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A family of four is enjoying an exhibit at SEA LIFE Arizona. A woman is leaning over a rock barrier with two young boys and a girl, gazing with interest at something not visible in the picture. The background features a large aquarium with marine-themed illustrations, creating an engaging under-the-sea experience. A family of four is happily exploring an aquarium. The mother and her three children are leaning over a rock pool, engaged and smiling as they look at the marine life. The aquarium's environment is themed with oceanic and icy elements, as indicated by the background and SEA LIFE logo.

Explore Arizona's Only 360ᵒ Ocean Tunnel!

A family of four looks in wonder at a vibrant underwater scene at SEA LIFE Arizona. A large turtle swims above, while various fish glide through the blue waters filling the tunnel-like aquarium surrounding them. An underwater tunnel at SEA LIFE Arizona with a family observing marine life. A variety of fish swim above, while a turtle glides near the tunnel top. The group, with expressions of awe, points at the aquatic creatures. The SEA LIFE logo is present.

Sea Life Arizona is home to the city's only 360-degree Ocean Tunnel! You will be amazed by the underwater wonderland where rescued sea turtles swim along with the rest of the marine animals!

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The image shows the logo for SEA LIFE Arizona with a golden star accent on the top right. Below the main logo is a green padlock icon followed by the text 'AUTHORIZED SELLER' indicating the status of the seller. The background is white.

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What can you expect in Sea Life Arizona?

Two individuals are standing in front of an illuminated jellyfish tank at SEA LIFE Arizona. The tank's blue light highlights the delicate features of the floating jellyfish. Two individuals are standing in front of a large aquarium, observing and enjoying the view of numerous bright blue jellyfish floating in the water. The top section of the aquarium features the text  SEA LIFE Arizona.  The lighting accentuates the serene underwater ambiance.

Go on an incredible underwater voyage into a fascinating world filled with incredible creatures including jellyfish, lobsters, a seven foot long zebra shark named Mochi, and a smiling porcupine puffer. Each of the exhibits have a multitude of beautiful fish waiting for you. Take your time and reel in amazing facts on how these unique creatures act in their natural environment. You will have the chance to meet the desert tortoises Mojave and Sonora, the active agamid lizards uromastyx, and two king snakes.


Image shows a sea turtle swimming gracefully in clear blue water, with the SEA LIFE Arizona logo visible in the corner. The turtle appears serene, gliding through the water showcasing its patterned shell and extended flippers. This image features a sea turtle swimming gracefully under water. The turtle's shell has a pattern of brown and beige, and its fins are outstretched. In the background, there's a hint of aquatic plants and rocks. At the bottom, the logo 'SEA LIFE Arizona' signifies the location or institution associated with the image. The overall impression is one of tranquility and marine beauty.

Join the aquarium's brand-new exhibit, Sea Turtle Rescue Reef! The exhibit will teach you about the threats that sea turtles face and how the aquarium helpsrehabilitate, and provide permanent homes for those that are unable to return to the wild. You'll get to meet one of the rescued Oliver Ridley sea turtle named Donna and listen to stories of 3 different turtles that went through a complete journey back to the wild.

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A family of four explores an aquarium touch tank at SEA LIFE Arizona. A woman and three children are engrossed in observing and gently interacting with marine life, surrounded by oceanic decor. The vibrant colors of the sea creatures contrast with the blue background. A family of four is engaging with a touch tank at SEA LIFE Arizona. A woman and two children lean over to touch the water as a boy points excitedly. Behind them, a vibrant aquarium mural creates an underwater atmosphere. The SEA LIFE logo is prominently displayed.

Get ready to get wet with the interactive exhibit that allows you to touch a variety of unique sea creatures! The exhibit is modeled after a west coast tide pool where you can freely touch sea stars, anemones and a few other species. Sea anemones may look like plants, but they are actually living creatures. You can experience the feeling of sea star's suction-cup tubes clinging to glass or rocks. There are more than 8 different species in the touchpool. You can even touch baby epaulette sharks!

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Underwater view of two stingrays swimming at SEA LIFE Arizona. The foreground stingray is close-up on the right, while the other is slightly behind and to the left. Both have pale undersides and distinctive, curved pectoral fins resembling wings. Coral and aquatic plants are in the background. The SEA LIFE Arizona logo is at the bottom. Experience the wonder of the underwater world with our exclusive Sea Life Arizona perk. This image showcases two charming stingrays gliding gracefully in clear blue waters, with a glimpse of the rich marine life and coral formations in the background. The Sea Life logo at the bottom ensures authenticity of this aquatic adventure.

There's a Stingray Sandy Beach, right here in Arizona's aquarium! You will be amazed as you suddenly step into a tropical beach surrounded by palm trees and stingrays swim among other sea creatures. Keep an eye out as each rock hides eels, shy fishes and even shark eggs. This exhibit is so big that there are over 20 different species within this area.

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Image shows a vibrant lionfish with striped fins and elongated spines, swimming against a deep blue underwater background. The bottom left corner has the SEA LIFE Arizona logo. Image of a vibrant lionfish with elongated fins swimming underwater. Background is deep blue. Logo at the bottom reads 'SEA LIFE Arizona'.

After visiting the brightly lit sands of Stingray Bay, you'll dive into their shipwreck exhibit where the underwater world features are not only beautiful but dangerous creatures from the depths of the ocean. In this exhibit, you'll meet poisonous species like the spotted boxfish and porcupine puffer that love to interact with visitors!

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Frequently Asked Questions for Sea Life Arizona

  1. Are reservations required for Sea Life Arizona tickets?

    Yes, reservations are required upon purchase by selecting your date of visit. Buying discount tickets through GreatWorkPerks online is highly recommended to save time and money!

  2. What are their operating hours?

    Sea Life's opening hours are normally at 11 am- 5 pm on weekdays and 10 am -5pm on weekends. They'll only accept guests until 4 pm. Please note that their schedules are subject to change, so we recommend checking their calendars for any changes they have made.

  3. Where is Sea Life Arizona located?

    You can visit the aquarium at 5000 S. Arizona Mills Circle, Ste 145, Tempe, AZ 85282. Don't forget to buy your discount Sea Life Arizona tickets from GreatWorkPerks before dropping by!

  4. Are face coverings required?

    Yes, face coverings are highly recommended for guests during your visit.

  5. How will social distancing measures be enforced?

    Guests will be guided with directional markings, allowing them to better distance themselves while exploring the attraction. Their employees will also remind guests to maintain a respectful distance when necessary.

  6. What type of payments does Sea Life Arizona accept?

    SEA LIFE has gone cashless. They are only accepting contactless payment methods and debit and credit cards.

  7. What attractions or offerings are currently closed?

    As an added safety measure the following attractions and interactive elements, the following are temporarily closed:

    • Interactive Tidepool
    • Kids Play Area
    • Critter Canyon
    • River Race
  8. Do I need to print my tickets?

    Tickets purchased online don't need to be printed, as they can be easily scanned from your mobile device.

  9. Can I bring in my own food and drinks?

    Outside food, including alcoholic beverages or bottles are not allowed. For additional safety, any other items that the Management determines may be suspicious, harmful, unsafe, or disruptive are not allowed in the aquarium as well.

Last updated April 07, 2023.

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