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Your Ultimate Adventure Oasis in Irvine

Welcome to Wild Rivers Water Park in Irvine, the ultimate destination for fun-seekers and water enthusiasts alike! Here, thrilling water slides intersect with lazy rivers, offering endless joy and adventure under the warm California sun.

Dive into a world of excitement with the towering slides or enjoy a peaceful float along the serene rivers. Wild Rivers Water Park caters to every age and thrill level. It is the perfect getaway for families looking to create unforgettable memories.

So, gather your friends and head over to Wild Rivers Water Park. Here, every splash tells a story of fun, laughter, and camaraderie. Let’s make those memorable moments together in Irvine and take advantage of your work perks with our Wild Rivers discount tickets!

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Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Wild Rivers Water Park

  • Operating Hours:

    Check the calendar! The water park is open seasonally, typically from May to September. Hours vary, so peek at their website before you plan your visit.
  • Wild Rivers Ticket Information:

    Purchase discounted Wild Rivers tickets from our website to save money and time at the gate.
  • Bring the Sunscreen:

    The California sun is no joke. Make sure to lather up in sunscreen to protect your skin during your day of fun.
  • What to Wear:

    Comfort is key! Swimwear is a must for all water attractions, but remember, some slides have rules on swimwear with exposed zippers or buckles.
  • Food and Drink:

    The water park has a variety of food options to keep you fueled throughout the day. Outside food and drinks are limited to water bottles and baby food.
  • Locker Rentals:

    Want to keep your belongings safe while you splash around? Lockers are available for rent, giving you peace of mind as you enjoy the park.
  • Safety First:

    Please follow all park rules and lifeguard instructions. Keep the fun going by keeping it safe.

Attractions at the Water Park

Bora Bora Boomerang

Jump on a raft with friends for a wild ride! It starts easy, winding down a slide, but quickly leads to a thrilling drop and a massive wall. Like a boomerang, you’ll zoom up and down, feeling weightless. Visit this attraction with your Wild Rivers discount ticket and enjoy your work perks with us!

Tiki’s Revenge

Soar on Pelican’s Plunge with a buddy, diving steeply like the bird itself before swooping up powered by water jets. Zip through twists and climbs, feeling the thrill of a roller coaster. Cheer in the Rattler, a giant tumbler that rocks you back and forth to the big splash finish.


Dive into the Aquaconda adventure with a giant raft for you and up to six friends! Get ready for twists and turns that’ll catch you off guard. A sharp curve sends you into a dark tunnel, where you’ll zip and ricochet off the walls. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, a surprise drop splashes you down! Don’t miss out—use your employee savings for discounted Wild Rivers tickets today!

Shaka Bay Wavepool

Dive into fun at Shaka Bay, your go-to spot for soaking up the sun and catching waves! This huge wave pool offers oceans of room to splash around and easy beach entries. Kids can play in gentle waves, while adventurers can tackle the bigger surf, whether on a tube or bodysurfing. Remember your employee discount for some sweet savings on your Wild Rivers tickets!

Castaway River

Hop on a tube or float freely in Castaway River, where a lazy current carries you past fun water features on a leisurely journey. It’s the perfect way to unwind, and it’s even sweeter with your employee perks. Dive into relaxation on this lazy river adventure with your Wild Rivers discount tickets!

Dining Options at the Water Park

Mustang Bar

Kick back at Mustang Bar by Shaka Bay, where tropical cocktails and cold beers await. Enjoy snacks and a wide drink selection in a laid-back, South Pacific-themed spot. Perfect for a relaxing break!

** Important: Food and beverage costs are not included with your discounted Wild Rivers tickets and will incur additional charges. **

Pacific Grille

Check out Pacific Grille, your go-to spot for delicious bites in a speedy setup! The chefs whip up fresh, tasty dishes every day, using only the best ingredients. And for your drinks? A refreshing selection of Coca-Cola products and more await you. Come hungry!

** FYI: Your Wild Rivers discount tickets get you great employee savings on entry, but please note that food and drinks are extra. **

Island Sweets

Crave something sweet? Swing by Island Sweets for their iconic Wild Whip in pineapple or watermelon, cool ice creams, yummy churros, or funnel cakes with strawberries and fudge. It’s your one-stop shop for a sweet treat!

** Note: Your Wild Rivers discount tickets don’t cover food and drinks, which are available at an extra charge. **

Tips and Tricks: Enhance Your Experience

  • Get Discounted Wild Rivers Tickets Early:

    Secure your Wild Rivers discount tickets before you go. This way, you can skip the lines at the entrance and dive straight into the fun.
  • Arrive Right When It Opens:

    The early bird gets the worm, or in this case, shorter lines for rides and more time to enjoy the park.
  • Pack Smart:

    Bring sunscreen, water, and maybe a hat to keep the sun at bay. Keeping essentials to a minimum means less to carry around.
  • Stay Cool and Hydrated:

    The sun can be intense, so drink water throughout your visit. Consider renting a cabana for a shaded spot to relax in between rides.
  • Explore Dining Options:

    From quick bites to sit-down meals, there’s something for everyone. Plan your meals to beat the rush hours and enjoy a quieter dining experience.
  • Visit Popular Rides Later:

    Attractions tend to have shorter wait times in the late afternoon or evening, giving you a chance to hit rides you might have missed!

Frequently Asked Questions for Chihuly Garden and Glass

  1. Where is the water park located in Irvine?

    The park is located at 10000 Great Park Boulevard, Irvine, California, 92618.

  2. What are the water park’s operating hours?

    The park is typically open from 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM, with hours changing depending on the day of the week. Schedules are posted on their website for your reference.

  3. How much is parking at the park?

    Parking fees may vary. For the most accurate information, please visit their website. Parking tickets should be purchased in advance to save.

  4. Do I need to buy Wild Rivers tickets even if I’m not riding?

    Yes, entry requires Wild Rivers tickets for everyone.

  5. Are life jackets available for kids?

    Absolutely, and they’re free! Find them near Shaka Bay and Castaway River entrances.

  6. Can kids in diapers use the pools?

    Sure, just make sure they are wearing a swim diaper.

  7. Do kids need an adult with them?

    Yes, kids 12 and under need an adult with them.

  8. Does renting a cabana include entry tickets?

    Nope, cabana rental is separate from entry Wild Rivers tickets.

  9. Can I book a locker ahead of time?

    Lockers are first come, first served and available for rent in the park.

  10. What payment methods does the park accept?

    The water park accepts major credit cards and mobile payments¬—they are a cashless park.

  11. What can I bring to the water park?

    Bring sealed or empty water bottles, baby food, and food for special diets. No other outside food or glass or glass containers. Strollers and personal chairs are okay.

  12. Can I bring my own chair?

    Yes, you can bring your own chairs. The park also provides plenty of seating around the park.

  13. Will towels be provided?

    The water park doesn’t provide towels, but you can buy one at their retail store.

  14. Can I leave and come back later?

    Sure, re-entry is allowed. Just show your wristband or Wild Rivers discount ticket.

  15. If I leave, do I need to pay for parking again?

    No, just show your parking ticket to re-enter the parking lot.

  16. Are pets allowed?

    Please leave pets at home to ensure their safety.

  17. Is there a place to refill water bottles?

    Yes, refill stations are near the Main Entry, locker area, and restrooms.

  18. Do you have stroller or wheelchair rentals?

    The park doesn’t offer rentals, but you're welcome to bring your own.

  19. Is smoking allowed?

    No smoking on the property, in line with the City of Irvine’s rules.

  20. Do I need to print my Wild Rivers discount tickets?

    No need. Head straight to the gate paperless with our discount e-tickets.

Last updated March 27, 2024.

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