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Blackout date: March 2, 2024

Image description: This panoramic photo showcases a lively scene at Snow Valley Mountain Resort during a sunny day. A bustling crowd of skiers and snowboarders, many of them children, are gathered at the base of the slopes. They appear to be queueing for a magic carpet lift— a conveyor belt-like system designed to transport riders up the hill while standing on their equipment. Visible to the left of the queue are translucent, semi-arched shelters, providing shade and protection from the elements for the lift line. The ground is covered with a thick blanket of snow, and additional visitors can be spotted enjoying the slopes in the background. The sky above is clear and bright, contributing to the vivid, cheerful atmosphere. The Snow Valley logo, featuring a stylized mountain peak, is prominently displayed in the lower left corner, emphasizing the resort as the setting of this winter sports experience.

For your next snowy adventure, check out for the lowest prices on tickets, ensuring you don't have to break the bank to hit the slopes! This image depicts a lively winter scene at a ski resort with the logo of Snow Valley Mountain Resort prominently displayed in the bottom left corner. A group of visitors, including adults and children, are geared up in winter sports attire, such as colorful jackets, helmets, and gloves. Many are standing or walking towards a covered moving walkway conveyor belt designed for easy uphill transportation, commonly referred to as a "magic carpet" in ski lingo. The sky is clear and blue, suggesting a pleasant day for skiing or snowboarding activities. The slopes are bustling with people engaging in winter sports, with an array of activity visible in the background. In the foreground on the right, a child wearing a red jacket and helmet pauses, possibly taking a break from the fun.

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This image features a scenic, snowy landscape at Snow Valley Mountain Resort in California. The bright sunlight filters through a mix of mature pine trees, casting dynamic shadows upon the smooth, white snow. A ski lift carries two passengers up the slope, their skis and snowboards visible as they ascend towards the top of the trail. The clear blue sky creates a sense of tranquility above the wintry scene. The Snow Valley logo is prominently displayed in the lower left corner, highlighting the resort's brand.

At, we pride ourselves on offering the lowest prices so you can make the most of your snowy adventure—don't miss out on our exclusive discounts on tickets to create your perfect winter experience! This image displays a serene winter scene at Snow Valley Mountain Resort in California, where a ski lift carries two visitors above a glimmering blanket of snow. Majestic pine trees dot the landscape, partially covered in snow, standing tall against a bright blue sky. The sun shines from the right side of the frame, casting its warm glow and creating sunbursts that peek through the trees. The ski lift travels upwards to the left, suggesting an ascent toward higher slopes. The Snow Valley logo is visible in the lower left corner, signifying the resort's branding. 

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Do you enjoy winter sports like skiing and snowboarding? Then you will love Snow Valley. Ski or snowboard down 32 exhilarating trails at Snow Valley with the help of 13 state-of-the-art lift systems. Snow Valley's famous beginner terrains, such as Thunder Mountain, Eagle Mountain, and Coyote Flats, are perfect for those just getting started on the slopes.

Show Me and Snake Run are two of the steepest routes in the area, yet there are others to be found on Snow Valley's Slide Peak, which is ideal for expert skiers and snowboarders. The western sides of Nord Valley and West Slide both include intermediate trails. Everyone can find something they enjoy doing. Purchase Snow Valley discount tickets at GreatWorkPerks and experience the excitement for yourself!

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Image Description: The image features the logo for Snow Valley Mountain Resort in California, composed of stylized text that reads "Snow Valley" with "Mountain Resort & California" underneath in smaller font. The logo depicts a snowy mountain peak with a ski track swishing down the slope, integrated into the text design. Directly below the resort's name, there is a prominent seal that reads "AUTHORIZED SELLER" with a padlock symbol, indicating a secure and verified dealership.

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What to expect at Snow Valley Ski Resort?

This image depicts a cheerful group of nine ski resort staff members standing on a snowy slope under a bright blue sky. On the left, a ski lift chair hovers off the ground, with several empty chairs visible in the line, indicating a peaceful day at the resort. The staff, a mix of men and women, are dressed in colorful uniforms—vibrant red, blue, yellow, and various shades of green jackets with contrasting snow pants. They are smiling widely and playfully waving or raising their hands to the camera, creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Each jacket is adorned with a name tag, and they wear either winter hats or helmets, suggesting readiness for safe and fun activities on the slopes. The snow beneath their feet is groomed, with some ski tracks visible, and a few individuals can be seen in the background enjoying the ski area. The Snow Valley Mountain Resort logo is prominently displayed in the lower left corner, indicating the location in California.

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A vibrant group photo of eight individuals standing side by side in two rows on snowy terrain. The four in the front row are crouched slightly, while the four behind them are standing tall. They are all wearing colorful ski resort uniforms, with a mix of bright green, blue, yellow, and black jackets, and appear cheerful while waving or holding their arms up in a greeting gesture. To the right, a ski lift with its chairs floats above the ground, carrying more unseen resort-goers against a clear blue sky. Evergreen trees dot the landscape in the background, and the crisp white snow reflects the sunlight, enhancing the feeling of a lively winter sports atmosphere. The logo of Snow Valley Mountain Resort, California is visible at the bottom left of the image, indicating the location.

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Enjoy the winter season!

This image showcases a sunny day at a snow-covered mountain resort, presumably Snow Valley Mountain Resort in California, as indicated by the logo at the bottom left corner. The photo features a young snowboarder in motion, captured from a low and close perspective. The individual is dressed in vibrant winter attire, sporting a light blue jacket and bright pink pants, complemented by a pink helmet and goggles with reflective lenses. The snowboarder is wearing gloves and appears to be in a playful pose, with one arm extended outward and a bent knee. The expression visible through the goggles is one of joy and excitement. In the background, chairlifts and evergreen trees dot the landscape under a clear, blue sky.

While enjoying the thrilling action that winter sports bring, don't forget to visit for exclusive discounts on tickets, ensuring you get the lowest prices for your snowy escapades! This image features an expansive snowy slope under a clear blue sky, dotted with a few skiers on a mountain resort, which is implied by the presence of ski lifts visible in the background. The foreground is dominated by a young snowboarder in vibrant winter attire: a light green jacket and bright pink snow pants. The snowboarder, wearing a matching pink helmet and reflective goggles, strikes a playful pose, one arm extended and bent at the elbow, with the other arm back for balance as she carves through the snow, leaving a trail of powder in her wake. The sun, positioned behind and to the left of her, creates a radiant lens flare that adds a dynamic touch to the scene.

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Snow Ski Resort is Southern California's only chairlift-serviced sledding place, and it also features the region's most fabulous beginning terrain, including the Slide Peak steeps. Their award-winning Learning Centers provide lessons for skiers and snowboarders of all ages and skill levels, and the resort's terrain is also excellent.

Summer Fun at Valley!

Mountain biking with a lift, the Scenic View Chair, hiking, special events, and more can all be found at Ski Resort in the warmer months. Fun, challenging activities and some of Southern California's most stunning panoramas can be found on the mountain.

The dedication to serving the best experience!

This ski resort's number one priority is the happiness of its visitors. They've been in the amusement business for nearly eight decades and want you to have the best time possible at Ski Valley. The Snow Valley Express, a high-speed 6-seat detachable lift, is the first in Southern California. Its installation has been part of its ongoing effort to provide guests with an unforgettable vacation.

Tips for your Skiing Journey

Image Description: This is a dynamic photo of a snowboarder in action on a clear sunny day. The snowboarder, dressed in a royal blue jacket and mustard-yellow snow pants, is carving through groomed snow with his board tilted on its edge, kicking up a spray of snow. They appear focused, with their body leaning into the turn. The sky is a clear blue, and there are evergreen trees lining the background. The snow surface has a corduroy texture, indicating that it has been freshly groomed by a snowcat. There is a watermark in the form of a blue logo in the bottom left corner that reads "Snow Valley Mountain Resort California," signifying the location of this winter sports scene.

For those who are planning their next winter adventure, remember that offers significant discounts on tickets, ensuring you get the lowest prices for your snowy getaway. Image Description: The photo captures a snowboarder in action on a clear day at Snow Valley Mountain Resort, California. The snowboarder, leaning into a turn, leaves a trail of snow in his wake. Dressed in a royal blue jacket, complemented by mustard yellow snow pants and dark snowboarding boots, the individual's face is obscured by a ski mask and goggles, suggesting a focus on the sport and conditions rather than the person's identity. A grove of conifer trees adorns the background, accentuating the alpine environment. The meticulously groomed snow is marked with the parallel lines typical of a freshly groomed piste, highlighting the excellent conditions for snowboarding. The Snow Valley logo is in the bottom left corner, asserting the location of the photographed scene. 

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Purchase Snow Valley tickets in advance.

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Arrive early at the valley.

It's a safe bet that if you arrive early at the venue, you will have some extra time to take some pictures of the greatness of the surrounding mountains and secure the best parking spots. Getting the best parking spot is never a problem if you get there early.

Here's what you should prepare before going!

This image features a joyful man and woman standing close together on a sunny winter day at a ski resort. Both individuals are wearing vibrant blue jackets with a logo that reads "BIG BEAR" and a mountain graphic, indicating they may be staff or instructors at the resort. The jackets also have name badges, although the names are not legible. They are equipped with black helmets and are smiling broadly at the camera. The backdrop reveals a snowy landscape with mountains and a clear blue sky. The resort's logo, "Snow Valley Mountain Resort California," is visible in the bottom right corner of the photograph.

As you plan your upcoming snowy adventure, don't forget to check out for exclusive discounts on tickets, ensuring you find the lowest prices for your mountain getaway. This image features two smiling individuals outdoors on a sunny winter day. They are both dressed in vibrant blue ski jackets with badges indicating their affiliation with a ski resort, helmets, and black goggles resting on their foreheads. They each have a warm, friendly expression. The setting appears to be a snowy mountain resort, as suggested by the white slopes dotted with pine trees in the background. The logo of "Snow Valley Mountain Resort California" is displayed in the lower left corner of the image, designating the location.

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Snow Valley is often 30-40 degrees cooler than the city, and the sun's UV rays are more robust. The weather can change quickly in the highlands, so be ready for everything. Make sure you pack these important items before going skiing.

Dress in layers.

It's always better to overdress in layers in this type of climate. Those who enjoy snowboarding should always dress in waterproof gear.

Guard your wrist and hands.

The use of wrist protection is recommended for snowboarders. As an additional safety measure, you should wear waterproof gloves.

Protect yourself from sunburn.

You should carry a beanie or hat to cover your head and shield it from the sun, as most of your body's heat is lost over your scalp. Even on cloudy days, UV radiation can penetrate the atmosphere and cause skin cancer; therefore, everyone must take precautions by wearing sunscreen and UV protection eyeglasses or goggles.

If you happen to forget anything, don't worry—their Sport Shop has got you covered! They offer a wide variety of accessories at affordable costs. You may check out their official website to get an idea of what you should expect.

Where to eat?

Enjoy delicious dishes made with local products while gazing out at breathtaking vistas of the surrounding mountains, forests, and lakes at the Snow Valley Ski Resort! Try out these beautifully made foods that rock your taste buds!

  • Blondie's Grille and Bar
  • Deep Creek Drive-In
  • Neo's Pizza House
  • Old Country Coffee Shop, Inc.
  • Toto's

Frequently Asked Questions about Ski Valley Resort:

  1. Are reservations required at Snow Valley Ski Resort?
    No, reservations are not required, but be sure to purchase your Snow Valley discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks to get the biggest discounts in the industry!
  2. Where is Snow Valley located?
    You can find this ski resort at 35100 CA-18, Running Springs, CA 92382. Have an awesome time after purchasing your Snow Valley discount tickets!
  3. What are the valley's operating hours?
    They are usually open Mon-Fri (non-holiday) from 9AM – 4PM. Saturday, Sunday, and holiday periods from 8:30AM – 4PM. Hours vary, so please check the Ski Resort's calendar for up-to-date operating hours information.
  4. Do they offer free parking?
    General parking rates apply on weekends and holidays. Snow Ski Resort has a large parking area; however, arriving as early as possible is still best to get the most convenient spot.
  5. Is the Ski Resort suitable for beginners?
    Snow Ski is renowned for its beginner and family-friendly terrains. The Ski Resort in California houses Southern California's best beginner-friendly terrain, the legendary Thunder Mountain. It has four lift services, 6, 7, 13, & 14, that will take you to Thunder Mountain and other beginner terrains like Eagle Flats and Coyote Flats.
  6. Can I snowboard at Ski Resort?
    Ski Resort offers ski trails and terrains that are perfect for snowboarding! Snowboard rentals are available at the Snow Valley ticket office.
  7. Do I need a skiing/snowboarding lesson at Snow Ski if I am a beginner?
    Yes, lessons make the first-time experience a lot more fun, enjoyable, and less stressful.
  8. Should I choose skiing or snowboarding at Ski Resort?
    The two are very different sports, depending on what you seek. Snowboarding is typically more difficult for those new to the slopes, although snowboarders often progress faster; however, first-time skiers have better control when it comes to turning, stopping, and getting on or off the chairlifts easier.
  9. What should I bring to Ski Resort?
    It is recommended to bring wrist guards (for snowboarders), waterproof gloves, a beanie or hat, sunscreen, and goggles. If you do not own all of these, Ski Resort's Sport Shop sells them for a reasonable price.
  10. What should I wear to Ski Resort?
    It is recommended to dress in layers of waterproof clothing.
  11. How soon do I receive my Snow Valley discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks
    You will receive your discount tickets instantly after your purchase, along with your receipt! Make sure to check your spam folder if it doesn't appear in your inbox after your online purchase.
  12. Do I have to print my Snow Valley discount tickets?
    No, you can just show your Ski Resort discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks on your phone at the entrance for easy entry.
  13. How many lift systems/chairlifts does Snow Valley have?
    Snow Valley currently has 13 lift systems.
  14. Does Ski Resort offer food?
    The ski resort does have restaurants on site; however, it is perfectly acceptable to pack a lunch. Many families opt to eat their packed lunch or snacks in the parking area.

Last updated February 26, 2024.

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