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Valid for One-Day admission to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, Texas on a regularly scheduled day through 01/01/2025. Children aged two and under receive free admission.

  • Any Day but Saturday: Valid for One-Day General Admission on a Sun - Friday thru 01/01/2025. Hurricane Harbor entry not included.

  • Saturday: Valid for One-Day General Admission on any public operating Saturday thru 01/01/2025. Hurricane Harbor entry not included.

  • Hurricane Harbor Add-on Only: Valid for admission to Hurricane Harbor inside Six Flags Fiesta Texas through 09/02/2024. Guest must have Six Flags Fiesta Texas admission ticket to enter theme park.

**Six Flags has limited purchases to 10 tickets per transaction. For purchases of more than 10 tickets, please create a separate transaction for the excess.

A group of people express excitement on a rollercoaster against a clear blue sky. Emotions range from joyous shouting to elated laughter. The Six Flags Fiesta Texas logo is visible, suggesting an amusement park setting. Image shows a group of excited people on a roller coaster, arms raised in thrill, with a bright blue sky in the background. Six Flags logo is visible, indicating the amusement park.

Visit Six Flags San Antonio to experience their awesome theme park rides, entertaining live shows, eat yummy food, and other fun surprises! There are so many rollercoasters, water rides, spinning rides, swings, and kiddy rides for everyone to have fun! All this excitement and adventure is available at the best rate with your GreatWorkPerks Six Flags Fiesta Texas discount tickets!

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NEW RIDE: KID FLASH™ Cosmic Coaster

Coming this summer!

Image shows a vibrant roller coaster with bright purple tracks and red supports at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. A coaster train with yellow front, red middle, and purple rear sections is filled with riders, cresting a curve. The background features a blue sky with white clouds and some park buildings. Image of a colorful roller coaster with blue tracks, purple supports and a carriage filled with yellow seats at the peak of a loop. The sky is partly cloudy and the Six Flags logo is visible, indicating the setting is within an amusement park.

The new Family Racing Roller Coaster is the world’s first single–rail family racing roller coaster, and Texas’ only racing roller coaster! Created by Skyline Attractions, this unique coaster runs two trains, on two parallel racing and dueling tracks, simultaneously allowing guests to compete and race to the finish. An immersive LED lighting panel display is integrated into the track for an even more dynamic ride experience.

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Rides and Attractions in Six Flags Fiesta Texas

There are over 50 rides and attractions and other fun surprises waiting for you at Six Flags San Antonio! Enjoy all of it with your GreatWorkPerks Six Flags Fiesta Texas tickets! Get the best out of your visit by exploring all that Six Flags San Antonio has to offer!

Be sure not to miss the highlights of Six Flags San Antonio, such as:


Image of a blue roller coaster with riders upside down at the crest of a loop. Yellow beams support the structure against a clear sky. The Six Flags Fiesta Texas logo is visible, indicating the location of the amusement ride. Image of a roller coaster with blue tracks and tan supports against a clear sky. The coaster train is at the apex of a loop, with excited riders seated in rows, hands raised in exhilaration. A Six Flags logo is visible at the bottom left, suggesting the location is within one of their amusement parks.

The gigantic 50 miles per hour round-about roller coaster, Goliath! Grab onto your seats as you blast through the tracks in a matter of minutes! Start off with a 10-story lift then enters a sharp plunge, a 360° loop then a zero-G inverted roll, a second loop waiting for you about ten seconds later.

Experience the zero-G with your Six Flags Fiesta Texas tickets from GreatWorkPerks


Image shows a roller coaster with red tracks and a background of rocky cliffs. The coaster has multiple sharp turns and steep inclines, capturing a thrill ride experience. In the foreground, part of an amusement park can be seen, including buildings and park signage. The photo includes the Six Flags logo, indicating the ride is located at Fiesta Texas. An image showcasing a roller coaster with red tracks and a black support structure at a theme park. The track layout features steep drops and sharp turns, conveying a sense of thrill. In the background, there is a rocky cliff, adding to the dramatic setting of the ride. The lower part of the image displays a structure labeled 'Pandemonium', with the Six Flags logo visible, indicating the location of the amusement park.

The massively red twisted maze of steel known for its long, twisty-turvy modern roller coaster located near the Fiesta Bay Boardwalk is famously known as the Pandemonium. This gravity-bending ride is known for its many twists and turns where you spin and turn at fast speeds! You’ll definitely feel the gut-crunching insanity here with your GreatWorkPerks Six Flags Fiesta Texas tickets!

Thunder Rapids

Four individuals are joyfully sliding down a water chute at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. The background shows a clear sky and another waterslide, indicating a vibrant water park atmosphere. The Six Flags logo is visible, suggesting the venue. Four people are enjoying a water slide ride at Six Flags, with expressions of excitement. They're in a blue inflatable raft on a curved white slide, with a clear blue sky and another slide in the background. The Six Flags logo is visible.

This state-of-the-art water attraction features a custom-designed inline raft and uses an all-new water jet propulsion technology for lightning-fast uphill speeds and adrenaline-pumping drops. This thrilling water coaster can be found in White Water Bay, Fiesta Texas Water Park. The ride also features an advanced loading system that allows guests to quickly and easily board their raft at ground level from a moving station. Guests then ride up the lift hill to the top of the slide, eliminating the need to carry tubes.

That’s not all that they have! Plan a visit and get to experience all that they offer! Purchase Six Flags Fiesta Texas tickets now!

Tips for a Fun Family Visit!

Excited riders on a roller coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas with hands raised, showing thrill and enjoyment. The Six Flags logo is visible in the corner, with clear skies above. Excited riders with raised arms enjoy a thrilling roller coaster ride at Six Flags amusement park. They exhibit joyful expressions against a backdrop of clear skies and rocky terrain. The Six Flags logo is prominent in the corner.

Plan to Visit on Less Crowded Days

Weekdays in the summer and any regular business day in April, May, September, and October are your best bets.

Be Extra Prepared

Remember to layer up for those planning to head out early in the morning or late at night! It can get pretty chilly out there, so wear something warm and cozy to keep you feeling comfortable and stylish all day.

Set A Meeting Place

Don't forget to plan a meet-up spot and time if you get separated during your adventure.

Plan Which Attraction to Visit First

If you're planning a day at a theme park, we have a great tip for you! Start your day by heading straight to the attractions farthest from the main entrance. If you want to make the most of your theme park visit, hit up the most popular rides bright and early or after 5:00 PM to avoid those long lines!

Plan Your Visit to Six Flags San Antonio

Planning a trip soon? Look no further! This page has covered you with all the necessary information to make your trip unforgettable!

A group of visitors is enjoying a sunny day at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Adults and children are seen walking and smiling, some carrying balloons, while others have kids on their shoulders. The atmosphere is lively and joyful with clear blue skies above. A costume character adds to the park's festive vibe. Group of happy visitors at a theme park, walking and enjoying a sunny day. There's a mix of adults and children; some are holding hands. One kid with balloons adds a festive touch to the scene. A Six Flags logo is visible, indicating the location.

Park Hours and Schedule

See park operating hours below. Because park hours are subject to change, we recommend checking the website on the morning of your planned visit. The Park is closed if there are no posted hours on a particular day.

  • Monday to Friday – Usual operating hours are 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Sometimes, they are closed between 8:00 and 9:00 PM.
  • Saturday to Sunday – Opens 10:30 AM and closes 7:00 PM, sometimes 9:00 PM.

Attraction's Accessibility

Guests with Disabilities

To ensure that visitors with disabilities and other impairments have the same opportunity to experience Six Flags Parks, they created the Attraction Access Program. Six Flags is committed to providing an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all customers, including those with mobility limitations.

Certified Autism Center

Six Flags has been designated by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) as a Certified Autism Center (CAC). Our team members undergo the certification procedure in preparation for a service improvement initiative.


Wheelchairs may be rented after passing through the Entry Plaza near the lockers. Rentable wheelchairs and ECVs are in limited availability. Therefore, guests are encouraged to bring their own or arrive early.

Service Animals

All Six Flags theme parks welcome guests with service animals. Dogs specially taught to conduct work or carry out activities for individuals with impairments are referred to as service animals.

Housetrained service animals must always follow their handler's instructions when on a leash or harness.

Personal Care Attendant

The Personal Care Attendant (PCA) program aims to make the Park accessible to guests with disabilities who require assistance with personal care, eating, toileting, transferring, safe movement, maintaining continence, or medication management.

The PCA is not a visitor and may not use the Park's facilities or enjoy the Park's attractions without the client.

Safety Protocols

Safety protocols implemented at the Park are based on CDC and Local Health Guidance. Please see the latest protocols below:

Face Mask / Coverings

Wearing of face mask is recommended, but they are not mandatory. However, guests without the COVID-19 vaccine should wear a face-covering during their visit.

Practice Healthy Hygiene

Frequent hand washing is highly recommended and appreciated. You may locate their hand sanitizers throughout the Park.

** Everyone considering attending must weigh the potential dangers for themselves. Your visit to the Park indicates your understanding and acceptance of these hazards. **

Park Policies

Image shows five joyful adults at an amusement park participating in a playful fist bump. They're casually dressed, suggesting a relaxed, fun outing. The background hints at a lively atmosphere with park attractions. The Six Flags Fiesta Texas logo is visible, indicating the location. A group of five joyful adults at an amusement park participates in a team-building activity. Four are standing and one is seated, bumping fists in a circle with smiles. They are casually dressed for a day of fun, with roller coasters and park structures in the background. The Six Flags logo is visible, suggesting the location.

NEW: Card Payments

Everywhere you go at Six Flags San Antonio—restaurants, shops, rides, games, and even parking garages—only accepts card payments. You may use your debit card, American Express, Discover, Visa, or Mastercard to make transactions.

No cash? You may exchange cash for a prepaid debit card at any of the Park's many kiosks, which can then be used anyplace in the US where a visa is accepted.

Alcoholic Beverages

No outside alcohol is permitted in any Six Flags park. No alcoholic beverages purchased inside the Park may be taken outside.

You must be at least 21 years old to buy or consume alcoholic drinks and provide valid identification at the time of purchase or consumption.

Dress Code

A dress code is enforced to maintain and keep a family-friendly environment. Guests should wear comfortable, casual clothing suitable for the weather. Visitors to the Park must dress appropriately at all times, including wearing a shirt, shorts, or pants and shoes.

Food, Drinks, and Coolers

Food, drinks, coolers, and grills are prohibited inside the Park. Only baby food in containers other than glass jars and food for those with specific food allergies are outside this rule.

Inclement Weather

Certain rides may have to close for your safety in the event of lightning, heavy rain, or high winds. As soon as it is determined that rides can be operated safely, they will reopen. Inclement weather will not result in refunds or rescheduled dates.

Loose Articles

Most rides do not allow loose items, so passengers should leave them with their companions or store them safely in a locker. Lost or stolen things are not the responsibility of Six Flags.


Get your hand stamped at the re-entry gate if you plan to leave the Park and return on the same day.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is restricted to certain places within Six Flags. Only specified smoking places are permitted for the use of electronic cigarettes. Outside designated smoking locations, smoking is prohibited anywhere within the Park.

Restaurants and Dining Options

Group of people of various ages enjoying meals at picnic tables. Everyone is casually dressed, with smiles and engaged in conversation. The setting appears to be a shaded outdoor area, with the logo of Six Flags Fiesta Texas visible, suggesting a theme park environment. A cheerful group of diverse people sitting at picnic tables enjoying a meal together. They're engaged in lively conversations, smiling, and laughing under a shaded pavilion. The Six Flags logo is visible, suggesting the scene is at a theme park.

You won’t have to walk around empty stomach during your visit! Stop by these food shops at Six Flags Fiesta Texas that offer delicious food and snacks, such as turkey legs, hamburgers, fresh-roasted corn, pizza, chicken tenders, onion rings, fries, and other delicious meals!

Frequently Asked Questions about Six Flags Fiesta Texas:

  1. Do I need to make a reservation with my Six Flags Fiesta Texas ticket?

    Reservations are no longer required at Six Flags San Antonio.

  2. Where is Six Flags San Antonio located?

    Six Flags Fiesta Texas is located at 17000 I-10 West, San Antonio, TX 78257. Grab your GreatWorkPerks Six Flags Fiesta Texas discount tickets now and start having fun!

  3. What are Six Flags San Antonio hours of operation?

    Six Flags Fiesta Texas’ operating hours are normally from 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM but the days the park is open may vary depending on the time of year. You can find up to date calendar information on their official website.

  4. Are refunds or exchanges on Six Flags Fiesta Texas tickets allowed?

    No, all Six Flags Fiesta Texas tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable for any reason.

  5. What happens if it rains at Six Flags Fiesta Texas?

    They may temporarily shut down rides and outdoor shows until the weather clears up and reopen them when it is safe. Unfortunately, Six Flags Fiesta Texas does not offer rainchecks or refunds for rain as they have indoor activities, such as games, arcades, and indoor shows, to keep guests entertained.

  6. What happens if it rains at Six Flags San Antonio?

    They may temporarily shut down rides and outdoor shows until the weather clears up and reopen them when it is safe. Unfortunately, Six Flags San Antonio does not offer rainchecks or refunds for rain as they have indoor activities, such as games, arcades, and indoor shows, to keep guests entertained.

  7. What are the height requirements for the rides at Six Flags San Antonio?

    The height requirements vary for each attraction. You can check the requirements online on the attraction page, or in the Park Map & Guide that will be handed out to you at the park. You can also check the requirements at each ride. Height requirements are subject to change any time.

  8. Will I have to pay for parking at Six Flags Fiesta Texas?

    Yes, single-day parking price varies.

  9. Do children get into Six Flags San Antonio for free?

    Only children two years or younger get in for free and do not need a Six Flags Fiesta Texas ticket to enter the park.

  10. What forms of payment does Six Flags San Antonio accept?

    Six Flags San Antonio accept card payments only at any of their locations including restaurants, retail stores, games, ticket windows, and parking toll booths. You can either pay for purchases using a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or debit card. Only have cash? You can convert your cash to a prepaid debit card at one of the multiple kiosks located throughout the park and anywhere in the U.S. where Visa is accepted. We highly encourage you to pre-purchase your parking, Six Flags Fiesta Texas tickets, and other daily needs online before visiting the park.

  11. Can I bring outside food and drinks into Six Flags San Antonio?

    Only guests who have special dietary needs, food allergies, and infant food are allowed to bring outside food into the park. The containers must be non-glass. Park Security or Guest Relations will need to be notified to provide a stamp when these are accepted.

  12. Can I leave and re-enter Six Flags Fiesta Texas on the same day?

    Yes, but you must get your hand stamped before exiting. The stamp will allow you to re-enter through the gates.

  13. Are lockers available for rent at Six Flags San Antonio?

    Yes, but they are subject to availability, and there is a separate fee to use them.

  14. Do I have to print out my GreatWorkPerks Six Flags Fiesta Texas discount ticket?

    No, with GreatWorkPerks, you can just show your Six Flags Fiesta Texas discount tickets on your phone at the gates for easy entry.

  15. How soon do I receive my Six Flags Fiesta Texas discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks

    You will receive your GreatWorkPerks Six Flags Fiesta Texas discount tickets instantly after your purchase along with your receipt!

  16. Are service animals allowed at Six Flags San Antonio?

    Yes, they are welcome in the park, but most rides are not designed to accommodate service animals.

  17. Are wheelchairs and strollers available for rent at Six Flags Fiesta Texas?

    Yes, wheelchairs, Electronically Controlled Vehicles (ECV), and strollers are available for rent on a first-come first-served basis if guests should need them.

  18. Is smoking allowed at Six Flags Fiesta Texas?

    Smoking, including tobacco, marijuana, e-cigarettes, and vaporizers, is not allowed inside Six Flags San Antonio; however, there are designated smoking areas nearby.

  19. Is there alcohol sold at Six Flags Fiesta Texas?

    Yes, they sell alcohol to those who are 21 years old and over and have valid IDs.

  20. Are face coverings required at Six Flags Fiesta Texas?

    No, they are not required, but they are recommended for those who are unvaccinated.

Last updated April 16, 2024.