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Test your survival skills after a Zombie Apocalypse! The Zombie Scavengers Survival Hunt will take you to a different world with desolate streets filled with scary pursuers. Buy your tickets now and get ready for a scary, heart-pounding adventure that uses elements such as immersive theater, interactive gaming, and urban exploration so realistic that it recreates a post-apocalyptic scenario where the dead walk among us and the survivors desperately scavenge for survival. This game starts when you download their intuitive app, the Zombie Scavengers Survival Hunt, and once you do, get ready for its real-time missions, challenges, and scavenger tasks. The apocalypse awaits! Let the games begin!

Where is the Zombie Scavengers Survival Hunt?

Make your Halloween unforgettable and join a Zombie Scavengers Survival Hunt! Enjoy this challenge in various cities in the United States and Canada.

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Zombie Scavengers Survival Hunt Tickets

  • Zombie Scavengers Survival Hunt: One Team All Ages

    One Hour Experience

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    Discounted Price From $13.00