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Escape to nature and enjoy good wine with the Winery+Waterfall Tour! Buy your tickets today and enjoy nature's serenity and the sophistication of viniculture!

Take a break from your routine and journey through breathtaking landscapes showcasing waterfalls and verdant vineyards. This tour offers a sensory experience that will amaze you. With your Winery+Waterfall tour, you will explore and enjoy wine tasting at Washington's renowned estate wineries, travel on a relaxing boating tour over Lake Washington (Seattle's famous Evergreen Point Bridge) and visit the charming town of Woodinville.

Wine-tasting newbies and sommeliers will enjoy this tour as a guide will invite guests with a list of award-winning wineries one can reach on foot. Using your discounted ticket, discover these beautiful places offering wine, lunch, and other tasty food options that will satisfy your tastebuds!

That’s not all that you can enjoy with your discounted ticket! The tour group will also take you to Snoqualmie Falls which lends a refreshing rural view of the Northwest scenery.

Book your Winery+Waterfall Tour tickets from GreatWorkPerks now and experience refreshing views, great wine and dining with your loved ones!

Where is the Winery+Waterfall Tour located?

This tour takes place in Seattle, WA, USA. It starts at the famous Evergreen Point Bridge on Lake Washington. It will continue to Woodinville and other places where guests can enjoy watching magnificent waterfalls, visiting famous wineries, wine tasting, dining, and other activities.

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Winery + Waterfall Tour Tickets

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