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Holiday Lights Cruise - from December 1 to 31!

This image features an enchanting nighttime scene of a harbor with multiple boats adorned with vibrant holiday lights. The boats are docked in calm waters that reflect the dazzling lights, enhancing the festive atmosphere. The floating parade of lights includes strings of multicolored bulbs and holiday-themed decorations, such as a large lit-up Santa Claus figure sitting in a sleigh on the deck of one of the boats. Gentle glimmers on the water's surface add to the magical quality of the setting. The dark sky contrasts with the illuminated boats, casting them as the focal point of the image. In the background, the outline of a bridge can be observed, partially illuminated by adjacent streetlights. The logo “Newport Beach California” can be seen at the bottom center of the picture, suggesting the location of the scene.

Looking to experience this spellbinding display in person? offers you the chance to witness these captivating light displays at the harbor with exclusive discounts, ensuring you enjoy the lowest prices on tickets for your next festive adventure. This image captures a festive night-time scene at a waterfront. The viewpoint suggests the photo is taken from above, looking down at a marina where boats of various sizes are docked. The water is calm and reflects the surrounding lights. One standout feature is a boat adorned with vibrant, multicolored lights, including neon pinks and greens, giving it a celebratory appearance likely for a special event or holiday. Other boats are less illuminated but still part of the scene with their masts visible against the dark sky. The glow of the city's night lights provides a radiant backdrop to the maritime setting. Be sure to secure your tickets through to enjoy remarkable experiences like this at the lowest prices, ensuring both savings and unforgettable memories.

Embark on enchanting cruises where dazzling light displays and festive decorations along the bay compete in the lively "Ring of Lights" competition. Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit as you enjoy a wonderfully relaxing evening under the stars, cruising Newport Bay adorned with festive decorations.

  • Departure time: 5:30 PM, 7:00 PM, and 8:30 PM

  • Duration: About 75 minutes.

**Note $19 holiday lights cruise special is not valid for Dec 14 - Dec 18 for cruise times from 5:15 pm - 9:30 pm each of those 5 nights.

**A supplemental charge of $5 per person applies for “all” cruise times from 5 pm-8:30 pm. No $5 charge on all other cruise times.

You are allowed to bring your own food and eat on the boats on tables they will be providing. Beverages and movie theater snacks (popcorn, chips, soda, etc) are also available for purchase aboard.

Experience a voyage through thousands of illuminated Christmas displays on one of these festively decked-out vessels. Family gatherings, extravagant feasts, gift-giving, and office parties are all staples of the Christmas season.

On this trip, Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade and the Ring of Lights turn Newport Bay into a "must-see" wintertime with millions of illuminated holiday lights. See it all this year! Purchase your Boat Parade discount tickets through GreatWorkPerks and enjoy huge savings that will make your Christmas holiday merrier!

GreatWorkPerks Boat Parade Discount Tickets 2023

This image features a rectangular logo with the text "NEWPORT LANDING" in bold, capital letters, predominantly displayed in the upper portion. The slogan "Live it up at Newport Landing!" is written in a smaller font size directly beneath the main title. Both texts are set against a white background, with a decorative horizontal line above and below the main title. At the bottom left of the image, a green padlock symbol with a check mark inside it, signifying security, is accompanied by the words "AUTHORIZED SELLER" just to its right. The overall design conveys a sense of exclusivity and trustworthiness for the Newport Landing brand.

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Your Holiday Lights Cruise Experience

The Newport Beach Holiday Lights Cruises and Boat Parade Cruises are Southern California's most anticipated holiday event, not just in Orange County and Los Angeles. Over a million people tune in every year to watch the Newport Beach Christmas events, which have been going strong for over a century. In preparation for the boat procession, Newport Harbor is decked out in festive garb. Homes, boats, and entire landscapes can be converted into something out of a fairy tale over the holiday season. After Thanksgiving, Newport Beach gets into the Christmas spirit by decking the halls and illuminating the bay with thousands of lights and hundreds of themed houses. Get to experience all of these with our Newport Beach Boat Parade discount tickets!

Image Description: This image is a split-view photo showcasing two scenes of a nighttime boat parade. On the left side, the photo depicts an aerial perspective of a densely populated marina filled with numerous boats. The boats are adorned with vibrant lights that illuminate the surrounding water, creating a festive and colorful display against the dark background. On the right side, the focus is on a section of the harbor where several boats are sailing. These boats are elaborately decorated with strings of multicolored lights and neon outlines, enhancing their visibility in the night. The reflections of the lights dance on the water's surface, contributing to an atmosphere of celebration. The backdrop is a shoreline dotted with illuminated buildings that cast a warm, soft glow. A watermark in the bottom left corner reads "Visit Newport Beach California."

Enjoy the splendor of Newport Beach and make a splash with savings when you secure your tickets through, offering the lowest prices and great discounts on local attractions and events. This image showcases a vibrant nighttime scene at a busy waterfront, split into a diptych format. The left half of the photo depicts numerous boats adorned with colorful neon lights, casting vivid reflections on the dark water below. They are moored in a bustling marina, surrounded by a panorama of illuminated streets and buildings extending into the distance, suggesting a lively urban setting. The right half contrasts by focusing on an open body of water, where boats decked in festive lights are aligned in a parade-like formation. A larger vessel stands out prominently, dressed in an elaborate display of lights, and the surrounding cityscape is aglow with twinkling lights, adding to the celebratory atmosphere of the event. As you immerse yourself in the beauty of this illuminated maritime celebration, remember that is your go-to spot for the lowest prices and best discounts on tickets to a wide array of events and attractions.

What to expect at the Newport Beach Holiday Light Cruises this 2023?

This tradition has been practiced for over a century. At first, just about a dozen decorated boats floated in the water – but things have changed. The Newport Beach Holiday Lights Cruises and Boat Christmas Parade in 2023 is expected to feature hundreds of vessels, each with its extravagant display. Many people now combine additional effects and themes to create elaborate displays in addition to traditional holiday lights. You might see anything from million-dollar boats to canoes and kayaks at the Newport Beach Holiday Lights Cruises and Boat Christmas Parade. People enjoy participation; on that, we can all agree.

Tips for your Holiday Trip

  • Wrap up warmly against the brisk air.

    As for what to wear, anything from a light to medium jacket will keep you warm and comfortable for the entire parade, enough to cover yourself against the chilly air. If a cold front has recently passed through or rain is predicted, it is best to dress warmly, especially if you're watching the parade from the ship. You should bring an umbrella and suitable footwear if there is a greater-than-50 percent chance of rain. In the event of rain, it's also a good idea to bring an umbrella and some gloves.

  • Arrive early.

    It's best to arrive early for your trip to minimize the chances of missing it. Boarding schedules may be changed at any time without prior notice. Plus, skip the “parking horror” happening during yearly seasonal parades – literally, parking your car is the hardest part of the parade.

    To start, you should never be late to a parade. Anyone going to the parade by ship should get there at least an hour before the ship is supposed to leave. If you're leaving on the weekend, give yourself an extra half-hour. On Friday and Saturday nights, when the parade is the busiest, it can be hard to leave town early. This is because there will be a lot of competition for parking spots. People going to the parade, on a cruise, or to a restaurant to watch the festivities from their patios will all be looking for a spot. Now it's up to you to decide!

  • Create memories; bring your camera!

    Carry a camera at all times. Battery health should be a top priority. Capture the celebration and the fully decorated ships! Also, there will be plenty of unexpected moments during the march, so keep your camera handy.

  • Bring some cash.

    While carrying physical bills and coins may be unusual in culture today, they will be necessary for the parade. All parking charges, drinks, snacks, meters, carolers, gratuities, and sweets must be paid in cash. Your cruise's departure dock is an excellent place to exchange currency or obtain some money if you forget to bring some.

Things You Need to Know Before You Go!

  1. All about the Holiday Lights Cruises and Boat Parade.

    If you want to participate in the Newport Beach Holiday Lights Cruises and Boat Christmas Parade, you must be aware of the following details: The Newport Beach Holiday Lights Cruises and Boat Christmas Parade 2023 occurs once a year; it's a seasonal event that takes place in the beginning of December stretching out all the way until the end of the month.

  2. Parade times

    Newport Landing provides three cruise times per night for each of the five evenings of the 2023 parade. The cruise times are 5:30 PM, 7:00 PM, and 8:30 PM. Each cruise parade trip lasts 75 minutes and travels with the procession, viewing both ships and properties and celebrating the many land-bound events taking place throughout the harbor.

  3. This image is a split-view depicting two vibrant scenes. On the left, a festive evening setting over water shows various boats adorned with colorful lights, reflecting on the water’s surface. The boats are decorated with holiday-themed lights, including images such as Santa Claus and Christmas trees. In the background, there’s a lit pier and palm trees against a twilight sky. On the right, a spectacular fireworks display illuminates the night sky with a burst of golden and white sparks, while smaller bursts add accents of light. Below, calm waters and silhouetted shoreline frame the scene. Smoke from the fireworks trails into the night sky. Text on the image reads “Newport Beach”.

Experience memorable moments and enjoy the sparkle of savings with the lowest prices on tickets at This image is a side-by-side representation of two festive scenes. On the left, there is a twilight view of a harbor with multiple boats adorned with colorful lights; the boats are decorated to reflect the joyous spirit of the holiday season, with some resembling Christmas trees or featuring holiday-themed elements. The harbor scene is set against a backdrop of silhouetted palm trees with a deep blue and purple sunset sky.

On the right, the image captures a vibrant fireworks display lighting up the night sky with a myriad of colors ranging from warm oranges to bright whites, conjuring up a celebratory atmosphere. The perspective is from a waterfront viewing area, with the fireworks reflecting over a body of water, and plumes of smoke are visible from the launched fireworks.

Wrap up your next festive outing with savings and the lowest prices on tickets when you choose for your holiday event needs.
  4. Advance reservation is a MUST!

    Due to coronavirus, and the implementation of safety protocols to protect the guests, large reduction of passengers count per cruise is applied. With that, if you wish to join in on the 2023 Newport Beach Holiday Lights Cruises and Boat Christmas Parade, note that your Boat Parade discount ticket is going to serve as your reservation.

Frequently Asked Questions for Newport Beach Boat Parade

  1. Do I need to make a reservation to join the parade?

    Yes. Because of the anticipated huge turnout, Newport strongly recommends that guests make reservations in advance. No worries though, your dated tickets will serve as your reservation!

  2. Where is Newport Beach Boat Parade located?

    This merry event this Christmas is located at 309 Palm Street Ste #A, Newport Beach, CA, 92661.

  3. Do I need to print my Newport Beach Boat Parade discount tickets from GreatWorkPerks

    GreatWorkPerks continues and will always provide convenience to the customers – with that being said, convenience, including the printing of tickets, is not necessary. All you need to do is to save your electronic Newport Beach Boat Parade tickets on your phone and show them at the ticket booth for easy entry.

  4. How soon will I receive my Boat Parade tickets from GreatWorkPerks

    Your Newport Beach Boat Parade discount tickets will be available for pick up at their office (at either 400 Main Street Newport Beach, CA 92661 or 309 Palm Street, Suite A.) on the day of your visit. An email confirmation will be sent to you providing a break down.

  5. Do kids need to pay for Boat Parade discount tickets to join the parade?

    Yes. Kids’ admission fee starts at $10.

  6. Do we need to wear masks during the trip?

    Passengers will be required to wear a mask when inside galley areas and whileboarding and disembarking the vessel. No masks are required on the vesselwhen outside. The mask regulation is per the United States Coast Guardand the discretion of the owners of Newport Landing and Davey's Locker.

  7. Is there parking available?

    Parking is best found at the valet parking structure located at 309 Palm St. Newport Beach, CA 92661 (corner of Adams Street & E Bay Avenue).

    On the weekends, the parking structure at 309 Palm St is also best option although if it fills, you can also try parking at the Balboa Pier Municipal Parking Lot located at 1 Balboa Pier Newport Beach, CA. 92661. Please be prepared to pay for parking at both locations. Oversized vehicles should use Balboa Pier Parking.

  8. What time should I get there?

    We suggest arriving one hour prior to your scheduled departure to allow time to park and check in. Please note, your start time is the time your vessel departs therefore, arriving 60 minutes prior to your departure time is highly recommended.

Location: 309 Palm St Ste #A, Newport Beach, CA, 92661

Phone: 949-675-0551

Last updated December 05, 2022.

Newport Beach Holiday Lights Cruises & Christmas Boat Parade Tickets

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