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This image features three individuals engaged in an exciting 7D ride experience. The first person, on the left, appears to be a woman with long hair, wearing a black long-sleeve top and 3D glasses, smiling while holding onto a yellow and black interactive ride gun. In the center, there is a man wearing a short-sleeve button-up shirt and sunglasses, also holding an interactive gun with a delighted expression. To the right, another individual, donning a casual light-colored shirt and sunglasses, is eagerly using a similar device. All three are seated in a motion-simulated ride vehicle with vibrant yellow accents and are secured by over-the-shoulder restraints. They seem to be having a thrilling experience, indicated by their joyous expressions and the dynamic environment of the ride featuring immersive screens and special effects.

At, we're passionate about bringing you the excitement without the high price tag, offering unbeatable discounts and the lowest prices on tickets for a variety of entertainment options. Image Description: Three individuals are seated side by side on a 7D ride simulator. Each participant is actively engaged with the experience, holding onto mounted simulation guns. They seem immersed in the action, wearing 3D glasses, with expressions ranging from excitement to concentration. The background is mostly obscured by the darkness of the room, highlighting the bright yellow accents of the ride seats, and the '7D RIDE EXPERIENCE' logo is prominently displayed in the bottom left corner of the image. The lighting focuses on the riders, creating a dynamic scene that suggests an exhilarating and immersive entertainment experience.

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Prepare for an unforgettable ride at PIER 39 with the 7D Thrill Ride Experience! Ideal for families, friends, and anyone seeking thrills, this adventure is brimming with excitement and surprises.

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7D Ride Highlights

  • Ultimate Interactive Experience:

    Step into an action-packed world with full-motion seats, an expansive 3D screen, and laser blasters! This unique combination of a thrill ride and laser game supports up to 20 players at once, offering an exhilarating group experience.

  • Diverse Ride Options:

    Select from four incredible ride options, each providing a distinct and exciting journey!

  • A Gamer's Paradise:

    Immerse yourself in a range of electrifying scenarios, from zombie apocalypse missions to epic battles in a post-apocalyptic city!

  • Immersive Sensations:

    Experience the action intimately with every twist, turn, and dive! The ride's advanced technology puts you right at the center of the excitement, offering a fully immersive experience.

  • Perfect Party Destination:

    Experience the action intimately with every twist, turn, and dive! The ride's advanced technology puts you right at the center of the excitement, offering a fully immersive experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the 7D Thrill Ride Experience?

    The 7D Thrill Ride Experience, located at PIER 39, is a riveting and high-energy journey that melds the thrill of interactive gaming with the excitement of a dynamic motion ride.

  2. Who should consider going on this ride?

    This ride caters to a diverse audience, making it ideal for individuals of all ages. It's particularly popular among families, those seeking thrills, and gaming aficionados.

  3. When is the venue open and how long does the ride last?

    The 7D Thrill Ride Experience offers a 10-minute burst of excitement and operates daily from 11am to 8pm. It's important to note that the last ride of the day starts 15 minutes before closing time to ensure a complete experience.

  4. What features make the 7D Ride stand out?

    The 7D Ride is renowned for its Ultimate Interactive Experience. It boasts state-of-the-art full-motion seats, an expansive 3D screen, and laser blasters. This setup allows up to 20 players to simultaneously enjoy a thrilling ride and an interactive laser game, providing an experience like no other.

  5. Is there a weight limit for participants in the 7D Experience?

    Yes, for safety and in adherence to California Ride Safety regulations, there is a weight limit. All riders must be under 300 lbs to participate in the 7D Experience.

Last updated June 29, 2024

The 7D Ride Experience Ticket

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