smoothly enter the park by showing your e-tickets from your phone.

    8. Can I bring my pet to the park?

      Pets are not allowed except for service animals.

    9. Do they accept cash at the park?

      The park only accepts card payments. However, if you do not have one, they have cash-to-card machines throughout the park. Please note that even parking fees are cashless.

    Last updated May 07, 2024.