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Image description:

This panoramic banner features an engaging scene from The Escape Game in Irvine, showcasing two contrasting environments. On the left, there is a brightly lit, seemingly outdoor area with a man looking up in awe, wearing a striped pink-and-white shirt and glasses, with a flash light in his hand illuminating his face. He stands in front of a rustic-looking building with stone details. Behind him, a woman with her hair pulled back is also holding a flashlight and looking up, as if they are trying to solve a puzzle or find a clue. The right side of the image transitions to an indoor setting with dimmer, ambient lighting, highlighting two individuals from behind. One person has curly hair and wears a green jacket, while the other has long hair and a blue denim jacket. They are observing an intricate wall panel with various buttons and screens, conveying a sense of urgency and investigation. This scene exemplifies the thrilling escape room experience where players work together to uncover mysteries and solve puzzles.

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Experience the thrill of an escape room adventure and enjoy savings on your next challenge with the lowest prices on tickets, only at! This is a dynamic promotional image for The Escape Game. It is divided into three panels featuring participants in various immersive settings, suggesting a sequence of exciting escape room challenges. On the left, there's a woman and a man looking upwards with expressions of curiosity and amazement; the woman is wearing a white lab coat, suggesting a theme of scientific inquiry. The middle panel shows another participant, possibly confronting an unseen puzzle or clue, with a focused expression. The third panel depicts a person interacting with a complex control panel filled with buttons and levers inside a dimly lit, rustic-looking room, possibly a hint of a thematic adventure awaiting players. The atmospheric lighting in each vignette creates an air of mystery and anticipation. 

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The Escape Game allows you to experience hunting for gold, inspecting and investigating the area’s local market, passing your "class," recovering a priceless painting, and escaping a prison!

The Escape Game Irvine

Enter America’s best escape rooms at The Escape Game! Bring your friends to experience a fun-filled environment where the clock starts ticking when the wheels in your head start turning! Escape is not guaranteed, but the fun surely is!

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The Escape Game in California

Bring your discount tickets to visit The Escape Game’s escape rooms in California available in two locations – Irvine and San Francisco!

The Escape Game in Irvine

Located at 655 Spectrum Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618, around the corner from Old Navy and Dave & Buster’s. Make sure to drop by their escape rooms when you are in the area!

The Escape Game in San Francisco

You will find The Escape Game’s escape rooms in San Francisco at 150 Kearny Street, San Francisco, Ca 94108 (Sutter St.).

Both locations offer the same escape rooms, so buy your escape room discount tickets today and read on to find out what to expect when you arrive!

Image Description: This vibrant image depicts two people engaged in an escape room activity at "The Escape Game Irvine". On the left, a person wearing a pink sweater and eyeglasses appears to be in motion, leaning on a wooden stair railing with a flashlight in hand, as if searching for clues or solving a puzzle. The focus and lighting suggest urgency or excitement in the gameplay. On the right, another individual with curly hair gazes upward with a curious expression, perhaps pondering a complex clue or admiring the thematic decor of the room. Both participants seem to be enjoying the immersive experience in a wooden cabin-like setting with rustic charm.

At, experience the thrill of escape games for less! Take advantage of our exclusive discounts and enjoy the lowest prices on tickets for an unforgettable adventure. This image shows two individuals engaged in what appears to be an interactive and entertaining experience at The Escape Game in Irvine. On the left, a person wearing glasses is captured in a moment of exhilaration, leaning over a wooden railing with both hands gripping the rail tightly, looking downward with an expression of focused excitement. On the right, a woman with curly hair is in the foreground, looking upwards with an expression of curiosity and anticipation, suggesting that she's deeply immersed in the adventure at hand. The background features dimly lit, rustic-themed surroundings that contribute to the atmosphere of an escape room environment. Remember, for the most thrilling experiences and brain-teasing adventures, visit, where you can find tickets at the lowest prices, ensuring great savings on your next outing.

Gold Rush

Up to 8 players | 7/10 difficulty | 60 minutes

Rumors of hidden gold in the hills of Northern California have grabbed the attention of people from all over!

Get your hands on the gold by buying your The Escape Game Irvine discount tickets to today and beat the mob by finding out where the gold is stashed first!

This image features two individuals engaging in an immersive experience at The Escape Game Irvine. On the left, a woman with a focused gaze is shown from a side angle, her hand thoughtfully positioned near her face, with her other arm extended towards an ornate object. On the right, a man is seen from the front, leaning forward intently as he inspects a similar mysterious piece situated in an elaborately decorated room that suggests an adventurous narrative. The room's ambiance is tinged with an ancient or historical theme, implied by the distressed walls and antique decor. The mood is one of intrigue and concentration as both individuals seem to be solving a puzzle or uncovering a clue.

For this mentally stimulating adventure, be sure to visit where you can unlock savings with the lowest prices on tickets for your next memorable escapade. Image Description:
This is an action-packed image showcasing two individuals engaged in a thrilling escape room game at 'The Escape Game Irvine'. The female participant to the left is looking outward with an expression of focused determination, while the male to the right is intently examining a mysterious object. Both are huddled around what appears to be a beautifully ornate, wall-mounted lion's head with a ring in its mouth, suggesting that they might be in the middle of solving a puzzle. The aged-looking wall and the intricate design of the lion's head imbue the scene with an adventurous, old-world ambiance. The escape game logo prominently displayed at the bottom signifies the brand.

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Special Ops: Mysterious Market

Up to 8 players | 8/10 difficulty | 60 minutes

We have always been taught to trust our gut feeling, and this time is not any different!

Uncover the truth at the area’s local market in just 60 minutes!

This image depicts three individuals engaged in an escape room activity at The Escape Game in Irvine. The room has an immersive theme, with a combination of rustic and mechanical elements, such as a metal door with a vault-like appearance to the left and a stone wall that evokes a sense of intrigue. The two young men and one young woman are looking intently towards something outside the frame, which likely represents a clue or element of the game they are trying to solve. The woman is in the center, looking up and to her right with a look of determination, and she's flanked by the men who are also deeply focused on the task at hand. One man is reaching upward, pressing a button or similar device, while the other is peering around the door, suggesting a collaborative effort to crack the game. The lighting accentuates their faces and the game environment, creating a dynamic and exciting atmosphere.

For those ready to take on the challenge and experience the thrill of an escape room, visit for exclusive discounts and the lowest prices on tickets. This image features three young adults engaged in what appears to be an escape room activity. The location is indicated as "The Escape Game Irvine." They seem to be in a dimly lit room that resembles a vintage or industrial setting, with a large metallic door in the background. The young man on the left, with light-colored hair, is reaching up towards an unseen object, perhaps a clue or key necessary for the game. The young woman in the center has platinum blonde hair and looks upwards thoughtfully, possibly considering their next move. On the right, a young man with darker skin is also pictured gazing into the distance, contributing to the group's effort. Their facial expressions suggest focus and anticipation.

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Prison Break

Up to 8 players | 9/10 difficulty | 60 minutes

Do not let yourself get murdered at the hands of the evil warden like the former prisoner in your cell did! Some swear he escaped, but no one knows for sure.

Get your escape room discount tickets today and find your way out before the same happens to you!

Image Description: This image captures a moment of excitement and surprise at The Escape Game in Irvine. On the left side of the image, a person is depicted with an expression of shock and amazement, mouth open, as they lean back and extend their arm toward what appears to be a puzzling clue or object. On the right, a person is taking a selfie, holding a camera phone with a wide, exuberant smile, radiating the thrill of the escape room experience. Both participants are framed against a background that features a framed painting, suggesting they are inside a room designed with decorative elements to enhance the immersive experience. The Escape Game logo is visible at the top of the image, reinforcing the adventurous atmosphere of the venue.

Remember, at, you're always just a click away from unlocking incredible savings on tickets—with the promise of the lowest prices to enhance your entertainment experience! This image shows two excited individuals engaged in an escape room activity at 'The Escape Game Irvine'. A woman in the foreground is facing the camera with a wide, enthusiastic smile, holding up what appears to be a clue or part of the game—a map or artwork—partially obscuring her face. Behind her, a man is also participating, looking surprised and captivated by the unfolding adventure, with his attention directed towards something out of frame. The room's decor suggests an elegant setting with a framed painting visible in the background that complements the immersive experience of the game.

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The Heist

Up to 8 players | 8/10 difficulty | 60 minutes

Recover a recently stolen art masterpiece and slip out before the thief catches you, all within 60 minutes with your escape room discount tickets!

Image Description: This image captures a moment of excitement and curiosity at The Escape Game in Irvine, with vivid colors and dynamic lighting enhancing the scene. On the left, a woman with long blonde hair is partly stepping through a wooden doorframe with a glass pane. She wears a turquoise blue top and has an expression of cautious intrigue as she looks to her side. On the right, a man with short black hair, in a light orange t-shirt, is shown standing inside the room, also peering through the open door with an alert stance and a subtle look of surprise. Both individuals appear engaged and focused, possibly solving puzzles or looking for clues in the game. The interior walls are painted yellow and house a contrasting red-brick column, adding to the vivid setting. Prominently displayed at the bottom of the image is the logo for The Escape Game Irvine, suggesting an immersive experience ahead.

At, we provide the thrill of the chase with tickets to captivating experiences like The Escape Game, and we're committed to delivering unbeatable savings and the lowest prices on your next grand adventure. This image showcases a man and woman stepping through the doorway of an escape room at The Escape Game Irvine. Both individuals are mid-stride, with the woman leading slightly in the foreground and the man following close behind. The woman has blonde hair and is dressed in a mint green top, her eyes looking off to the side with an inquisitive expression. The man is wearing an orange t-shirt and jeans, and his gaze is directed towards something out of view, seemingly alert and ready for what's to come. The escape room appears to have walls textured like red bricks and a blue, circular pattern on the wall to the right, enhanced by ambient lighting that elicits an adventurous atmosphere.

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Up to 12 players | 6/10 difficulty | 60 minutes

The quest to get your final report card before summer vacation is underway! Pass or fail with your friends together!

This image features two individuals engaged in an interactive activity inside an escape room. The room has a vibrant, submarine-themed decor with teal walls, porthole windows, and control panels indicative of a nautical adventure. On the left, a woman with long curly hair tied back, wearing a turquoise sweater, is seen in profile as she intently observes her surroundings. On the right, a man in a coral-colored shirt faces away from the camera, focused on unraveling a complex puzzle made of strings attached to the wall. The expression on their faces suggests determination and concentration. The lighting in the room casts a warm ambiance, enhancing the immersive experience. The logo "THE ESCAPE GAME IRVINE" is visible at the bottom left, indicating the brand of the escape room.

At, we're committed to providing the thrill of an escape room adventure at the lowest prices—guaranteeing you not just an exhilarating challenge but also unmatched savings on tickets. This image depicts two individuals engaged in an interactive activity at 'The Escape Game'. A woman and a man appear focused and cooperative as they examine something in the man's hands. Both are inside a room with walls that resemble the interior of a submarine or a ship, painted in shades of blue and green with various dials, pipes, and panels. The atmosphere suggests a theme of adventure and problem-solving. Towards the bottom left corner, there's a distinctive yellow circular icon with a simplified face, associating the image with the branded escape game experience.

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The Depths

Up to 8 players | 6/10 difficulty | 60 minutes

If you are brave enough to dive into the depths of the ocean to investigate an abandoned laboratory, then this is the best escape room for you! Dr. Humphreys has gone missing and there have been talks of mysterious experiments since his disappearance. Navigate your submarine to the lab, decode Humphreys’ research, and explore what he’s been hiding deep in the ocean. Just remember…you’re not alone in these waters…

Frequently Asked Questions about The Escape Game Irvine:

  1. Are reservations required for The Escape Game?
    Yes, reservations are required prior to visiting The Escape Game. Advanced purchase of your escape room discount tickets is also highly recommended. Please call 949-541-9165 to make your reservations.
  2. Can I reschedule or get a refund on my escape room discount tickets?
    Rescheduling is allowed up to four hours prior to your reservation time. You can receive a refund up to 48 hours before your reservation time.
  3. How much is admission for children?
    Children aged four and under are free of charge. Please call their line so that they may add your child’s spot to your reservation.
  4. Is there an age limit?
    No, but the escape rooms are recommended for those who are 13 years old or older as some of the games could be too advanced for younger kids. An adult who is 18 years old or older must accompany those who are 14 years old or younger.
  5. How early should I arrive at The Escape Game Irvine?
    It is recommended to arrive 10 minutes early.
  6. Will I be playing with other participants at The Escape Game?
    They, by default, allow more than one party to book the same escape room. If no other group reserves the same escape room and time as you, you can reserve the remaining spots for a 50% discount. Also, you can pay the other 50% when you arrive to the escape room if you decide to bring additional players.
  7. Is there free parking?
    Irvine – Free parking is available as are valet parking and EV charging stations. San Francisco - Paid parking garages can be found near their location.
  8. How soon do I receive my escape room discount tickets?
    Instantly! Right after your purchase, your receipt and escape room discount tickets to The Escape Game will be sent to the email address that you provided.
  9. Do I need to print my escape room discount tickets?
    No. You can show them on your mobile phone for easy entry.
  10. Are the games at The Escape Game Irvinescary?
    Most of the escape rooms are thrill-inducing and suspenseful, but none of them are scary or horror-themed.
  11. Will I really be locked inside the escape room?
    While the door is locked, you may request to leave the escape room anytime. There is an “Exit” button that you can press to step out of the escape room.
  12. Is there a dress code?
    There is none, but it is recommended to wear something that allows you to easily move around the escape rooms.
  13. Are outside food and beverages allowed inside?
    Outside food and beverages are not permitted inside The Escape Game Irvine’s escape rooms. Alcohol is also not allowed.
  14. Are these escape rooms wheelchair accessible?
    Give the Escape Game a call at 949-541-9165 so that they can assist you in choosing the best escape room to accommodate your group.
  15. What is their sanitation process?
    The Escape Game Irvine cleans their lobby and other high touch surfaces multiple times a day.

Last updated June 27, 2024.

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