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Discover the area on two wheels and explore various scenic routes by renting bikes at Unlimited Biking in Santa Monica! The Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, and Malibu Beach are just a few of the well-known destinations in the area, and they all offer breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

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The LOWEST-PRICED Unlimited Biking Santa Monica Discount Tickets

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Why Choose Unlimited Biking?

  • All The Most Excellent Bikes In Town Are Yours To Ride!

  • All of Unlimited Biking's rental bicycles are Cannondales, making you the proud rider of one of the top bicycle brands in the world!

  • Need some Help? Just Give Them a Call!

  • If you have any problems on the road, call them, and they'll come to the rescue! The help you receive will be top-notch, guaranteed!

  • Additional Equipment is Provided at No Cost!

  • All the bike rentals include free use of helmets, baskets, illustrated maps (for navigation), and locks. No need to pay extra money!

Rent a Bike in Santa Monica!

This image displays two individuals actively engaged in cycling. The person on the left is riding a black bicycle, donning a black jacket, gray pants, and sneakers. This individual appears to be holding onto the handlebars tightly and has a small bag attached to the bike's frame. On the right, there’s another cyclist wearing a burgundy jacket, black pants, and white sneakers, pedaling a yellow and black bicycle. Both bikes are in motion, suggesting this could be an action shot taken during a leisurely ride or a commute. At the bottom of the image, there's a logo with the text "UNLIMITED BIKING".

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Discover the coolest and most imaginative ways to enjoy Santa Monica. Get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors by jumping on a bike and pedaling around with your pals! You will have a wonderful time on this enjoyable bike ride. Buy your discounted Unlimited Biking Santa Monica tickets today!

Santa Monica Bike Rentals

This image features a smiling man and woman engaging in a leisurely bike ride by a serene harbor. Both are casually dressed in outdoor attire suitable for biking and are wearing safety helmets. They stand beside their bicycles, seemingly poised for a ride. Each bike has a label reading "Unlimited Biking." In the background, calm water is dotted with small white buoys, and a large, traditional sailing ship with red and black hues is moored in the harbor. The hills in the distance under a clear sky add to the peaceful ambiance of the scene.

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Experience the finest of Los Angeles on this self-guided bike tour from Santa Monica, not far from the pier. Whether a beginner or a seasoned cyclist, you'll love our selection of Cannondale hybrid bikes. The lively Marvin Braude Bike Trail, Main Street, and other bike hotspots in West Los Angeles are not to be missed on any visit to the town. This is a great activity for people of all ages to enjoy while seeing a beautiful part of the world!

  • Departure Location: 1431 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401
  • Opening Times: 9 AM - 7 PM (Year-round)
  • Duration: 2 hours, 4 hours, Daypass


  • Bike rental
  • Helmet, basket/bike bag, and lock
  • Map of the area

Santa Monica eBike Rentals

This image features two individuals engaged in a leisurely bike ride along a paved path on a sunny day. The person on the left is riding a yellow bike and is dressed in a light jacket, jeans, and a burgundy beanie, accessorized with a dark backpack. The person on the right rides a bike with vivid green accents and is wearing dark clothing and a black backpack with visible white lettering. They both appear to be pedaling at a calm pace. In the background, we can see the changing colors of trees foliage, indicating autumn season, as well as urban elements like a busy street with a city bus and traffic cones. The bottom left corner of the image contains the logo "U B Unlimited Biking," suggesting a biking service or promotion. At, we’re committed to offering the lowest prices available, ensuring our customers enjoy significant savings on tickets and experiences. Image Description: This image captures a moment of urban outdoor activity, featuring two individuals riding bicycles along a sunlit city street. The person on the left rides a bike with a white rear bag, clothed in a jacket or sweatshirt with a red hood, while their companion to the right is wearing a black jacket, both with backpacks on. They are traveling on a designated bike path, with the surrounding environment showcasing a variety of trees with autumnal foliage and the blur of a city bus in the background, contributing to a sense of vibrant city life.

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This self-guided electric bike tour of West L.A. begins at the iconic Santa Monica Pier and takes you through some of the nicest neighborhoods in the area. Cannondale Electric Bikes with Pedal Assist are ideal for those who want a little help getting up hills. Explore Marina del Rey and its coastal breezes, stop for pictures at Muscle Beach and the Venice Canals and see the world-famous Art Walls. Santa Monica is home to a beautiful cultural past and breathtaking natural beauty!

  • Departure Location: 1431 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401
  • Opening Times: 9 AM - 7 PM (Year-round)
  • Duration: 2 hours, 4 hours, Daypass


  • eBike rental
  • Helmet and bike bag
  • Map of the area

Guests must be 16+ to ride an eBike. Please bring a government-issued photo ID and a credit card to be kept on file for the security of the bikes.

Santa Monica & Venice Beach Electric Bike Tour

Image Description: This image presents a cheerful man and woman standing side-by-side with bicycles against a scenic backdrop featuring a calm water body and a clear sky. The man is on the left, wearing a helmet, a grey polo shirt, and dark pants. He is holding onto a green bike with the text "UNLIMITED BIKING" displayed on the frame. The woman is on the right, also sporting a helmet and a white long-sleeved shirt with light pants, holding a bike identical in branding but yellow in color. Both individuals are looking towards the horizon with content smiles. In the distance, a bridge spans across the water and gentle hills under a bright sky complete the tranquil scene.

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Leaving Santa Monica, near the Santa Monica Pier, this three-hour guided bike trip will show you the finest of Los Angeles. Enjoy the sea breezes, cycle around Marina del Rey, snap some photos of the Art Walls, and discover Muscle Beach.

This journey is d lovely for those who enjoy culture and history because of the sunny California climate. As you take in the sights of Santa Monica and Venice Beach, your guides will provide fascinating anecdotes, hidden gems, and some great picture opportunities. This 3-hour guided trip is excellent for parties of all sizes, from families to couples to single riders. Learn about the city while enjoying a leisurely ride!

  • Departure Location: 1431 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401
  • Opening Times: 10 AM (Year-round)
  • Duration: 3 Hours


  • Bike rental (eBike upgrade available)
  • Helmet and basket/bike bag
  • Licensed tour guide

Guests must be 16+ to ride an eBike. Please bring a government-issued photo ID and a credit card to be kept on file for the security of the bikes.

All visitors must be able to ride a bicycle independently.

Tours do not permit children's attachments, such as trailers and tag-along, due to safety concerns.

Minors shall be provided a bike only if accompanied by a responsible adult over 18.

Things You Need to Know Before You Go!

Departure Area

All bike rentals, including electric bikes, depart from Unlimited Biking Store, 1431 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401.

Operating Hours

They are open from Monday through Sunday, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.


All bike rentals are designed to meet your needs, whether you're just looking for a quick escapade or a day full of fun! You can conveniently pick from any of the ride duration you like. Below are the offered ride durations with varying rent prices:

  • 2 hours
  • 4 hours
  • Day Pass

Rider Requirements

  • All guests should know how to ride a bike on their own.
  • Riders ages 18 and under will only be issued a bicycle with a present adult companion over 18 years old.
  • Please bring at least one valid government-issued I.D. to be retained as a deposit for all rentals and a credit card to be kept on file for the security of the bikes.
  • Parents riding with a kid who needs an infant seat, double trailers for toddlers, and attachments such as tag-a-long are offered at an extra cost.

Cancellation Policy

We will not issue a refund for any cancelled transactions within 24 hours before the scheduled visit. For any cancellation concerns and questions, you may email them through

What to Expect When You Rent a Bike?

Image Description: This image features the right side of a bright yellow Cannondale bicycle, with a focus on the bike's midsection and back wheel. The bicycle is equipped with a black front basket containing a blue item, indicating it may be in use for a leisurely activity or transport. The background softly blurs, showcasing a tranquil body of water with a small boat and its passengers visible at a distance. Standing next to the bike is a person clad in a white top with a jean jacket; however, only their torso down to their mid-thigh is visible. The person’s hand rests on the handlebar, suggesting readiness for a ride or a pause in their journey. 

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End with promotional sentence: Don't miss out on incredible savings when you book your next adventure with, where we always strive to offer the lowest prices on tickets to a wide variety of entertainment and excursion options!

Rent a bike and take a leisurely ride through Santa Monica; you won't just view the sights mentioned above; there's MORE to it! Whether you want to cruise along at a leisurely pace or race along, you'll still be able to take in the spectacular views of Santa Monica. The following are some of the best places to visit, but you may also make your custom itinerary full of unique stops!

Pedal down the boardwalk along the Beach.

Visit the beach and stroll through the walkway, taking in some fresh ocean air as you go.

Venice Canals

Biking around Santa Monica's historic neighborhood in the Venice suburbs may be the most serene panorama you've ever had, so plan to stop for a minute.

Marina Del Rey

A visit to Marina Del Rey will be one of the highlights of your bike trip. If you're feeling hungry or need a little pick-me-up to get you through the day, there are plenty of great bars and restaurants to choose from in this area.

Art Walls

If you're in the area, you should check out this artsy place. Stunning works of art line the streets of Santa Monica, making for a perfect backdrop for group pictures with your friends and family.

Tips and Tricks for You!

Purchase Unlimited Biking Santa Monica tickets in advance.

Your purchases of GreatWorkPerks Unlimited Biking Santa Monica discount tickets will allow you to get the best price deals and save up to 55% on each ticket! No further reservations are needed. Just pick a date and time when purchasing, and you're ready to go!

Arrive Early at the Location

Guests are encouraged to arrive early at the departure location to maximize the biking experience!

Frequently Asked Questions for Unlimited Biking in Santa Monica

  1. Do I need to book a reservation before coming?

    Yes. You need to make a reservation. When making an online purchase at GreatWorkPerks, please choose the day and time that are the most convenient for you. You're all set to go once your purchase is successful!

  2. How can I get access to the exclusive discounts?

    Discounts are reflected automatically during checkout.

  3. Where is Unlimited Biking located in Santa Monica?

    The address is 1431 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, California, 90401.

  4. What are their operating hours?

    All year round, they are open from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

  5. If I decide not to go, can I get a refund?

    All purchases of Unlimited Biking Santa Monica discount tickets are final. They cannot be exchanged or refunded.

  6. How quickly will I receive my discounted GreatWorkPerks tickets?

    You will receive your discount Unlimited Biking Santa Monica tickets instantly together with your receipt!

  7. Should I wear a mask if I'm in the store?

    For your safety, guests must wear a mask or face covering when entering the store.

  8. Can my child ride a bike even if they are under 18 years old?

    Yes. All visitors, including children under 18, are permitted to ride bicycles if accompanied by an adult of at least 18 years old.

  9. Do I need to print my electronic Unlimited Biking Santa Monica tickets from GreatWorkPerks

    There is no need! You will have the quickest and easiest entrance ever, thanks to GreatWorkPerks Just show your discount GreatWorkPerks tickets from your phone and you'll be let in.

Last updated June 4, 2023.

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