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Urban Adventure Quest Nashville Overview

Image shows a sunny day in an urban plaza with pedestrians walking in the distance. A vehicular street crosses the frame, and modern buildings with large windows are seen in the background. A small structure adorned with hanging flower baskets is visible on the left. The logo for Urban Adventure Quest partially overlays the image at the bottom. This image shows a sunny, urban plaza with pedestrians walking along the pavement. In the foreground is an open space leading to a street intersected by a crosswalk. A small kiosk with a flower-filled roof and a few cars are visible. Modern buildings, including one with a curved façade, make up the background. There's a logo in the lower-left corner.

Discover the heart of Music City through the Urban Adventure Quest, a thrilling scavenger hunt that combines the excitement of a race with the discovery of a self-guided tour. Armed with your mobile phone, you and your team will embark on a journey through Nashville, uncovering its historical landmarks, artistic scenes, and musical heritage. This adventure is perfect for those looking to explore the city in a fun, interactive way.

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Important Things to Know:

  • Digital Guide:

    Your smartphone acts as your guide, providing clues and navigation through Nashville's streets.

  • Flexibility:

    Start the quest at any time and explore Nashville at a pace that suits you, ensuring a personalized experience.

  • Mix of Challenges:

    Engage in a variety of tasks that include solving puzzles, finding specific locations, and learning historical facts.

  • Score Tracking:

    Compete for the highest score by solving challenges efficiently, adding an element of competition to your adventure.

  • Ideal for Any Group:

    Whether you're with family, friends, or colleagues, the quest offers a memorable experience for all participants.

Urban Adventure Quest Nashville Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do we access the quest?

    Sign up online and access your quest start point and instructions through your smartphone.

  2. Is there a recommended group size?

    While any group size can participate, teams of 2-5 people find it most enjoyable.

  3. What should we bring?

    A fully charged smartphone with internet access is essential. Comfortable walking shoes and water are also recommended.

  4. How much walking is involved?

    Expect to walk approximately 1-3 miles, depending on your pace and the route you choose.

  5. Can the quest be done on bike?

    The quest is designed for walking to fully experience the city's details.

  6. Is there an age limit?

    There is no age limit, but the content is best suited for ages seven and up.

  7. How do we know if we're on the right track?

    The app provides immediate feedback on your answers and guides you through the quest.

Last updated March 04, 2024

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