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Urban Adventure Quest New Orleans Overview

An outdoor scene with three musicians playing brass instruments, a crowd behind them. The first is seated with a large tuba, the second stands holding a sousaphone, and the third plays a trumpet. Sunlight bathes the group in a cheerful ambiance. Image featuring a lively street music scene with three musicians. From left to right, there is a person playing a trumpet, one playing a sousaphone, and another playing a trombone. All appear focused and engaged in their performance. A crowd watches in the background, suggesting an outdoor event or festival. The image is overlaid with a logo in the bottom-left corner.

Start your incredible scavenger hunt near the downtown waterfront, discovering a path that follows the Mississippi River and winds through iconic marketplaces. Indulge in a delicious Beignet or Praline as you and your team navigate the bustling streets and historical sites. From the charm of Jackson Square to the mystery of the pirates' haunts, you'll get to experience the essence of the city.

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Kick Off Your New Orleans Adventure:

Starting Location:

Poydras & Convention Center - Dive into your quest here.

Finishing Spot:

Bourbon Street and Conti - Celebrate your accomplishment.

Travel Distance:

1.6 miles filled with discoveries.

Estimated Duration:

2.0 to 2.5 hours of excitement.

Task Count:

18 challenges to test your skills.

Additional Challenges:

3 special bonuses.

Additional Expenses:

Remember the streetcar fare, exact change is a must.

Explore These Highlights:

Woldenberg Park:

Begin with riverside serenity.


Enjoy the beautiful riverfront scenery.

French Market:

Dive into local culture and shopping.

Cafe Du Monde:

Don't miss their iconic beignets.

Jackson Square:

The historic heart of the city.

Washington Artillery and Cabildo:

Explore significant landmarks.

Bourbon Street:

Experience the vibrant nightlife.

Urban Adventure Quest New Orleans Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is the streetcar fare?

    Price varies. Ensure you have the exact change for the ride.

  2. What attire is recommended?

    Opt for comfy shoes and attire suited to the day's weather.

  3. Can kids join in?

    Yes, it's an adventure meant for everyone.

  4. What should I take with me?

    Essentials include a camera, water, and streetcar fare.

  5. What is the total time needed?

    You might need 2 to 2 ½ hours to enjoy the quest fully.

Last updated March 04, 2023.

Urban Adventure Quest New Orleans Tickets

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Urban Adventure Quest: New Orleans Tickets

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